The Bob & Wade Compilation


Here's a compilation of some funny moments with Bob and Wade.
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This is literally a description of what the video contains. Also, we stream most of this stuff on Tuesdays.


  • Hydayatulinsanjr
    Hydayatulinsanjr11 timer siden

    1:00 Bob mario

  • Gabestew
    Gabestew19 timer siden

    learning that mark liked parks and rec is one of the greatest moments to ever be recorded in internet history

  • Jan Jyiro Nuñal
    Jan Jyiro NuñalDag siden

    Their playing with owl dusty

  • Wolf Gamer
    Wolf GamerDag siden

    3:03 why I keep repeating this 😂🤣 and now I’m going to try it in slow motion

  • Alana Garibay
    Alana Garibay2 dager siden

    Did anyone else get the pit reference? No... just me

  • J!WWE
    J!WWE2 dager siden

    Who is funnier Bob=like Wade=comment

  • Ace
    Ace2 dager siden

    Totally not me jamming to the mouse rat song on the clip with Bob testing something

  • Hilton B
    Hilton B4 dager siden

    The fuckin bone song has been stuck in my head for five days. Send help.

  • Damian Atanasio
    Damian Atanasio4 dager siden

    This is about 70 percent of what I was expecting

  • Swine -
    Swine -5 dager siden

    There's many better clips of Bob and Wade out there and alot of these clips were about mark

  • Jacquelyn Rubio
    Jacquelyn Rubio6 dager siden

    The first fucking video got me laughing!

  • Jessica Dean
    Jessica Dean8 dager siden

    I would absolutely love more of this! XD I've never laughed this hard in my life! XDXDXDXD

  • Andrew Doyel II
    Andrew Doyel II8 dager siden


  • Christian Johnson
    Christian Johnson8 dager siden

    Y’all need to play Valheim together

  • Fan boi 101
    Fan boi 1018 dager siden

    Ah yes the 3 stooges of NOlocal

  • The Cleanser
    The Cleanser11 dager siden

    Æuugghh. This game is complicated. **demonic sigh**

  • Harrie Goston
    Harrie Goston11 dager siden

    I wish they included 🎶Body fire...🎶 🎶This is a normal thing to do...🎶

  • D3LTA_TH3_D3M0N
    D3LTA_TH3_D3M0N12 dager siden

    Don't mind me I'm just putting this here for myself- 2:25

  • tee.
    tee.12 dager siden

    this felt way longer than 5 minutes, but like... in a good way

  • Ronnie Poole
    Ronnie Poole13 dager siden

    more 7 days to dieeeeeeee :(

  • Morphstar changeling
    Morphstar changeling13 dager siden

    We need an even longer compilation mark. Give us the longer compilation of these goofballs.

  • Mustachio
    Mustachio13 dager siden

    2:26 what video is that from?

  • Ryan
    Ryan13 dager siden

    What was the game where they were murdering nurses?

  • Alex Calbex
    Alex Calbex15 dager siden

    im convinced after so many years on youtube wade just turned into a cryptid who sometimes shit posts in videos

  • Ash47
    Ash4716 dager siden

    I love how even though this is a video about Bob and Wade, there are moments in this where it is just Mark.

  • Emma King
    Emma King16 dager siden

    My birthday is on the 19th Of Feb I can tell you now I don’t want a happy birthday trap

  • Hydra 54
    Hydra 5417 dager siden

    1:23 *pulls microphone real close to his mouth as it creecks* "'TA HE *LL* ?" _"Dewit"_ *emperor palpatine pops up and smiles at mark*

  • Avirge FanLord
    Avirge FanLord17 dager siden

    I kind of miss when Mark would have all their face cams together

  • You make me POCO LOCO
    You make me POCO LOCO17 dager siden


  • C_Noob_Dude
    C_Noob_Dude17 dager siden

    I like it how this part is dedicated to just Mark making weird noises. 1:33

  • Abby Corlazzoli
    Abby Corlazzoli18 dager siden

    2:26 This is just a timestamp for myself, don’t be alarmed

  • SaseiMoon
    SaseiMoon18 dager siden

    This is not even a quarter of their funniest shenanigans

  • Airi Okami
    Airi Okami18 dager siden

    I Didnt know this was even posted lol

  • Nate Hanson
    Nate Hanson18 dager siden

    I need to watch more raft apparently

  • Presious P
    Presious P19 dager siden

    Wats bobs NOlocal?

