Thief Simulator


Thief Simulator allows you to do exactly as you might expect from the title of the game. If someone can't figure that out NO ONE HELP THEM IN THE COMMENTS.
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  • H3ll3r Sh4nks
    H3ll3r Sh4nks7 minutter siden

    "I always do this. I always want to play the hard mode and never play the hard mode." - Markiplier, man who has tricked himself into believing that he doesn't already ALWAYS choose the hard mode.

  • Corbin Mangine
    Corbin Mangine31 minutt siden

    Hi mark I just wanted to suggest that you should play hitman and make a vid of you playing it

  • TrustingBot
    TrustingBotTime siden

    I saw this game long time ago, awesome that your able to play it.

  • Lexi Dreyar
    Lexi DreyarTime siden

    Thief simulator turned to Vandalism

  • Pixxlated
    PixxlatedTime siden

    Mark is turning into a classic Arin Hanson, choosing the hardest difficulty, jumping into it with no knowledge whatsoever, and then getting frustrated/confused when things go awry.

  • CEO dumbass
    CEO dumbass2 timer siden

    mark should play modded skyrim on here'

  • Princess Cimorene
    Princess Cimorene2 timer siden

    Please more, omg

  • Sorcha Mackay
    Sorcha Mackay2 timer siden


  • osulightbulb
    osulightbulb2 timer siden

    please make a full series of this simulator....

  • GreenWithEnvy Band
    GreenWithEnvy Band2 timer siden

    Please for the love of God do VR Bartender Simulator next!

  • Luca
    Luca2 timer siden

    Hey mark you’ve done this already w a heist with markiplier haha

  • jthomcres
    jthomcres3 timer siden

    Lixian's been the best thing to happen to Mark's channel since Mark.

  • Hydra V2
    Hydra V23 timer siden

    Mark needs to play through the entirety of this game tbh

  • Amber cole
    Amber cole4 timer siden

    The quiet fireplace anatomically sparkle because bicycle diagnostically mess up from a lucky play. imported, exultant yoke

  • Chuck Banks
    Chuck Banks4 timer siden

    You should play this one more, there's more neighborhoods, there's stuff like security measures, and there's an ending that you'll hate!

    NITRO4 timer siden

    there is a bank mission aka a hist with markiplier

    PDX EMMETT4 timer siden

    31:17 scared me

  • Nathan Biro
    Nathan Biro4 timer siden

    The brawny steel intringuingly reach because kettle thoracically mate forenenst a measly german. shocking, quirky australia

  • Scott Peterman
    Scott Peterman4 timer siden

    imagine: You're on a heist, to steal the most precious gem on the earth. You have a sidekick, who is very intelligent, and can be a bit goofy sometimes named Mark. You get in there, and he starts stealing things out of vases, etc. You ask him, "What are you doing, we need the gem, not that vase!" He responds, "sHhHh, I'm StEaLinG tHinGs."

  • Darrian Weathington
    Darrian Weathington5 timer siden

    cryme time. do big crimes!

  • Vegar Skaue
    Vegar Skaue5 timer siden

    Lixian Makes me crack every time

  • MegiSonika
    MegiSonika5 timer siden

    pffffffffffffffff XD

  • Nephaelia Nichols
    Nephaelia Nichols5 timer siden

    That "accent" sounds like the voice actor is TRYING to do a "New York" or maybe "Boston" accent, but they have never actually been to either place so they keep slipping between the two and their actual accent

  • Jalen Mitchell
    Jalen Mitchell5 timer siden

    Mark: Almost too easy that is like a thing he says once a video

  • DrummerDan0591
    DrummerDan05916 timer siden

    Lixian's editing is hilarious in this!!!!! Omfg

  • casual anime
    casual anime6 timer siden

    I love the editor

  • farbod keyhanloo
    farbod keyhanloo7 timer siden


  • Garrett Johnson
    Garrett Johnson7 timer siden


  • squid bacon
    squid bacon8 timer siden


  • LeeVerse 888
    LeeVerse 8888 timer siden

    21:03 B is for B*tch

  • Jacob Marrufo
    Jacob Marrufo8 timer siden

    Mark: Cuz I know how to steal things~ No I don't. My head: What happened to a heist with Markiplier.

