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I just wanted to build a bridge in The Forest... is that so wrong? Is that so terrible? APPARENTLY YES!! Also this video is sponsored by Yotta Savings!
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  • Emil Johansson
    Emil Johansson18 minutter siden

    Puss å hej! // sverige

  • BRANGOD 5605
    BRANGOD 560519 timer siden

    unus annus UNUS ANNUS

  • CeeLee Bee
    CeeLee Bee23 timer siden

    I fruckin love this game

  • kachi onyeka
    kachi onyekaDag siden

    Mark talking while his camera is slightly frozen is creeping me out 17:40 & 18:20

  • Ink Static
    Ink StaticDag siden

    1:40 was that a reference to what I think its a reference too?

  • DanishVal
    DanishValDag siden

    why does Mark no longer release the forest videos

  • Dragy Chu EX
    Dragy Chu EXDag siden

    "Yeahhh uh there's literally glowing stuff behind you.. Ur probs gonna die" "Eh I will be fine B) "

  • Crocerella
    CrocerellaDag siden

    Okay but that campfire song has been playing in my head ever since this video came out

  • Ki Muirés
    Ki MuirésDag siden

    16:30 *Why did he just ignore that second beefy guy-*

    LPS VAMPIRE2 dager siden

    Who else walks through doors sideways....the worst part is it’s almost my birthday....oh god

  • Patricia pat
    Patricia pat2 dager siden

    if not for @DUMPSGURU where would I be? he saved me from these fake niggas selling dumps, I appreciate you man..

  • An Drea
    An Drea3 dager siden

    whEre are you gOInG???????

  • Gabbi McBride
    Gabbi McBride3 dager siden

    Mark is a perfectionist lmaaooo one inch off and he losing his shit lol

  • Ghost 7352
    Ghost 73523 dager siden

    If mark wasn't close to the bridge then it wouldn't be in this mess, I mean, am I right, the cannibal throwing fire was aiming at mark then he should've moved away from the bridge....also that lift thing is totally useless, in my opinion, it doesn't make sense to be there.

  • Jared K
    Jared K3 dager siden

    Did Mark finally get a sponsor!? (I feel like hes probably had ones before, not including for charity events, but I think this is the first time I've seen him put a sponsor message.)

  • kosherkitties
    kosherkitties3 dager siden

    Bob being unable to just walk across the bridge with a sled, floating in midair and getting stuck. Man, legitimate sobbing.

  • Honked Rice
    Honked Rice3 dager siden

    I enjoy this, please make more!!

  • TheGamingNovice
    TheGamingNovice3 dager siden

    What's with the weird artifacting that's been in a few of Mark's videos lately?

  • Jarjarvideos
    Jarjarvideos3 dager siden

    11:15 This belongs in the Louvre

  • DarkNugget 39
    DarkNugget 393 dager siden


  • DarkNugget 39
    DarkNugget 393 dager siden


  • SaTuRoChAn
    SaTuRoChAn4 dager siden

    I was in pain too with that bridge XD why didn't it get to be even it looked fine while making it xD and that moment where Bob was like "nothing bad will happ..NO MARK!! There is so many sticks on there!!" XDDD the panic was real XDD

  • Spaceknight105
    Spaceknight1054 dager siden


  • Cr0w The m00shro0m
    Cr0w The m00shro0m4 dager siden

    Hey Mark! There's a thing you guys can find! It's near the huge hole and you just want on the left side going forward, while adventuring You can get bombs and snacks and more! While going that way you can also find a beach with crates, you go around there and you'll find a crack in the rocks where you can go through! I started playing the forest a week ago, I've found so much cool stuff and This might help you guys on the road, it's pretty cool but too scared to go in the crack myself

  • Mr crazy crocs

    Mr crazy crocs

    3 dager siden

    I'm liking this so mark can see

  • Frankie MILTON
    Frankie MILTON5 dager siden

    By accident

  • Frankie MILTON
    Frankie MILTON5 dager siden

    I can’t believe Markiplier broke down the house😂😂😂

  • Mak Vic
    Mak Vic5 dager siden

    Please mark im in class and i'm trying so hard not to fucking laugh

  • Vacuum Cleaner
    Vacuum Cleaner5 dager siden

    They have manage to without intent, consistently build things and fuckin destroy lmfao.

