Jimmy is EVERYWHERE! I wasn't an idiot for thinking that he was around every corner because he SURE IS NOW!!
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  • TheLoyalDan TLD
    TheLoyalDan TLDTime siden

    19:50. I ALMOST HAD A HEART ATTACK!!! IDK why xD

  • Larry Hannah
    Larry Hannah3 timer siden

    use that for... uh. idk ...

  • Larry Hannah
    Larry Hannah4 timer siden

    go to 10:48

  • Larry Hannah

    Larry Hannah

    3 timer siden


  • Im Nate The Rat
    Im Nate The Rat4 timer siden

    Hi! I'm Nate the rat, I'm here to give you rat facts and cheese. Rat fact #2 …ᘛ⁐̤ᕐᐷ Without companionship, rats tend to get lonely and depressed. WE NEED LOVE TOO CHEESE!! 🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀 I hope you enjoy the cheese and the rest of your day/night See you later …ᘛ⁐̤ᕐᐷ

  • Bunny
    Bunny4 timer siden

    Nooooooooo amy committed sleep forever :(

  • Heather Holder
    Heather Holder4 timer siden

    What's wrong jimmy-kun? could it be your'e craving my croissant?

  • Missythewolfy
    Missythewolfy5 timer siden

    -me and mark-F****K NOOOOOOOOOOOO JIMMY MORE LIKE BICHY -jimmy-TwT-hanna-;-;-me-OwO-mark-WAS THAT THE HIT OF 1987-Me-WHATTTT?!?!

  • Missythewolfy
    Missythewolfy6 timer siden

    MY GOD THAT WAS SCARY TwT mark save yourself and amy D: u need to get out of there UnU i shall not let u dieeeeee u to pretty to die UwU SAVE YOURSELF D: -jimmy-oh hanna~-mark-F***K NO UnU-me-;-; i-

  • Slade The Hedgehog
    Slade The Hedgehog6 timer siden

    Rest in peace. Don't drink random bottles

  • Kyamura Nightshade
    Kyamura Nightshade6 timer siden

    Was that actually Amy who jiggled your door handle Mark? 🤣 Your face was hilarious

  • AlphaJaka
    AlphaJaka6 timer siden


  • Gage Campbell
    Gage Campbell6 timer siden

    14:31 "mark"ing my spot

  • DimeTimePrime
    DimeTimePrime7 timer siden

    my paranoia is so bad i skip 10 seconds when i get scared, god damn...

  • 7 timer siden

    one of the jump scares made my head hurt

  • zoey cermeno
    zoey cermeno8 timer siden

    I bet 10 bucks he watched his own video to remember lol.

  • tryhard chief
    tryhard chief9 timer siden

    jimmy kills mark: starts making monkey sounds

  • Sai Ross
    Sai Ross9 timer siden

    the edit of you peeking in the closet scared the living SHIT OUTTA ME

  • Mike Russell
    Mike Russell11 timer siden

    That little “hello” got me good 😂

  • Christina Wloczewski
    Christina Wloczewski12 timer siden

    I normally don’t get scared easily with the horror games and movies but this one by far has given me chills. Idk what it is but I really like this game! Certainly intense and makes me want to watch more of what’s going to happen.

  • KDSA Goldn
    KDSA Goldn13 timer siden

    19:49 scared the sh*t out of me

  • Lawrence Lopez
    Lawrence Lopez14 timer siden

    How did he not see you? Was the open bathroom door not a hint?

  • Στυλιάνα Παπαδοπούλου
    Στυλιάνα Παπαδοπούλου14 timer siden

    the jumpscares in this game are way too good, you get them when you least expect it

  • Brandon Jackson
    Brandon Jackson15 timer siden

    14:14 so who was giggling the handle? Was is... was is ghosts..

  • Gauge Cottrill
    Gauge Cottrill15 timer siden

    I keep jumping every time he moves because im scared he gonna get shanked in the bum

  • NK GAMING2017
    NK GAMING201716 timer siden

    20:11 MAN its been a while since i jumped

  • itaketheSQUARE
    itaketheSQUARE17 timer siden

    I'm into more of these PG13 horror games than the whole YOURE IN HELL RAWR gorefests nowadays, its harder to do and if done right becomes a classic. This is one of those games.

