WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?! I'm so disappointed that you guys thought you could hide Lady Dimitrescu from me. Big vampire lady is too big to stay hidden for long...


  • TheImaginaryKing
    TheImaginaryKing16 minutter siden

    He is so ENTRANCED by her I love his expressions

  • PA551ON
    PA551ON38 minutter siden

    "I was on Gamestop....more like Stop and look at this Game.* XD

  • C. Hleb
    C. HlebTime siden

    After more than 30 years of his life, Mark finally found his first waifu. That's cute.

  • Kaide Martin
    Kaide MartinTime siden


  • Hanna Fluffernutter
    Hanna Fluffernutter4 timer siden

    "why didn't you tell me" BOI I DIDN'T KNOW EITHER-

  • Forbidden Orange
    Forbidden Orange4 timer siden

    At least we know what he likes. Good for you, dude. 😎👍

  • P. Nunn
    P. Nunn4 timer siden

    She ain't got nothing on Aphrodite from God of War 3

  • Morgan D
    Morgan D5 timer siden

    Did anyone else notice that they said "ethan winters"? Wasn't that a character from a previous game???

  • Morgan D
    Morgan D5 timer siden

    Bruh, Mark has a girlfriend but he's spazzing out over a new RE character lmaoooo this is great.

  • squeegilydiggily
    squeegilydiggily5 timer siden

    I could not stop laughing holy crap

  • Floare Nicu
    Floare Nicu7 timer siden

    And so are all the girls from my country Romania 🥰🇹🇩

  • Elsa Incarnate
    Elsa Incarnate7 timer siden

    Actually, 9ft tall 🥰

  • Carlos Lucas Ramos
    Carlos Lucas Ramos8 timer siden

    What in the fuck!??! You didnt tell me!!?

  • Friis Felgner
    Friis Felgner8 timer siden

    Poor Amy And what the fuck

  • Sly Mason
    Sly Mason10 timer siden

    Yeah it's not a sexual thing. You say you want a women that can crush your head. Key word want, don't be embarrassed man. If it wasn't sexual, the more appropriate reaction would have been wow that chicks big, tall. Not I want her to crush me in some way with her body, then proceed to slow the video down while exclaiming, wow! Yeah! 😄

  • Wong The Kongquerer
    Wong The Kongquerer10 timer siden

    We knew that’s why we didn’t.

  • Sherlock Homeless
    Sherlock Homeless11 timer siden

    8 feet tall? *YOU FOOL ITS OVER 9!*

  • Ace Hoak
    Ace Hoak15 timer siden

    his reaction to it made me die after all these years LOL mark: eh not her 5x HAHAHAHAHA YEAAAAAA 3:58

  • ElijahaBlue
    ElijahaBlue16 timer siden

    Everyone: my favorite thing about lady dimitriscu is tall/milkers/crush head with thighs Me: My name is Ethan...

  • ElijahaBlue
    ElijahaBlue16 timer siden

    First he denies being a masochist, now hes denying being a power bottom.

  • FryManAuty Vlogs
    FryManAuty Vlogs16 timer siden

    Mark this is a bit weird my guy. Your infatuation with her is something I’ve never seen before.

  • Rayray Stringfellow
    Rayray Stringfellow17 timer siden

    Damn she like 1001 ft tall

  • ChrisCanGame
    ChrisCanGame17 timer siden

    Who is this guy, a pewdiepie copy?

  • FryManAuty Vlogs

    FryManAuty Vlogs

    16 timer siden

    I’ve watched mark for over 8 years and I’m offended

  • FryManAuty Vlogs

    FryManAuty Vlogs

    16 timer siden

    You’re new aren’t you.

  • NJEve
    NJEve19 timer siden

    I dunno her little vampiric nun looking ladies got me sold.

  • Darkizer
    Darkizer20 timer siden

    she liek torture people mark liek to get tortured stonks.

  • Bloody Shiki
    Bloody Shiki20 timer siden

    You literally just have a few minutes ago that you would want her to crush your head with her thighs, maybe even more then her that. Mark

  • BrinnShea
    BrinnShea20 timer siden

    Any chance someone can explain why so many people are into Demitrescu? I'm not judging, I'm just trying to understand

  • lavalion87


    15 timer siden

    Well, she has the most alluring smile i ever seen, she's very tall but nicely proportioned. Her complexion and make up are strangely unque and go well with each other. She's beautiful and she has a bangin body.