  • Isabelle Wheatley
    Isabelle Wheatley5 dager siden

    Mark reminds me if that one kid that got 97% on a test and is complaining cause it isn't 100% even though the rest of the class got 60%

  • katsuki Bakugou
    katsuki Bakugou5 dager siden

    15:24 made me jump like a little bitch the sound effects jesus I almost had a hearattack 😮😮

  • xX_ KatLeMac _Xx
    xX_ KatLeMac _Xx5 dager siden

    Your level of OCD when it comes to bridges XD

  • Finatical X
    Finatical X5 dager siden

    him messing up the bridge wasn’t making me mad it was him nit eating or drinking and that he had zero hunger and thirst lmao

  • Chocolate Raccoon
    Chocolate Raccoon5 dager siden

    15:22 i literally almost flipped my desk i jumped so hard

  • Rath
    Rath5 dager siden

    Use the small raft method, not the crane method

  • Jaylynn Gardner
    Jaylynn Gardner6 dager siden

    Wdym that’s the best bridge ever🖐

  • Leon Mc
    Leon Mc6 dager siden

    Me thinks that Markiplier may have some slight OCD issues....

  • Eden Azalea
    Eden Azalea7 dager siden

    Bob's stroke of genius: "Now what if I cut a hole in there...?"

  • Chaotronic_plays
    Chaotronic_plays7 dager siden

    ah yes lixian is finally back

  • nope com
    nope com7 dager siden

    OCD mark be like "it has to be PERFECT!"

  • Swapnaneel Bhattacharjee
    Swapnaneel Bhattacharjee7 dager siden

    7:43 wt

  • AngelWingsYT
    AngelWingsYT7 dager siden

    wade: *sings a disturbing song about a butcher* mark: uuuuh....wade....what-what did you uh do....before you came on this island? wade: Oh! :) i built houses! mark: uh-huh....

  • Enver Martinez
    Enver Martinez7 dager siden

    They took the hole episode building a damm brigh

  • sunnie
    sunnie8 dager siden

    Did no one see the sled move around 2:30-

  • Mei Gini
    Mei Gini8 dager siden

    this is so funny all thease epsoides

  • Ryan Neff
    Ryan Neff8 dager siden

    "There is no such thing as strong coffee, but weak men" -Grant Combs This quote everybody into coffee.

  • Glitch Gamer
    Glitch Gamer8 dager siden

    god 20:12 was hilarious.

  • JAYLEN Parker
    JAYLEN Parker8 dager siden

    And I'm one of them

  • JAYLEN Parker
    JAYLEN Parker8 dager siden

    Mark please don't say fuck and all that shit there's fucking kids watching your videos!

  • Mr crazy crocs

    Mr crazy crocs

    3 dager siden

    @Master Chief its clearly a joke

  • Master Chief

    Master Chief

    4 dager siden

    Well then don’t watch it, and why are you saying that then, if you don’t expect him to? It’s not a kid channel, so it’s up to you to watch it or not.

  • Eric Silva
    Eric Silva8 dager siden

    Wade: being chased by big baby Also Wade: 🎶oh oh OH it’s MAGIC!🎶

  • piratepeach
    piratepeach8 dager siden

    i got so invested in the bridge i was actually caught off guard by the jumpscares

  • BFishy
    BFishy9 dager siden

    it was an axe, not a gun :')

  • Pazuzu Deamon
    Pazuzu Deamon9 dager siden

    the lift is still broken

  • Luqman Nazri
    Luqman Nazri9 dager siden

    didnt know that mark have ocd

  • SamanthaArts
    SamanthaArts9 dager siden

    16:27 anyone else notices the other thing behind the crab human?

  • Sophia Caruso
    Sophia Caruso10 dager siden

    I was laughing so hard I started crying when Mark got stuck in the bridge and Wade or Bob said I have some complaints 😂 This gave a whole new meaning to a rock in a hard place

  • Francis Harkins
    Francis Harkins10 dager siden

    This game still doesn't have building snap? Big oof.

  • Mccoolfriend6
    Mccoolfriend610 dager siden

    One thing I cant understand and get used to is Wade always cussing, like Mark and Bob and even Jack do but not Wade now Wade too.....weird

  • Ashley
    Ashley10 dager siden

    How to build a bridge by Markipler

  • Katelin Francois
    Katelin Francois10 dager siden

    This is my new favorite thing to watch🤣

  • Ghostlymexican
    Ghostlymexican10 dager siden

    15:30 imma be deadass with y'all when mark look around and say wade i got scared and hit my knees under the table.

  • Venn
    Venn10 dager siden

    this is sad to watch

  • Lucy
    Lucy10 dager siden

    I'm the Mark among my friends..... spending hours on construction of a single bridge. _I know your struggle Mark...._

  • Gia Bolmer
    Gia Bolmer11 dager siden

    "Oh, 8 legs! Oh, 8 legs! Wait, let me count..." -Proceeds to stop running from danger just to count the monster's legs- "Bob was right, it has six! AAHHHHHH!"