  • VADER 621
    VADER 62117 timer siden

    Even the menu knows when Mark is fcked and just goes red with a do not disturb sign lol

  • Curlorly06
    Curlorly0618 timer siden

    19:49 That scared the absolute crap out of me. I don’t know if that was the intention or not, but regardless I almost pooped my pants.

  • BRANGOD 5605
    BRANGOD 560519 timer siden

    unus annus UNUS ANNUS

  • Steve Elders
    Steve Elders19 timer siden

    6:02 Go to Horny Jail

  • Mariah Tyner
    Mariah Tyner19 timer siden

    So are you not gonna explain YOUR doorknob orrrr

  • Rachele
    Rachele19 timer siden

    Im watching this while i fill out health insurance forms. How fun.

  • John Fitzgerald
    John Fitzgerald19 timer siden

    Seriously i am WOW’d by this game... I fooking love it

  • Nolan Cotton
    Nolan Cotton20 timer siden

    Mark you should play Little Nightmares II!!!

  • Cameron The Camarón
    Cameron The Camarón20 timer siden

    Mark: Okay good I'm checking my backs Jimmy: r u sure bout dat?

  • Frisky Biskit
    Frisky Biskit20 timer siden

    You dirty, dirty pumpkin eater.

  • Carson Mccrackin
    Carson Mccrackin21 time siden

    19:50 who else got scared

  • Yahsky Esquillo
    Yahsky Esquillo21 time siden

    ochocientos ochenta y ocho

  • damattboii
    damattboii22 timer siden

    Take the sword and yell out to Jimmy. "IVE GOT 20 POUNDS OF SEMI SHARP STEEL COME AND FUCKIN' GET ME!"

  • damattboii


    22 timer siden

    I'm pretty damn sure he's just a psychotic human of maybe above average strength

  • Mr. Jack O. Lantern
    Mr. Jack O. Lantern22 timer siden

    Who ever played with Mark's ACTUAL doorknob was beautifully-evil

  • Brand New Numb
    Brand New Numb22 timer siden

    When Mark made his character call out to Jimmy the shimmy I mentally shat myself.

  • Amber Laurel
    Amber Laurel22 timer siden

    This game is insane.

  • Miguel Gibbons
    Miguel Gibbons23 timer siden

    Maya: Hey Mark: Hey... Jimmy: HUrmHruA Maya: Im Over Here Mark: OHH NO GET ME GOIN

  • Dydy Eby
    Dydy Eby23 timer siden

    Ya know sometimes you scare me mark

  • Dydy Eby
    Dydy Eby23 timer siden

    Did anyone else see that glitch at the door

  • Dydy Eby
    Dydy Eby23 timer siden


  • darwin spencer
    darwin spencer23 timer siden

    horror games like this give me so much anxiety but i watch them anyway.

  • Dydy Eby
    Dydy Eby23 timer siden

    Except mark

  • Dydy Eby
    Dydy Eby23 timer siden

    Nobody mind my comments

  • Dydy Eby
    Dydy Eby23 timer siden


  • Dydy Eby
    Dydy Eby23 timer siden

    This is why you don’t do that

  • Dydy Eby
    Dydy Eby23 timer siden

    Mark you idiot why would you I’m not even going to ask

  • Dydy Eby
    Dydy Eby23 timer siden

    The second option

  • Dydy Eby
    Dydy Eby23 timer siden

    Mark what was that screeeeeeeeeeeeem

  • Dydy Eby
    Dydy Eby23 timer siden

    No you don’t

  • Dydy Eby
    Dydy Eby23 timer siden

    There ya go

  • Dydy Eby
    Dydy Eby23 timer siden


  • Dydy Eby
    Dydy Eby23 timer siden


  • Dydy Eby
    Dydy Eby23 timer siden

    Oh my god flip that

  • TheePluto
    TheePluto23 timer siden

    My stomach is in my throat

  • Christopher Bragalone
    Christopher BragaloneDag siden

    14:16 the game gets a little too real

  • just why
    just whyDag siden

    mark little nightmares 2. make it happin

  • Ben Harrison
    Ben HarrisonDag siden

    He should become a NOlocal

  • JustSomeRedHeadDude
    JustSomeRedHeadDudeDag siden

    Mark: does something ironic or funny The comments: Mark: Also mark: You guys are losers lmao

  • Kitsune Fox
    Kitsune FoxDag siden

    Is it sad that Mark peeking around the cabinet made me jump?