  • Karla Hernandez
    Karla Hernandez21 time siden

    Damn the thirst is real... lol

  • the breebster
    the breebster21 time siden


  • W A R C R I M I N A L
    W A R C R I M I N A L21 time siden

    alternate title mark simps for six minutes

  • Erin Lopez
    Erin Lopez21 time siden

    4:46 As someone who's been bit by the waifu/husbando bug, I can confirm that slowing the video down to get a better look is a sign you like a fictional character more than the normal amount EDIT: 6:04 And being picky about how the character is portrayed in fanmade works... Poor Amy

  • Sydney Lawson
    Sydney Lawson22 timer siden

    Mark wants to be pegged so bad

  • MonsieurMaskedMan
    MonsieurMaskedMan22 timer siden

    She's not 8 foot tall she's 9 foot 6 inch tall

  • Mask with 2 legs
    Mask with 2 legs22 timer siden


  • C T
    C T22 timer siden

    One of several options. You're god damn right.

  • Elijah Navarette
    Elijah Navarette22 timer siden

    Mark: *Simping over a 8 foot tall lady that can literally crush him for 6 minutes* Me: Houston, we have a BIG simp, over...

  • Kajsa Skoglund
    Kajsa SkoglundDag siden

    Rise your hand if u thought Mark already knew and that's why we didn't tell him 😅✋

  • Cara LeMahieu
    Cara LeMahieuDag siden

    I’ve been watching Mark for a long long time......never have I seen him simp so much for a fictional character 😌✊

  • Crypt Orchid
    Crypt OrchidDag siden

    momiplier was calling him like "are ya winnin son?"

  • Bill Potts
    Bill PottsDag siden

    I feel like no matter who you are, everyone can mutually simp over tall vampire lady

  • HUE_Z3r0
    HUE_Z3r0Dag siden

    Now we have Proof God didn't forsake us! We got her, now we can survive the Quarantine

  • James Broughton
    James BroughtonDag siden

    Mark: *hears news about his ultimate fantasy partner from his irl partner* Also Mark: This is fine.

  • HUE_Z3r0
    HUE_Z3r0Dag siden

    SIMP ALERT But I'm into her too, so I can't judge

  • Lone Wolf
    Lone WolfDag siden

    Please play the demo

  • Phantom Angel
    Phantom AngelDag siden

    Mark: yells at us for not telling him about her. Also Mark: Has yet to play the demo with his tall vampire

  • lelo craft
    lelo craftDag siden

    This is mr x but girl

  • Makayla Tomasi
    Makayla TomasiDag siden

    In all genuine honesty, that first minute would have been me had even one of the guys in my server neglected to inform me of this artistic masterpiece. I would have been on Mark's exact soul-wavelength. I love her. I don't know shit about resident evil, but I love her.

  • CagesEmpty
    CagesEmptyDag siden

    When are you gonna play the demo?!?!?

  • Mishko
    MishkoDag siden

    thumbnail is pretty Markchamp

  • Cristian Kovacs
    Cristian KovacsDag siden

    Well,welcome to Romania.

  • Scotty Bouchard
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  • Kevin Hefley
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  • skull bruh78
    skull bruh78Dag siden

    3:33 the best poogers face

  • Bartha Patrick 10
    Bartha Patrick 10Dag siden

    3:21 404 that's an error Markiplier.exe has stop working 😂

  • Guilherme Ribeiro
    Guilherme RibeiroDag siden

    "Hello everybody, my name is Thirstyplier"

  • Atlanta Somoro
    Atlanta SomoroDag siden

    Why do I feel like I'm the only person that is not simping over her. And I like tall strong women.

  • Terry Tran
    Terry TranDag siden

    4:35 lmao

  • Tengkam Sangma
    Tengkam SangmaDag siden

    Oh shiiiiiiiiiiit! He found it!

  • gold be
    gold beDag siden

    man idc what they say about him simping and stuff ... but it's good to know that there is someone out there with the same interest as me 😜

  • T Greaux
    T GreauxDag siden

    Shes actually 9 foot 6 inches tall according to the devs. lol

  • Lost_Places _Global
    Lost_Places _GlobalDag siden

    Get this man a gf xD

  • Anushka


    Dag siden

    Uh he has amy

  • Lost_Places _Global
    Lost_Places _GlobalDag siden

    9’3 feet tall*

  • Sam C
    Sam CDag siden

    Play the demo that was released shes in it

  • Ethan Domingo
    Ethan DomingoDag siden

    Mommy milkers 😩😩

  • Jace Garrett
    Jace GarrettDag siden

    it's the same 2 main characters from the last game

  • Brenyatta
    BrenyattaDag siden

    I’m suddenly VERY INTERESTED in Resident Evil

  • Andrew
    AndrewDag siden

    Mark are you going to play the exclusive ps5 demo? Its been out for a month

  • Gregg Mc Farlane
    Gregg Mc FarlaneDag siden

    *"Listen, I'm a changed man" - Markiplier 2021*

  • One lonely Forgotten bagel
    One lonely Forgotten bagelDag siden

    She can step on me

  • silver fox
    silver foxDag siden

    We are simps

  • Juil Kidman
    Juil KidmanDag siden

    I have a connection with Ethan Winters I'm Aspect With Ethan Winters will like Him

