WEIRD and/or HILARIOUS | Barn Finders


I'm not quite sure how to describe Barn Finders... it's weird... and hilarious... and strange... and funny... and bizarre... and hillbilly...
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  • Fire master GG
    Fire master GG19 minutter siden

    It been 2years i didn't watch u and now u r look like keanu reeves

  • Rick Wilde
    Rick Wilde51 minutt siden

    I'd love to see him play more of this game

  • yleefallen
    yleefallenTime siden

    Do more please c: This was hilarious and I'd love to watch a full lets play from you of it.

  • Rebelwolf Of fire
    Rebelwolf Of fire2 timer siden

    my grandpa have a barn

  • Varian & Rudiger YT #teamVarian
    Varian & Rudiger YT #teamVarian2 timer siden

    I like your long hair lol, but I miss ur short hair

  • That Artist Guy
    That Artist Guy4 timer siden

    Anyone know what the edited over song is called?

  • yeameen un-nabi
    yeameen un-nabi7 timer siden

    3:55 bruhhhh i was literally eating!!!!

  • AmKam Omega
    AmKam Omega7 timer siden

    2 minutes in and I'm so confused

  • Madi Correll
    Madi Correll7 timer siden

    Mark: I have looked in every nook and every cranny Me: Yancy is that you?

  • Mr Mais
    Mr Mais8 timer siden

    Fun Fact: That woman which was called Keysjore? That's the name of a german youtuber who once did a full playthrough on this game!

  • Lost Ravenclaw
    Lost Ravenclaw9 timer siden

    Unus annus fans at 8:51 rn: (glass) pane

  • Xxkill-rlsisk /the dog dabbers
    Xxkill-rlsisk /the dog dabbers9 timer siden


  • Sydney Slaughter
    Sydney Slaughter10 timer siden

    I love how Mark complains that Uncle Billy isn’t doing anything when Mark is CLEARLY the one with telekinetic powers.

  • Swagtrap Swag
    Swagtrap Swag11 timer siden

    how exactly would you remove in game music??? and replace with another?

  • Dani Memmo
    Dani Memmo12 timer siden

    Please, for the love of God, play more.

  • Sarah Walker
    Sarah Walker14 timer siden

    How high is he in this video? What drugs have you taken?..

  • FLUFFY pikachu75
    FLUFFY pikachu7515 timer siden

    Please play more of this

  • Aeolanyira Moon
    Aeolanyira Moon16 timer siden

    The two seconds of Unus Annus

  • Bailey Keiper
    Bailey Keiper18 timer siden

    this game is actually good and i cant wait for you to finish it!!

  • Cortney Hromek
    Cortney Hromek18 timer siden

    Just wait until it takes you to Florida Mark. That'll give you nightmares if you decide you want to get scared.

  • XcaliburR6
    XcaliburR619 timer siden

    this is the most American thing ive seen since math is gay

  • tailedgates9
    tailedgates920 timer siden

    My god that wolf. X'D

  • BRANGOD 5605
    BRANGOD 560520 timer siden

    unus annus UNUS ANNUS

  • Mango
    Mango20 timer siden


  • McQuewan Xenton James McAvoy
    McQuewan Xenton James McAvoy20 timer siden

    Why is nobody asking Mark to play this again😂

  • Jeanicia Sparkles
    Jeanicia Sparkles20 timer siden

    "Long hard and funny. That's what they've called me." I have a few questions...preferably for Amy 😂😅

  • Alex S
    Alex S22 timer siden

    30:30 Unus Annus fans: *crying*

  • the wolf studio
    the wolf studio22 timer siden

    9:00 oh no, Mark, Your mind is stuck in the past. lol

  • Devil_cowboy Yt
    Devil_cowboy Yt23 timer siden

    that song is so nice but it so copywrite

  • Lilla Herman
    Lilla HermanDag siden

    My fav part was the part were mark was filming this video :)

  • Haven B23
    Haven B23Dag siden

    This was a beautiful game *chefs kiss*

  • kyle Swiecki
    kyle SwieckiDag siden

    Pleeeeeeeeease post more of this game

  • CaitMac 93
    CaitMac 93Dag siden

    I really want Mark to play more of this.