  • Yao Hong
    Yao Hong9 timer siden

    The shy octagon routinely park because girdle climatologically hope onto a hoc expansion. rebel, royal chill

  • Codeman_87
    Codeman_8710 timer siden

    how does his sound gate not eliminate the noise?

  • Paper Boat
    Paper Boat10 timer siden

    Y e s

  • Shelby Patton
    Shelby Patton13 timer siden


  • Darius Jones
    Darius Jones14 timer siden

    Shhh be very very quiet I’m hunting a bunny rwabbit

  • Henk Luijk
    Henk Luijk14 timer siden


  • Alex Pickering
    Alex Pickering14 timer siden

    32:33 As soon as that happened extremely loud thunder hit outside my house lol

  • Aeolanyira Moon
    Aeolanyira Moon15 timer siden

  • XxNatsuxX Gaming
    XxNatsuxX Gaming16 timer siden

    I am failure man..

  • Xhan
    Xhan16 timer siden

    Ofc the kiss has to be from Lixian cuz he's baby 😂

  • Xhan
    Xhan16 timer siden

    Man, if only I could afford to go to Non-Being-Thieved school, I'd learn so much

  • Tony Nometry
    Tony Nometry16 timer siden

    Great video

  • MCathslary
    MCathslary16 timer siden

    I would appreciate it if you do Turkish subtitles because my English is not very good but I love Mark

  • Zack arthur Shaw
    Zack arthur Shaw16 timer siden

    Classic markiplier

  • Flutterbaws 95
    Flutterbaws 9517 timer siden

    I like how the lockpick upgrade changes the minigame from Fallout/Skyrim lockpicking to Oblivion Lockpicking.

  • Tobias Brown
    Tobias Brown17 timer siden

    I’ve seen this game before played by spiers

  • Zach Hoisington
    Zach Hoisington17 timer siden

    I feel like he’s played this game before or is that just me?

  • Mogozuart
    Mogozuart18 timer siden

    This is a jimmy simulator in his early days of his uh... night job

  • Tralfazz74
    Tralfazz7418 timer siden

    I haven't watched in a couple months, and I'm very pleased to have come back to this. The RP was really well done, going from a thief fighting his moral compass to a really cocky robber who loves his job. This is a nice game to absentmindedly chill to

  • Mishy Fushiko
    Mishy Fushiko18 timer siden

    Mark : "I know how to steal things!" Me : *flash backs of AHWM* Yeah... maybe...

  • Lily G
    Lily G18 timer siden

    “I signed up to be a thief, not an asshole.” -Markiplier 2021

  • Puny_God
    Puny_God18 timer siden


  • Yes, It is me
    Yes, It is me18 timer siden

    Please keep this going

  • Phoenix Wright
    Phoenix Wright19 timer siden

    What blooper of A Heist With Markiplier is this?

  • Treetop Drive
    Treetop Drive19 timer siden

    The game has a VR Version too!

  • Random Mazter
    Random Mazter19 timer siden

    Mark: Whispering Me: 😳 Remembering the worlds quietest let’s play

  • Revenant666
    Revenant66619 timer siden

    Mark would be a horrible thief, he's too loud, he's uncoordinated, and too prone to hurting himself.

  • Mohab Hamed
    Mohab Hamed19 timer siden

    do it like you done heist with markiplier

  • Matthew Grey
    Matthew Grey19 timer siden

    If there isn’t a character in heist 2 named Vinny who’s accent changes every 2 seconds I’m going to be very disappointed.

  • Yngkdnited
    Yngkdnited20 timer siden

    The neighbor back at it again! It's like the neighbor knows when Mark is playing a game where he need to be silent.

  • Katie Bridges
    Katie Bridges20 timer siden


  • BRANGOD 5605
    BRANGOD 560520 timer siden

    unus annus UNUS ANNUS

  • Kendall Churchil
    Kendall Churchil20 timer siden

    I'm sure someone else has said this by now but he got caught because there was likely someone around who saw him. In hard mode, there's no map, which shows people around outside and their fields of view.

  • Franklin Clinton
    Franklin Clinton20 timer siden

    Technically playing a hard difficulty on your first playthrough isn't a challenge because its the first way you're gonna end up playing it.

