well that's ABSOLUTELY HORRIFYING | The Forest


That's easily the most horrible thing I've ever seen in my entire life... and apparently her name's Virginia...
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  • Erin Flathers
    Erin Flathers2 timer siden

    I'm sure it has been said before, but you can make a double door/gate with the defense walls (spiked logs)

  • Nene Keks
    Nene Keks12 timer siden

    Mark in the pit episode: "Don't eat your comrade!" He literally attacked a cannibal eating his comrade, so he saw that already xDD

  • BRANGOD 5605
    BRANGOD 560520 timer siden

    unus annus UNUS ANNUS

  • Blitz_Niz
    Blitz_Niz23 timer siden

    It’s demolition day😭

  • Gus Allen
    Gus AllenDag siden

    Can we please have more of these they are legit the best

  • Cherry Chubz
    Cherry ChubzDag siden

    Is no one gonna mention how Mark just answered Bob in singular monotone responses about the destruction of the cliff cabin xDDD

  • Anh Đỗ
    Anh ĐỗDag siden

    I don't know if I am wrong or not, I think the devs may have checked their video and considered the action of Mark's breaking 1 wall of the cabin without destroying the entire thing is a bug or unintended feature so in the time period that the peens didn't play this game the devs change it and make that so if you break the wall the cabin would die so the new file would reload the cabin with it original wall and the new wall with a door

  • IJ20 MAN
    IJ20 MANDag siden

    19:05 - Mark can't help but destroy everything he builds...

  • IJ20 MAN
    IJ20 MANDag siden

    Mark watched one of the enemies start eating a corpse. The death screen is you being eaten alive. Evidence is clear... they're vegans.

  • Adam Kouba
    Adam KoubaDag siden

    (BOB) i am a genus (WADE) yes you ar- (AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH)

  • Cohen Mulkins
    Cohen Mulkins2 dager siden

    Wait till you get to the armsie

  • Cohen Mulkins
    Cohen Mulkins2 dager siden

    Ooh the Virginia is horrifying

  • ShakinMahBacon
    ShakinMahBacon2 dager siden

    11:20 Is... Is that a Age of Empires building sound effect? I don't know who is editing this but I wish to firmly shake your hand

  • Daniel Cano
    Daniel Cano2 dager siden

    Mark literally said in vid three I think he is eating his friend

  • jinxbites
    jinxbites2 dager siden

    Wade's laugh omg I'm dying

  • Golden Kingyo
    Golden Kingyo2 dager siden

    7:09 Talking about how they haven't seen the cannibals' eat humans. (last episode) literally eating you and each other as soon as you die...

  • Golden Kingyo
    Golden Kingyo2 dager siden

    This series has just become three men critiquing foods and shiz

  • Ry Li
    Ry Li2 dager siden

    “it was almost my birthday, holy shit” i’m laughing so hard rn

  • Madison Hamner
    Madison Hamner2 dager siden

    I love the Age of Empires sound effects.

  • Jesse Lindsey
    Jesse Lindsey2 dager siden

    This is the hardest I've EVER heard Wade laugh.

  • Human Being
    Human Being3 dager siden


  • Gabbi McBride
    Gabbi McBride3 dager siden

    Every thing mark builds gets destroyed lmaaooo

  • Chrysan themum
    Chrysan themum3 dager siden

    Both the buildings tho!!😂

  • Ultra Nova
    Ultra Nova3 dager siden

    7:01 When they died in the cave, weren't they being eaten?

  • Marcus Phantom
    Marcus Phantom3 dager siden

    I wonder if they would try to play Conab Exile

  • Bakugo Katsukii-_-
    Bakugo Katsukii-_-4 dager siden


  • Myka Smith
    Myka Smith4 dager siden

    0:48 why tf is there a camp fire in a wooden building?😭😂😂

  • Jackson Gibbs
    Jackson Gibbs4 dager siden

    RIP Cabin and Bridge

  • Chillin
    Chillin4 dager siden

    holy crap look at the like to dislike ratios

  • Peter Jackson
    Peter Jackson4 dager siden

    This is so much funnier after watching Bob's POV. Best part is seeing it on Bob's screen walking across the field in front of Bob TWICE before he noticed it.

  • センパイ
    センパイ4 dager siden

    I love that pause wade had to realise what mark did, and he just dies after that

  • Odette Pianca
    Odette Pianca4 dager siden

    16:16 *tHe FUcc*

  • Odette Pianca
    Odette Pianca4 dager siden

    Mark is slowly turning back into HeeHoo

  • Spaceknight105
    Spaceknight1054 dager siden

    the chaos gods gave mark a gift!