  • Pan!ccattaccz VEVO
    Pan!ccattaccz VEVO19 dager siden

    HEAR ME OUT a compilation of mark, bob, and wade getting caught up in the birthday traps and saying things like "its my birthday"

  • MysticMoonx
    MysticMoonx20 dager siden

    this isn't long enough.

  • Christopher Lavalla
    Christopher Lavalla20 dager siden

    Mario Bob is the best in the world

  • Wendigo's Spleen
    Wendigo's Spleen22 dager siden

    I unironically want an extended version of "I like bones, bones are good for me" at 2:28

  • TrebleVGM
    TrebleVGM22 dager siden

    The best part is that they all fill the same role in their group, which is the idiot of the bunch

  • Naomi Konoha
    Naomi Konoha22 dager siden

    When is the markiplier frenchhorn compilation

  • Maddison Gerke
    Maddison Gerke23 dager siden

    Which game is the one where mark drank p*ss? I wanna watch that series

  • Kate Sith
    Kate Sith23 dager siden

    XD does anyone else get the feeling bob and mark are constantly gaslighting wade

  • Edward Young
    Edward Young23 dager siden

    Does anyone know what the music is right at the beginning?

  • gamigboss0997
    gamigboss099723 dager siden


  • Kyle Stark
    Kyle Stark23 dager siden

    This compilation should’ve happened years ago.

  • Kyle Stark

    Kyle Stark

    23 dager siden

    @darlingdeth3 it would’ve been amazing if it was a couple hours long. 🤣

  • darlingdeth3


    23 dager siden

    but then we wouldn't have some f the moments,like wades bones song

  • Ricardo Correa
    Ricardo Correa23 dager siden

    Wade finally went bald omg😂😂😂

  • Some Catguy
    Some Catguy24 dager siden


  • Earth Chan
    Earth Chan24 dager siden

    best vid by far, but where is bob's autotuned sneeze at?

  • Jaz Sandhu Music
    Jaz Sandhu Music24 dager siden

    I'm disappointed that one of the best Raft moments wasn't on here. Bob: You're the captain, captain. Mark: I relinquish. Bob: That's not how being captain works. Mark: I ReLiNqUiSh. Bob: The only way to become NOT captain is to die. Mark: I R E L I N Q U I S H . Bob: Do you want to become NOT captain??

  • The Arkenstone
    The Arkenstone24 dager siden

    What is the 500 ants video?

  • zero_ Foxi_Bby
    zero_ Foxi_Bby25 dager siden

    1:39 slow the video there and you'll be laughing XD

  • Chibi Hotdog
    Chibi Hotdog25 dager siden

    Let's get it bois

  • Bruno Estévez Domínguez
    Bruno Estévez Domínguez25 dager siden

    I can't believe he didn't include the "body fire" song

    BIGJADEN 1725 dager siden

    When Bob fell in the pit and the song came on I cried for 5 min straight😭😭

  • Sam Marie
    Sam Marie25 dager siden

    Me, a nurse: 👁👄👁

  • eltornaydo
    eltornaydo26 dager siden

    This did not show up in my sub box. Was YT supressing this?? Da heck

  • iiStormy_Cloudsii
    iiStormy_Cloudsii26 dager siden

    Sweep 🧹 net 🥅 is😩 not 👎shoulder 💪

  • Queer Anomaly
    Queer Anomaly27 dager siden

    Okay but where is "I GOT A WHEEL!!!!"

  • Nobody.
    Nobody.27 dager siden


  • Fiesty_Bumtato
    Fiesty_Bumtato28 dager siden

    You know when ever you see 'with bob and wade' on Marks videos you know your in for a ride and a half 😂 love those guys

  • funkhouzr
    funkhouzr28 dager siden

    Is that Paul and Kuma? 1:50

  • Spencer Borelli
    Spencer Borelli28 dager siden

    What is the video 0:35

  • Spencer Borelli

    Spencer Borelli

    25 dager siden

    @DaMemeBoi _ thanks

  • DaMemeBoi _

    DaMemeBoi _

    27 dager siden

    It's called "throwing sharks to assert my dominance" I'm not joking

  • Oxelot Zxlm
    Oxelot Zxlm28 dager siden

    Anyone else realise that this wasn’t edited by lixian

  • Oxelot Zxlm

    Oxelot Zxlm

    18 dager siden

    @Funkiebutch you can tell by the style

  • Funkiebutch


    18 dager siden

    Says who

  • Natalie Keeler
    Natalie Keeler28 dager siden

    Again! Again! I want to see another one again! Please?