  • Riggity Wreck
    Riggity Wreck20 timer siden


  • Adam Firmin
    Adam Firmin20 timer siden

    I hope he makes a series on this

  • Michal
    Michal21 time siden

    Mark: "Because I know how to steal th-things.... no I don't!" **points to camera** Good save, Mark. I'm sure your FBI agent didn't notice.

  • Ishankyouverymuch
    Ishankyouverymuch21 time siden

    My favorite part was where they stole the lock picking minigames from Bethesda games. The lock picking minigames that were considered by most to be annoying.

  • Ishtarru
    Ishtarru22 timer siden

    I love how he keeps picking the most obvious way in/out of the house and being surprised when he nearly gets caught.

  • Donovan Tomlinson
    Donovan Tomlinson22 timer siden

    s e r i e s

  • Kemba Powell
    Kemba Powell22 timer siden

    Mark: *Robs the Powell’s* Me: *Is happy because he said my last name* 🥲

  • I2SK00L4 C00l
    I2SK00L4 C00l22 timer siden

    "Mark, the thermal drill go get it"

  • Super Tanooki Bros.
    Super Tanooki Bros.23 timer siden

    Wait.. is this a heist with markiplier 2?? 😱😱

  • Xyeno
    Xyeno23 timer siden


  • Matthew Berry
    Matthew BerryDag siden

    Please play more of this Mark, even though you're probably (no, DEFINITELY) not going to see this.

  • Paradox Puggy
    Paradox PuggyDag siden

    This game is 2 years old it’s really good considering it’s finished now

  • Bianca W
    Bianca WDag siden

    Mark: how do I get out? Where do I leave? Me, who has the game: you need the mINI MAP

    ANTONIO ORTIZDag siden

    When he screamed when the person in the game started screaming 😂

  • Marching Flute
    Marching FluteDag siden

    "Thief simulator" Me: "you've already stolen my heart..."

  • first chance
    first chanceDag siden

    welcome to robery with markiplier

  • team super slacker_v2
    team super slacker_v2Dag siden

    we need MORE

  • Delicious1333
    Delicious1333Dag siden

    Play more man

  • Sydney Crockett
    Sydney CrockettDag siden

    Not mark using the same face as he did for the emergency meeting thumbnail

  • Rebecca Horton
    Rebecca HortonDag siden

    I would swear I've seen him play this before. Am I crazy?

  • mohamed ahou

    mohamed ahou

    Dag siden


  • ThemSinfulKids
    ThemSinfulKidsDag siden

    14:14 know what time it is 👁👄👁

  • Akuma’s Truth
    Akuma’s TruthDag siden


  • Dionisis Losi
    Dionisis LosiDag siden

    snake snake snaaaaaaakeeeeee

  • Dougla Purdy
    Dougla PurdyDag siden

    Why does he enjoy this so much

  • TheDarkDemon 25
    TheDarkDemon 25Dag siden

    We need more stan gtaV RP

  • Camden Ackerman
    Camden AckermanDag siden

    didnt you already do this in that choose your own adventure thing

  • Unique Username Hi
    Unique Username HiDag siden

    stan the water man

  • Superbitive
    SuperbitiveDag siden

    MARKIPLIER IS A TEA but seriously eat pineapple pizza it will change your life

  • SirTurtleton
    SirTurtletonDag siden

    next do the VR mode

  • Ona Chi
    Ona ChiDag siden

    5:59 Stan the water man! Is that you?! 😯 Where's friendly Jimmy at?

  • XP XD
    XP XDDag siden

    He’s gonna use his “Heist with Markiplier” techniques 🤣🤣🤣

  • HuffleRuff
    HuffleRuffDag siden

    *turns on hard mode* WHY IS THERE NO HUD???

  • Ashlyn Inman
    Ashlyn InmanDag siden

    Easy lockpicking: Skyrim Normal lockpicking: Oblivion

  • andrew manigos
    andrew manigosDag siden

    He be bonking windows and fence like jelly.

  • Suika Tasai
    Suika TasaiDag siden

    3:30 I love this. Did he come up with that on the spot? Dang o.o