  • Melissa Kensington
    Melissa Kensington4 dager siden

    3:46 it’s 3am I’m trying so hard not to laugh at marks MANY

  • Branden Reed
    Branden Reed5 dager siden

    wall 1 mark 0

  • Gabriel Hutter
    Gabriel Hutter5 dager siden

    They should make a separate base JUST for bonfires, to attract cannibals, but they could cover every inch of the outside wall with their "it's your birthday" traps so that they just instantly die. They could get so much loot that way.

  • Shawn Hopkins
    Shawn Hopkins5 dager siden


  • Shawn Hopkins
    Shawn Hopkins5 dager siden


  • Mr. CamN1508
    Mr. CamN15085 dager siden

    Us: *can't see because its dark* Wade with the lighter: I've got you my child

  • Isabelle Pitt
    Isabelle Pitt5 dager siden

    16:16 stardew valley rain sound when you wake up and its raining

  • T O'
    T O'5 dager siden

    "I haven't seen them actually eating anyone" They've literally eaten all of you at one point or another lmao

  • Faceless
    Faceless5 dager siden

    what? you dont know about J A Z Z?

  • Thought Criminal
    Thought Criminal5 dager siden

    You guys have destroyed more of your own buildings than the mutants and cannibals.

  • SkullKingofCarpathia
    SkullKingofCarpathia5 dager siden

    Mountain Dew has orange juice in it, that is what you are tasting.

  • Cinnamon
    Cinnamon5 dager siden

    They deforested the forest, and all for nothing qwq

    XRPX13 _ CHANNEL5 dager siden

    The door behind him is open oh hell no

  • king B
    king B6 dager siden

    thats scary the spiderlegged cannibal

  • GrimDaGoblin Main
    GrimDaGoblin Main6 dager siden

    Actually alchemists made explosives out of their piss

  • Betty Collins
    Betty Collins6 dager siden

    waid almost got had a happy BIRTHDAY

  • Betty Collins
    Betty Collins6 dager siden

    i couldent stop laghing because of your face and how the wall was still up but the cabin wasent LOLOLOLOLOL

  • Jesse Lindsey
    Jesse Lindsey6 dager siden

    15:24 I like how this game legitimately nearly made Bob throw up.

  • soup soup
    soup soup7 dager siden

    8:35 i love the comedic timing of the “scuse me?”

  • Robert TYSEC
    Robert TYSEC7 dager siden

    So....the Forest is basically multiplayer 3-D dark forest with its mutant spider people.

  • Jaylen-Keyionta Singleton
    Jaylen-Keyionta Singleton7 dager siden

    did you see marks face

  • Kylie Pi
    Kylie Pi7 dager siden

    I cannot stop laughing whenever Bob says "OH IT WAS ALMOST MY BIRTHDAY"

  • The King of Beauty
    The King of Beauty7 dager siden

    20:40 actually scared me oml

  • Enver Martinez
    Enver Martinez7 dager siden

    Rip cabin

  • Keely Guidry
    Keely Guidry7 dager siden

    Mark: I havent seen them eat a person (In the video escaping the hole) Mark: No dont eat your friend, fight me 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Vaclav Nepraš
    Vaclav Nepraš8 dager siden

    I got around 173 day And Its huge base in singleplayer . i got lot of katanas ╮(. ❛ ᴗ ❛.)╭ /btw near you Is katana go to the Cave on that rocky Hill And go in, And go LEFT

  • anthony galindo
    anthony galindo8 dager siden

    Bob: hey did we get any logs back Mark: *gone reduced to atoms*

  • Cloudy Mckinnon
    Cloudy Mckinnon8 dager siden

    Wade: My brain had something else in mind, and my mouth was like: "Naw, I'mma go with this." That is me every day of my life. Does Wade have ADHD too?

  • Gabriel Hutter
    Gabriel Hutter8 dager siden

    "I wish anything but now was where I was" -Markiplier, 2021

  • JDogXG
    JDogXG9 dager siden

    I’m rlly confused guys I just checked out bobs stream and he said he hasn’t played the Forrest before and he rlly wants to so if anyone knows bobs twitch plz may I have it thank you

  • kevman games & animation
    kevman games & animation9 dager siden


  • Don Hendricks
    Don Hendricks9 dager siden

    I enjoy the age of empire sounds

  • Unhappy Bacon
    Unhappy Bacon9 dager siden

    2:09 Mark, you hit the corner of the cabin while swinging, so that's how you demolished it. Standing in front of the obstructed wall would've been a better way to avoid such tragedy.

  • Ally
    Ally9 dager siden

    Hey guys is there an official place to watch all the Peens in a Pod podcasts? I've seen a couple fan sites but I was curious where Mark has them all. They're so good and i think they'd help me through life in general right now. :-) Thanks!

