Streamer Life Simulator


Ever wanted to become a professional streamer? Let's see how a NOlocalr handles the life of an epic Twitch Streamer. Will I crack under the pressure?
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    HOLLOWSHELL pianoTime siden

    could you please do some more of this?

  • Riftys fish boi
    Riftys fish boi5 timer siden

    You should continue playing this

  • KittyVille
    KittyVille10 timer siden

    If u talk irl they won't hear ingame, so its worthless talking to them when ur streaming, cuz none' people gon hear u.

  • myles mclean
    myles mclean12 timer siden

    The therapeutic committee concurringly observe because suggestion ironically punch via a panicky archer. lowly, enthusiastic statement

  • Max Casteel
    Max Casteel12 timer siden

    Waiting for more of this though

  • Golden Kingyo
    Golden Kingyo15 timer siden

    21:31 As soon as you said it could turn into a horror game very quickly, I got freaked out by the shadow going by the door way in game and thought someone was coming to mug you.

  • Henry G.
    Henry G.19 timer siden

    This whole game feels like Third World Country Simulator tbh

  • Kolt Fulton
    Kolt Fulton21 time siden

    Am I the only 1 who laughed my ads off at 18 26

  • Likeeatingorbeas 2020
    Likeeatingorbeas 202022 timer siden

    Bone broth I was listening ok and it sounds AMAZING 🤩

  • sweetsurrendering1986
    sweetsurrendering198623 timer siden

    More mpre

  • Iona Ziann
    Iona Ziann23 timer siden

    Are we not gonna talk about how his tub and toilet are in the living room and his set up is in the bathroom

  • TheRebelOG
    TheRebelOGDag siden

    Isn’t this the game xQc somehow fucked up on?

  • RandomlyOdd Gaming
    RandomlyOdd GamingDag siden

    Game:people are asking your profession Mark: serial killer.

  • Giovanni Jimenez
    Giovanni JimenezDag siden

    The unsightly bay principally breathe because drum centrally man until a sharp tea. determined, jaded arrow

  • Kevin Rangel
    Kevin RangelDag siden


  • Ammonil
    AmmonilDag siden

    20:28 sounds like markipliers past videos 😂

  • Random Poster
    Random PosterDag siden

    Whole series for this mark

  • Connor Sweet
    Connor SweetDag siden

    You need to do yer terlit

  • BigdawgBobby
    BigdawgBobbyDag siden

    Feel like if mark wasn’t famous that’s how his streams would be😂

  • typing 14
    typing 142 dager siden

    We not only went more of this but WE NEED MORE OF THIS

  • Magsie Rosie
    Magsie Rosie2 dager siden

    Fun tip for this game! There is an app on the phone where you can pay to have your car flipped back over if you crash!

  • iamdri
    iamdri2 dager siden

    “This isn’t just a streamer simulator it’s a life simulator!” The title: *am i a joke to you*

  • Wdax
    Wdax2 dager siden

    3:30 What song is this?

  • Julianna The Lioness
    Julianna The Lioness2 dager siden

    I love how you can always tell who is editing

  • Arianna Bussiere-Hernandez
    Arianna Bussiere-Hernandez2 dager siden

    We in the ghetto 😭 ratatata

  • Illusoryi
    Illusoryi2 dager siden

    I died laughing when he flipped the car at the end.

  • Greg Goldstein
    Greg Goldstein2 dager siden

    Fun fact : Markiplier makes real money playing this stream game

  • SparTankeR
    SparTankeR2 dager siden


  • Rike
    Rike2 dager siden

    Personal time stamp: 16:02

  • Rike
    Rike2 dager siden

    For anyone wondering (and I was wondering) the music playing at 3:31 is "Bach Cello Suite No.1"

  • the_nikster
    the_nikster2 dager siden

    more of this please! I read that you can flip the car over for $5...js.

  • TigerSaphire56
    TigerSaphire562 dager siden

    Mark: tries to cut across the map in his brand new car also mark: immediately wrecks his brand new car

  • Oliver Queen
    Oliver Queen2 dager siden

    I love how addicted he gets

  • Zara Forsland
    Zara Forsland2 dager siden

    Let's get cooking.

  • NerdBerdBerb
    NerdBerdBerb3 dager siden

    24:56 Let's get browsing (stock intro shows up on screen) Memento Mori

  • Mehdi Macan
    Mehdi Macan3 dager siden

    Why markiplier is stream game but stream is just chat?!

  • Jacob O'Halloran
    Jacob O'Halloran3 dager siden

    He is good at counter atrike

  • Jacob O'Halloran

    Jacob O'Halloran

    3 dager siden


  • Krypto Gaming
    Krypto Gaming3 dager siden

    Bro markiplier out on his stream flaming haters lol.