  • shoto todoroki
    shoto todoroki2 dager siden

    ⚠️Simp alert⚠️

  • Epic Joyful Creations
    Epic Joyful Creations2 dager siden

    Alternative title: Mark simping for six and a half straight minutes

  • sou713
    sou7132 dager siden

    4:56 get yourself someone who looks at you the way mark looks at giant resident evil lady

  • Synthetic_Future
    Synthetic_Future2 dager siden

    8 feet. Soooo.. 2.40.. and she has to duck that far to go through a door? How tiny are American doors? The hell.. what is going on here?!?!

  • Synthetic_Future


    Dag siden

    @I AM THE REAPER that's only mildly lower than the average door here. The part at 4.19 seems like she has to duck way too much if she's 8 feet tall. That makes it look like she's at least 3 feet taller than that door. Idk.. it looks... weird...



    Dag siden

    Because most american doorways are between 74 to 80 inches tall.



    Dag siden

    So what are you confused about? Her height or the height of american doorways?

  • Lammchops
    Lammchops2 dager siden

    I’m surprised he hasn’t played the demo and uploaded it!

  • Hanada Miachi
    Hanada Miachi2 dager siden

    Mark thirsty as heck here,

  • [ WaffleswithBread ]
    [ WaffleswithBread ]2 dager siden

    Hot vampire lady. Pogchamp.

  • lovemesomepickles
    lovemesomepickles2 dager siden

    I thought she was 10ft tall?

  • Monilina Kills Trees
    Monilina Kills Trees2 dager siden

    3:28 Pog Mark

  • French
    French2 dager siden

    I seriously thought I was the only one that thought she was kinda sexy lol

  • _panDanielek
    _panDanielek2 dager siden


  • Jamallah Bergman
    Jamallah Bergman2 dager siden

    Tell us how you REALLY feel Mark :D

  • dragonstorm12
    dragonstorm122 dager siden

    I think this video is the reason that there are now at least 3 MarkxLady Dimitrescu fanfics now!

  • Ránsel Y. Rivera Pérez
    Ránsel Y. Rivera Pérez2 dager siden

    When the full game is released Mark's videos are just going to be him purposely getting caught by Lady Dimitrescu over and over again... Understandably

  • Nat T
    Nat T2 dager siden

    Are we going to tell him about the demo?

  • ArtofAries111
    ArtofAries1112 dager siden

    All this time, people were telling tall women that men aren't into them. Hmm?

  • Eugene Noble
    Eugene Noble2 dager siden

    I remember my first Resident Evil boner it was Resident Evil Dead aim and it was the Trend Ginger tyrant LOL.

  • Hg Studios Animated
    Hg Studios Animated2 dager siden

    Am I... the only one who doesn't get it? I like the daughters, they look interesting.

  • Luke Bragg
    Luke Bragg2 dager siden

    Like I wasn't trying to hide it from you, but I admit I wouldn't have told you because I wanted you honest reaction and you have made me very happy because this was basically everything I wanted, so glad you found her and hopefully are a little happier now. Bless your face.

  • Isabella Prado
    Isabella Prado2 dager siden

    This is the loudest and hardest i've ever laughed. XD!!!!!

  • Aurura Avergarden
    Aurura Avergarden2 dager siden


  • OR GH
    OR GH2 dager siden

    OKAY other than this, love the art direction in this game, I hope you play it, would like to see it

  • OR GH
    OR GH2 dager siden

    I bet there's like tons of ladies in the comments offering to crush Mark's head, lmao 🤣 omg Markiplier have you seen that model who is like 6'9", her tiktoks are so funny too, Ekaterina Lisina

  • Titus C.
    Titus C.2 dager siden

    He'd love Noi from Dorohedoro

  • Hamidi LOL
    Hamidi LOL2 dager siden

    The Best moment that I see mark thrilled to see 4:19

  • Bask Royceman
    Bask Royceman2 dager siden

    3:29: MARK POG

  • RK900 Android
    RK900 Android2 dager siden


  • punchman
    punchman2 dager siden

    I'm so sorry I didn't know

  • Linda Hicks
    Linda Hicks2 dager siden

    Should Amy be worried. Dear.