  • Randy Flake
    Randy FlakeDag siden

    So are we just not going to talk about the alien in the trench coat, hat, and disguise glasses? 👽🥸

  • yuuekt
    yuuektDag siden

    continue playing this

  • Rose Springirl
    Rose SpringirlDag siden

    3:50 My brother not listening: Nice

  • Morgan Huffman
    Morgan HuffmanDag siden

    So we really just gonna ignore that *REDACTED* reference?

  • D. W.
    D. W.Dag siden

    omg it's dat boi

  • センパイ
    センパイDag siden

    I died when the music started playing as he was trying to assemble the bike

  • pvphacks101
    pvphacks101Dag siden

    yoooooo i want more videos on this mark LOL this game is great XD i wanted to introduce my girl friend to you and this video was perfect for it she is a huge fan of storage wars please consider in making this is a series

  • Haydn
    HaydnDag siden

    play mooorrrrrreeeeee

  • team super slacker_v2
    team super slacker_v2Dag siden

    play more

  • Iz Khalifa
    Iz KhalifaDag siden

    this is like Idiocracy the Game

  • kinneyjoseph2
    kinneyjoseph2Dag siden

    Upset Mark: "I GET TO GO BACK TO THE SAME PLACE I JUST WAS SO I CAN GET MO" MON-AYY"| My reaction every day when I wake up :(

  • Yuki_Usagi_
    Yuki_Usagi_Dag siden

    This was fun to watch ^w^

  • Sir Blue Pandarushi
    Sir Blue PandarushiDag siden

    I would love to see more of this and see Mark either lose his mind laughing or being weirded out or getting irritated from him getting jump scared by the alien wearing a fake mustache nose glasses

  • Meghan Brower
    Meghan BrowerDag siden

    alternate title 'If America Was a Video Game'

  • PsychoMantis
    PsychoMantisDag siden

    Looks like American Pickers.

  • Meghan Brower
    Meghan BrowerDag siden

    lmaOOO why are the graphics so nice compared to the gameplay?? also the use of comiC SANS

  • OuijaWolf
    OuijaWolfDag siden

    It’s so funny bc I’m watching this and the ppl remind me of my cousins and then Marks here like wtf- 😳 (I grew up in the south and my cousins still live there)

  • winter vike
    winter vikeDag siden

    That intro gave me such “God made girlsss” vibes I can’t 😭😭😭

  • Matheus Vilar
    Matheus VilarDag siden

    7:53 IS THAT THE BIG OL' DOG?! Old reference

  • Sarah Fogleman
    Sarah FoglemanDag siden

    Someone:I don't watch him because of his weird thumbnails Me:what kind of thumbnail is this...ImA cLiCk

  • Soldier of God
    Soldier of GodDag siden

    What is the song at 1:05

  • {Taylor Kay}
    {Taylor Kay}Dag siden

    Mark:Plays game for 10 minutes Mark:I'm an expert at this 😂

  • Robert Bee
    Robert BeeDag siden

    Damn I miss hearing music in letsplays... :( My FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDOM

  • RedHeadBadger
    RedHeadBadger2 dager siden

    wasn't expecting a [REDACTED] reference but man it makes me happy to see

  • decaffinated hearts
    decaffinated hearts2 dager siden

    s-so we're not gonna discuss 8:56

  • bugster9090
    bugster90902 dager siden

    Me: 7:21

  • John M. Tiu
    John M. Tiu2 dager siden

    The finicky peony phenotypically flash because crow dimensionally excuse pace a temporary box. fortunate, efficacious biology

  • Im_Diabetic21
    Im_Diabetic212 dager siden

    Broken leg

  • skylar thompson
    skylar thompson2 dager siden

    Oh god I thought this was at the dead of night that opening threw me completely off

  • The Amazing Mr Suit
    The Amazing Mr Suit2 dager siden

    I want to see Doug Doug play this with Mark

  • Salad Man
    Salad Man2 dager siden

    BARN FINDERS. Brought to you by DougDoug entertainment inc.