  • Ally


    6 dager siden

    @alex ibrahim will do friend. I don't know if he actually has a place where he archives them. I hope so though. They're so good.

  • alex ibrahim

    alex ibrahim

    7 dager siden

    tell me then you find out

  • Isabelle Pitt
    Isabelle Pitt9 dager siden

    wait til these guys encounter THE WORM!

  • Nizita Maruvaka
    Nizita Maruvaka9 dager siden

    Hey Mark, you know the trees fall in the direction you cut, right?

  • Communist Dude
    Communist Dude9 dager siden

    Few episodes ago: DON'T EAT YOUR FRIEND FIGHT ME 'A person's stomach and mouth punctured and filled with fruits' 'Cannibals eating 3 idiots' Mark:"I've never seen them eat a human"

  • SpookySkyy
    SpookySkyy9 dager siden

    Mark : sometimes i forget this is a horror game... And then it becomes a horror game really quickly... the devs of The Forest : *_wat_* ...

  • Mr. Writer man 1
    Mr. Writer man 110 dager siden

    Personally I call them skin walkers due to their hideous mutations.

  • Peter Smith-Stankiewicz
    Peter Smith-Stankiewicz10 dager siden

    Also, there is a setting in order to regrow the trees.

  • Peter Smith-Stankiewicz
    Peter Smith-Stankiewicz10 dager siden

    There is a gun, right? I think when I saw Typical gamer play they found a gun.

  • PidgeyHowler
    PidgeyHowler10 dager siden

    "I haven't seen someone in the act eating another human." Umm, you literally watched them eat your dead body when you died in a prior episode.

  • not a bruh girl just an idiot
    not a bruh girl just an idiot10 dager siden


  • Casey Redmond
    Casey Redmond10 dager siden

    Wade: ive never seen them eat another human There was literally footage of them eating you.....

  • Sdkjvv Sfhbxhgs
    Sdkjvv Sfhbxhgs10 dager siden

    “Everything but the phucking wall” 🤣🤣🤣😂😂

  • Backstabbith 579
    Backstabbith 57910 dager siden

    Mark actually did see one of the natives eat someone in the Pit episode

  • Henydabomb
    Henydabomb10 dager siden

    i cant find a clip of bobs POV when mark destroyed the cabin or the original video anybody wanna send a link?

  • Samantha Wehrmeister
    Samantha Wehrmeister10 dager siden

    "what's life without a little danger?" me: dEaTh

  • nuker boomber
    nuker boomber11 dager siden

    Mark and the others talking about canibals that they don’t eat humans one of the episodes back be like R.I.P Mark 3 canibals eating him in cutscene

  • unicornliliy2022
    unicornliliy202211 dager siden

    My body took a screenshot at 20:40

  • Krista Bemis
    Krista Bemis11 dager siden

    Bob and Wade: "Let's boil pee." Me: *Flashback to pee sauna* "Mark's already done it."

  • Takashi Feather
    Takashi Feather11 dager siden

    Have you tried regrowing trees so you can get wood faster

  • Nagisa Shiota
    Nagisa Shiota11 dager siden


    ANGELO GARZA11 dager siden


  • Fought a Pidgeon
    Fought a Pidgeon11 dager siden

    20:40 I screamed for the first time in 5 years

  • Vegas Apte
    Vegas Apte11 dager siden

    Did mark not realize he saw a photo of this?

  • Turtleman
    Turtleman11 dager siden

    Mark: “I have never seen them eat other people” Last episode Mark: “Don’t eat your friend!”

  • ryann is dead
    ryann is dead11 dager siden

    no one: mark: looses everything he has worked for

  • war Fox
    war Fox11 dager siden

    Why does most of the bad things happen to Bob

  • xxxtentacion edits
    xxxtentacion edits11 dager siden

    I have a pc but I don't use it

  • Auxilium
    Auxilium12 dager siden


  • Champagne Toast
    Champagne Toast12 dager siden

    "we don't actually see them eat humans" In a previous video bob got injured and one of them started eating him in the ground

  • scratchem
    scratchem12 dager siden

    Does anybody realise that the 'club' is actually someone's head and hands?

  • Zozo GMR
    Zozo GMR12 dager siden

    The monster they run into is one I dealt with in the game too, they suck and are so tough to beat

  • Yaiwa Goodwin
    Yaiwa Goodwin12 dager siden

    The pain in Marks voice when the cazibo broke was literally painful and the silence when he broke the cabin was sf hilarious 🤣😂👀

  • los reynoso
    los reynoso12 dager siden

    Mark is just a dumb demon not everyone is smart to not touch nothing