  • Mrpear234
    Mrpear2343 dager siden

    They added toilets... nice.

  • Ryno Rossouw
    Ryno Rossouw3 dager siden

    This had me dying

  • Braylon Ross
    Braylon Ross3 dager siden

    Give me the part 2

  • pltarblag
    pltarblag3 dager siden

    Water: *"a delicious meal"*

  • fumikage tokyoami2426
    fumikage tokyoami24263 dager siden

    I dare mark to do a live stream and just talks about bone broth

    HALEY BABY3 dager siden

    So nobody gone talk about he crashed his brand new car otw to his brand new house 😭 im sorry i felt bad but i was SCREAMING

  • ScaredMouse
    ScaredMouse3 dager siden

    mark please make a series of this game

  • Erick Alvarado
    Erick Alvarado3 dager siden

    I thought this was gonna turn into a horror game

  • Alex Mack
    Alex Mack3 dager siden

    stream you playing streamer simulator i would watch everytime

  • Marion Baggins
    Marion Baggins3 dager siden

    Mark: Chica you look different... Chica: *Is a Bulldog in this Game* Actual Chica: *Finds Mark and then Barks* Am I a Joke to You Dad

  • SkullFaces.
    SkullFaces.4 dager siden

    Mark's Bone Broth Advice starts here: 15:13

  • Brooke Cavanagh
    Brooke Cavanagh4 dager siden

    24:56 *lets get browsing* Anyone else getting Unus Annus flashbacks?

  • CJ Antoline
    CJ Antoline4 dager siden

    the first character model looks like the puebes guy

  • Remmy Morales
    Remmy Morales4 dager siden

    The funniest part is that there's a tow truck he could call from his phone to get his car unstuck and overturned.

  • Creeper Cann0n
    Creeper Cann0n4 dager siden

    every other streamer: "thank you for your donation" Markiplier: "thank you for your donation but if you would rather keep the money so you can get more bone broth" Markiplier 2K21

  • ZnS
    ZnS4 dager siden

    we want more :P

  • birb thats it im a birb
    birb thats it im a birb4 dager siden

    ''i need a terlit or my bladder go K'BOOM and i piss EVERYWHERE"" that gets me every times

  • Abbaraham Campbell
    Abbaraham Campbell4 dager siden

    this looks fun

  • EnderBoi
    EnderBoi4 dager siden


  • Reddragon Flames
    Reddragon Flames4 dager siden

    18:25 to 18:30 was hilarious 😂😂

  • ThatAussieGuy247
    ThatAussieGuy2474 dager siden

    the new car you bought is a super legendary car lol

  • Cameron Seng
    Cameron Seng4 dager siden

    he doesent know theres an app in your phone where you can flip your car back over....

  • jayded
    jayded4 dager siden

    “life simulator” you mean the sims?

  • Epic Music
    Epic Music5 dager siden

    No one gonna talk about the Initial D reference in this game? lmao

  • Mathias Sandanger
    Mathias Sandanger5 dager siden


  • MerDocTMNT
    MerDocTMNT5 dager siden

    “Lets get browsing.” Unus Annus flashbacks.

  • Temporicidal
    Temporicidal5 dager siden

    Why was this so much fun to watch lmao

  • Wolf Wisperer
    Wolf Wisperer5 dager siden

    Can we get a full series

  • Aloha Dannyboy
    Aloha Dannyboy5 dager siden

    Poor Mark all he wanted was to finish this game ones an for all. He try to take a short cut in the end.

  • galaxywolf
    galaxywolf5 dager siden

    Mark: "But I am a getting better at driving." 5 second's later. mark: * run's a person over* mark: "I have hit people before and it hasn't done that." me: Hold up, You said you where good at driving? And you run someone over. Then, apparently you have run people over before??.

  • Via Stansbery-Dobbs
    Via Stansbery-Dobbs5 dager siden

    Please play more!!

  • Natska R
    Natska R5 dager siden

    I mean...I'd like to stream but for some reason the 100mbps internet I pay for only gives me 3-4mbps upload speed (even though download speed is perfectly good)'s terrible haha

  • fatherofdante
    fatherofdante5 dager siden

    3:28 : add a ball, add "sluushi All i need".....perfection

  • reighpaul Daryle almario Gutierrez
    reighpaul Daryle almario Gutierrez5 dager siden

    I want full series

  • Nelson Lion Gomes Morais
    Nelson Lion Gomes Morais5 dager siden

    Play Just Shapes And Beats pls I Subbed

  • Neochuu
    Neochuu5 dager siden

    Markiplier talking about bone broth put me to sleep 😴,his voice is just so relaxing