  • Jan Schicho
    Jan Schicho2 dager siden

    Return to Border Officer. SCP is waiting.

  • kim
    kim2 dager siden

    Can we please appreciate how beautiful mark actually is🧎🏻‍♀️

  • BEN064 W.
    BEN064 W.2 dager siden

    28:23 Im gonna make an out of context video.

  • Husky Ninja
    Husky Ninja2 dager siden

    I want a storage unit like that.. that is a badass unit.. I WANT!!!

  • Galaxy Loaf
    Galaxy Loaf2 dager siden

    8:56 .... thanks man ....

  • tms tod
    tms tod2 dager siden


  • Tooru Oikawa
    Tooru Oikawa2 dager siden

    Unus annus?

  • Kalyna Brockdorf
    Kalyna Brockdorf2 dager siden

    PLEASE make this a series!!!

  • Max Wiebe
    Max Wiebe2 dager siden

    Lixian using dutch tilt at 7:22 is some cinema grade editing

  • james manley
    james manley2 dager siden

    3:53 had me WHEEZING mark's reaction is priceless

  • DerpyDonut
    DerpyDonut2 dager siden

    4:20 $69, nice

  • Noah Casement
    Noah Casement2 dager siden

    Tbh, I'd watch a whole series of Mark playing this game.

  • Zech D
    Zech D2 dager siden

    More of this game

  • Allen Rogers
    Allen Rogers2 dager siden

    I have listened to the original intro song to Barn Finders and yet lixians replacement song is better

  • Toasty Toast
    Toasty Toast2 dager siden


  • Vortex Demon
    Vortex Demon2 dager siden

    Game: You are not alone Me: Yea, I know. I am not alone. I AM VERY ALONE

  • Rebecca Noyes
    Rebecca Noyes2 dager siden

    As weird as this game is, I couldn't stop watching you play this! Laughed way too hard

  • Артём Братцев
    Артём Братцев2 dager siden

    wolf: what are you looking at? markiplier: *laughs* wolf: whats funny? whats wrong with you? markiplier: *rotates wolf* wolf: simple friday evening...

    ACEMAN3 dager siden

    🤟🤟 do more I love thos

  • Certainly11 Suspenseful22
    Certainly11 Suspenseful223 dager siden

    Just gonna assume this is set in either Texas or Florida

  • Grasica Is
    Grasica Is3 dager siden

    please play more of this!!!

  • Patricia pat
    Patricia pat3 dager siden

    if not for @DUMPSGURU where would I be? he saved me from these fake niggas selling dumps, I appreciate you man

  • Erna Halmai
    Erna Halmai3 dager siden


  • Javier Sanchez
    Javier Sanchez3 dager siden

    Nice shirt

  • A Erlandsson
    A Erlandsson3 dager siden

    This game is art

  • Sam Soyars
    Sam Soyars3 dager siden

    I want more of this game

  • ACE Animations & Minecraft
    ACE Animations & Minecraft3 dager siden

    the replacement was so much better

  • Xx_Snaglag555_xX
    Xx_Snaglag555_xX3 dager siden

    Please play this again Please

  • Alexa Hess
    Alexa Hess3 dager siden

    Welp rip

  • OrangeLightning
    OrangeLightning3 dager siden

    Okay but that was such an amazing use of the Unus Annus Green Screen.

  • Nisa ünal
    Nisa ünal3 dager siden

    8:56 memories :’)

  • Crfan09
    Crfan093 dager siden

    Love this game 😂

  • _unknown_
    _unknown_3 dager siden

    the unnus annus shirt ;-; i remember the memories

  • krıs malføy
    krıs malføy3 dager siden

    Mark: turns down music so he doesn't get copyrighted the music: *GUESS WHO'S BACK, BACK AGAIN*

  • krıs malføy

    krıs malføy

    Dag siden

    @Milchi thanks

  • Milchi


    Dag siden

    nice pan flag

  • Nova Quartz
    Nova Quartz3 dager siden

    Just found. Please keep playing. It gets... weirder

  • Latwanna Sidney
    Latwanna Sidney3 dager siden

    great game.