  • Lexorth Draws
    Lexorth Draws11 dager siden

    24:50 mark should just put on samurai armour and he'll look like a ronan

  • Daniella Salas
    Daniella Salas11 dager siden

    this video should be called *IT’S FINE*

  • Natalia Dusk
    Natalia Dusk11 dager siden

    This episode is so 💫 CHAOTIC 💫 and I absolutely love it 😂

    MASON FARRIS11 dager siden

    that pickture was an axe

  • Red Guy
    Red Guy11 dager siden


  • Red Guy
    Red Guy11 dager siden


  • Red Guy
    Red Guy11 dager siden

    k k k

  • JMP61101
    JMP6110112 dager siden

    use the hole cutter and shave off that side.

  • Tyler Gehringer
    Tyler Gehringer12 dager siden

    welp now we know mark has OCD

  • McThiccum s
    McThiccum s12 dager siden

    this video is a beautiful disaster

  • Cameron The Camarón
    Cameron The Camarón12 dager siden

    the cannibals are breaking connections with the toxic people that keep killing their mutilated family, okay? They're just *burning bridges* . . . -yeah that was kind of a stretch-

  • Ajlez
    Ajlez12 dager siden

    This game is so fucking janky holy shit dude.

  • Battleax
    Battleax12 dager siden

    7:34 I think Mark might have OCD

  • Conner Nikkila
    Conner Nikkila12 dager siden

    Dude his face cam at 18:18 to 18:30 glitched his face a little XD

  • Johnny Joestar
    Johnny Joestar12 dager siden

    18:58 can we take a moment to thank lixian for googling it for us

  • Pokémon plays !
    Pokémon plays !13 dager siden

    the last episode was sad cuz mark’s bridge was good ;-;

  • Elizabeth Jackson
    Elizabeth Jackson13 dager siden

    five years later and the bridge still is off by an inch X3

  • Tay Tay
    Tay Tay13 dager siden

    not gonna mention the big fat dude

  • Tay Tay
    Tay Tay13 dager siden

    Me and Mark have the same OCD like omgggg

  • Active Vertex
    Active Vertex13 dager siden

    They are getting late game enemies and only have skull clubs 😭

  • Jed Jallorina
    Jed Jallorina13 dager siden

    The song Wade was singing was loosely based off “in the jailhouse now”

  • jonny aeternum
    jonny aeternum14 dager siden

    1:40 damn, haven’t heard of sleepy time junction in _years_ back when times were simpler

  • Dragon
    Dragon14 dager siden

    15:23 I really got scared there

  • WJ ZAV
    WJ ZAV14 dager siden

    When you put hours of work and effort into a complex project only to realize at the end that you made a small error at the beginning which makes the entire project worthless.

  • Benjamin Doncom
    Benjamin Doncom14 dager siden

    bob literally screaming that mark cant make the sled work from the other side (the whole reason they broke and rebuilt the nubbins from their side) mark destroying the sled with all the sticks.

  • SuperWarriorGameplay
    SuperWarriorGameplay14 dager siden

    I laughed so hard idk if this video is trying to kill me

  • Juan Sepulveda
    Juan Sepulveda14 dager siden

    The whole Wade Serial killer arc has me dying of laughter even a week later 🤣😅

  • Lauren Goff
    Lauren Goff14 dager siden

    finding a picture in a forest while being hunted.....Slenderman vibes.

  • Jason Howe
    Jason Howe14 dager siden

    Jesus Mark your more OCD than I am

  • Grimslade Leviathan
    Grimslade Leviathan14 dager siden

    Dude, developers who makes sandbox games with like building mechanics should always watch NOlocalrs. Because then they'll find bugs like this lol

  • scoldedegg
    scoldedegg14 dager siden

    Space is Coo Ooo Ooo Ool

  • AHKIDA Moonlight
    AHKIDA Moonlight14 dager siden

    Does mark have OCD

  • The pans birb
    The pans birb14 dager siden

    Alternative title: CHOAS

  • WillDahB33ST / GryffinHites
    WillDahB33ST / GryffinHites14 dager siden

    Mark I relate to you losing it over the uneven bridge SO much lol

  • Martina Svobodová
    Martina Svobodová15 dager siden

    Am I the only one who thinks it's similar to attack on titan🤣

  • Skoetie Gamer
    Skoetie Gamer15 dager siden


  • Tiny Mouse
    Tiny Mouse15 dager siden

    I think you can duplicate the cloth and the tape including the logs I think