  • ThePinkLady
    ThePinkLadyDag siden


  • Zekebaby
    ZekebabyDag siden

    19:50 legit scared me XD

  • Haineko Mikemalcom
    Haineko MikemalcomDag siden

    This is a combination of Google Earth's slide movement system + horror, murder, paranormal and mistery tropes.

  • Ryan Jeffers
    Ryan JeffersDag siden


  • Billy Mellon

    Billy Mellon

    14 timer siden

    Bro I was reading the comments to see if anyone else realized it

  • Éléonore Dubé
    Éléonore DubéDag siden

    19:48 why did I got scared

  • Iris Brewer
    Iris BrewerDag siden

    Dang, these Nancy Drew games keep getting more and more realistic...

  • Michelle Leigh
    Michelle LeighDag siden

    You totally got me at 19:49 I jumped

  • darth jader
    darth jaderDag siden

    Anybody have insomnia and watching the first episode and be like "damn i wanna be chloroformed already

  • JustSomeRedHeadDude
    JustSomeRedHeadDudeDag siden

    Conclusion: Jimmy is a *schizophrenic*

  • Jeffrey Middaugh
    Jeffrey MiddaughDag siden

    I feel really bad for Amy, she jumped down the damn stairs, and fucked her head/neck up

  • Aurora Sunfyre
    Aurora SunfyreDag siden

    The Shinning VR really got me spooked and on edge.

  • Erik Jacoby
    Erik JacobyDag siden

    Idk why, but the thing that made me jump the most is that darn "bew" at 19:49.

  • Chief Kai
    Chief KaiDag siden

    After I saw Jay from the KubzScouts play this series and he LOVED it, I knew you were gonna love it. Have fun, Mark! It's a great game with a lot of plot twists!

  • Vicky P
    Vicky PDag siden

    19:49 why did that actually make my heart skip a beat 😂

  • pinzi
    pinziDag siden

    Oh, I just love to see him flinch and suffer. :D

  • Reecealepticeye 1000
    Reecealepticeye 1000Dag siden

    Oh and also turpentine is paint thinner so I assume it would be flammable

  • Reecealepticeye 1000
    Reecealepticeye 1000Dag siden

    I know I should have made this comment on the first video but I'm going to make it on the second one when that little girl appeared at the elevator I almost s*** myself

  • Nick Ventura
    Nick VenturaDag siden

    I love when mark genuinely gets scared when playing games

  • Connor Hull
    Connor HullDag siden

    I was drinking at 6:00 Milk. Everywhere.

    TOFU AKIODag siden

    19:48 - 19:50 Best jumpscare in Mark's history lol

  • Tru Ishida
    Tru IshidaDag siden

    19:48 scariest part of the video

  • mrDucklo
    mrDuckloDag siden


  • ScientistCat
    ScientistCatDag siden

    I'm late to the party, but I think calling to Jimmy might be something you do later to trap him somehow, or lure him away from a place you plan to go.

  • GreenLeen
    GreenLeenDag siden

    19:48 Intense waiting for a ghostly picture Ghostiplier: hello!

  • VioletBlack
    VioletBlackDag siden

    Poor Amy. Jimmy is a complete monster.

  • Henry Laymon
    Henry LaymonDag siden


  • Wilfstor
    WilfstorDag siden

    Am I the only one who hopes this was based off a real hotel and would actually like to stay there.

  • DeadAccount
    DeadAccountDag siden

    Maya knows how to ask the right questions, but if the connection is that strong, I'd just ask Amy to tell me what happened from the start.

  • Jonthe Jansson
    Jonthe JanssonDag siden

    dont watch this a night, it sso fkn scary

    NO! TALENTDag siden

    awesome part

  • Batuhan Özhan
    Batuhan ÖzhanDag siden

    14:20 so realistic

  • Kring Kring
    Kring KringDag siden


  • Dan Hazard
    Dan HazardDag siden

    Stop calling everybody Nerds-Marge Simpson

  • Bandit
    BanditDag siden

    its the suspense that kills me

  • Black-Frost
    Black-FrostDag siden

    Seeing Mark get scarred again reminded of the good ol' days.