  • Faris A
    Faris A28 dager siden

    Drunk minecraft and gta 5 those were days to remember

  • CatsMeow107
    CatsMeow10728 dager siden

    I've watched Mark for a while and I still get Bob and Wade confused sometimes.

  • frankkylou
    frankkylou28 dager siden

    this video is the true meaning of boys will be boys

  • Jaden Macyk
    Jaden Macyk28 dager siden

    The entire game of the forest needs a compilation lol!!!! My favorite line is when bob goes to kill a deer and it gets away and wade says "we need to go and kill that deer before it teaches the others how to survive".

  • ThatBitchArnet
    ThatBitchArnet29 dager siden

    i have been singing 2:26 for the past several days and it's getting out of hand

  • Jae Bae
    Jae Bae29 dager siden


  • Grabnok The Destroyer
    Grabnok The Destroyer29 dager siden

    "I'm sorry...that your stupid naming system offended me." *Heavy Metal begins*

  • Sharkbait Guy
    Sharkbait Guy29 dager siden

    You: Watching every Markiplier video 1:50 when your parents walk in and hear one of his videos

  • AmuroNT1
    AmuroNT1Måned siden

    My only, ONLY complaint with this video is that you left out the "Elvis Wade" moment from Raft.

  • Danielle Stroud
    Danielle StroudMåned siden

    what are the games in this video?

  • Lilyyian B.
    Lilyyian B.Måned siden

    Y’all should play green hellll

  • Elliot Ball - RTM Student
    Elliot Ball - RTM StudentMåned siden

    wade is funny

  • Some Gem
    Some GemMåned siden


  • Mo Harrison
    Mo HarrisonMåned siden

    you know Lixian got bored and just had some fun.

  • Miss. Danni Tiger
    Miss. Danni TigerMåned siden

    1:00 lol 2:28 2:50 3:50

  • Arstotzkan Plague Doctor
    Arstotzkan Plague DoctorMåned siden


  • Jan Schicho
    Jan SchichoMåned siden

    Play more Border Officer. SCP is waiting for you.

  • Blue bird
    Blue birdMåned siden

    0:06 wrong music

  • Ariandi Udin
    Ariandi UdinMåned siden


  • Valentino50
    Valentino50Måned siden


  • DeathbyBeer
    DeathbyBeerMåned siden

    There are so many great moments of Bob and Wade and all they get is a 5 minutes compilation, cool...

  • Potato Person
    Potato PersonMåned siden

    More of The Forest please

  • Eligah Fisher
    Eligah FisherMåned siden

    i re-watched parks and rec a while ago lol

  • MorganaMoxi
    MorganaMoxiMåned siden

    Please let the cliffhanger be real and not a joke and there will be another one made.

  • BRANGOD 5605
    BRANGOD 5605Måned siden

    unus annus UNUS ANNUS

  • Antonio Kelava
    Antonio KelavaMåned siden

    Those faces of Bahb and Wave with the huge eyes are nojs.

  • Me
    MeMåned siden

    This is the compilation that I deserve. Take that how you will.

  • Me
    MeMåned siden

    This is the compilation that I deserve. Take that how you will.

  • Anchy Ivankovic
    Anchy IvankovicMåned siden

    1:42 this half a second edit killed me 😂😂

    DOMINIC RUIZMåned siden

    Day 13 of asking Mark to play Boomerang FU

  • nobody
    nobodyMåned siden

    I want more legend of barbara

  • P T
    P TMåned siden

    five minutes? that's it? that's all you could come up with? this video should be hours long and shouldn't just be a Mark compilation lol

  • Leo Romero
    Leo RomeroMåned siden

    alternate title: bob highlights

  • Andres Santoyo
    Andres SantoyoMåned siden

    Does anyone remember Gandolf the bald lmao😂🤣😅

  • calmaudios
    calmaudiosMåned siden

    what's the students game again?