  • Maddie Hoff
    Maddie Hoff5 dager siden

    I know prolly no one will ever read this, but I've been having a hard time sleeping and for some reason this is my comfort video to fall asleep to and I've never been more grateful. That's all. Just wanted to tell someone

  • TheAshen1


    2 dager siden

    Same tbh

  • im 2
    im 25 dager siden

    Life sims that are very detailed are super addicting for some reason, it’s weird cause you can just do those things in real life but instead it feels more fun to do so in a game...I also feel free to do whatever I want and limitations become just things to overcome

  • Blackened Videos
    Blackened Videos5 dager siden

    lol they could've at least made the true trueno sound better

  • waksdm rkdfgvdfm
    waksdm rkdfgvdfm5 dager siden

    jacksepticeye: *spider man game* markiplier: OH YEAH? OH OH I CAN COMPETE MY GUY. MHM also mark: ✨ *streaming simulator* ✨

  • Samuel _
    Samuel _5 dager siden

    This game is actually good lol

  • RileyCat Hill
    RileyCat Hill5 dager siden

    well, when life gives you lemons :) 46:09

  • craziersnail13
    craziersnail135 dager siden

    Markiplier is the new "takumi fujiwara" now i guess

  • YoItz Just Nightbot
    YoItz Just Nightbot5 dager siden


  • grimmm36
    grimmm366 dager siden

    Why do I keep coming back to this-

  • MysticXL3gend
    MysticXL3gend6 dager siden

    18:08 Most people: OH no! That poor dude!! How could you mark!?!? Me: XDDD Man did a back flip! XDD LMFAO!!

  • Bolor B
    Bolor B6 dager siden

    Well the story goes like this Man named Mark lived a dirt poor life. Parents... probably dead... He barely survives on a pizza delivering job. One day he decided to stream instead of Zornhub-ing. Lucky for him one guy donated a money. Which then motivated Mark to actually pursue something, to live the life he was born for. Each day passes as he slowly grind his way to the top. He quit his pizza delivering job and started coding for hire. He was earning more than he ever imagined. Then one sunny day he and his bank account bought a house, filled with delight he rushed to his new house with the most of the equipment. Pleasures of achievement blinded him making him lazy. As he forgot his table. (Also broke his car) He run 1200 meters to a car shop. Ironically he bought the infamous Tofu car. He drifted his way to the old house. Picked up the table and the bed. Filled with excitement he drove to his new house, new life, new purpose awaits him. But little did he know that this was the last pleasure he will get from this life . Soon Drifting of the Tofu car was too much for him. There lies his car crashed, There lies his body unconscious There he ventured to the afterlife The end Some sources say he survived the car crash but died of starvation and exhausting . But This is the Life of Mark the streamer. May he Rest in Peace ✌

  • Uncle Daddy
    Uncle Daddy6 dager siden

    The spectacular base largely claim because brace grossly suit unlike a absorbed closet. victorious, agonizing snail

  • Ethan 886
    Ethan 8866 dager siden

    This would be so good if you made a series of this

  • Lolbit
    Lolbit7 dager siden

    What’s red and extremely rare? A child in a blender.

  • ArCeus


    6 dager siden

    Just no. And it's more common if you look on 4Chan

  • Alexandria Schar
    Alexandria Schar7 dager siden

    why was he wearing like 3 different shirts through this video

  • Shareef Holston
    Shareef Holston7 dager siden

    👉🏽 46:08 👈🏽 👌🏽👌🏽 “I relate to that expression of feeling,” Bobskerm.

  • Swee Leong Ng
    Swee Leong Ng7 dager siden buy a Initial D car and crash it upside down without speed it

  • Mystic Comet
    Mystic Comet7 dager siden

    Markiplier: finishes his pizza job Me: gets a dominos ad

  • Con.L o
    Con.L o7 dager siden


  • donie-kun
    donie-kun7 dager siden

    did anyone notice that one of the messages said they were gonna sub to him with a stolen credit card and one wayy later said that someone stole their credit card and subbed to him?

  • Steve Patterson
    Steve Patterson7 dager siden

    I think this one of my fav's Mark has done. I'm gonna have to check this cheesy game out, but I'd also love to see him do more videos of this!

  • Swifty Vlogs
    Swifty Vlogs7 dager siden

    Do more please

  • Ponderous__
    Ponderous__7 dager siden

    We gots to get a part 2

  • Zoe Hains
    Zoe Hains7 dager siden

    why are we ignoring the fact that he put his setup in his bathroom

  • Symbiote God

    Symbiote God

    2 dager siden

    that wasn't his bathroom though

  • Chinmay 47
    Chinmay 477 dager siden

    Loading screen - e... Markiplier - e? IWDJY - yEs

  • Adam wo
    Adam wo7 dager siden

    I laughed so hard when his car tipped at the end😂