SEARCH and "RESCUE" | Stormworks


Your life is in my hands... you should probably be worried about that...
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  • Caitlyn Payne
    Caitlyn Payne2 timer siden

    I’ve been having major anxiety today but this made me feel so much better lmao

  • NicKick
    NicKick2 timer siden

    Mark: "I wanna fly planes. Anything is better than the ocean!" 17:45

  • fire plays games LV
    fire plays games LV4 timer siden

    boat simulator 2021

  • Kiley Beardsley
    Kiley Beardsley17 timer siden

    Me: *waiting to be rescued* Mark: *continuously falls off of the dock, the ladder, and the boat whilst saving me* I’m SaVInG yOu iM nOT a nOOb

  • SBoTheBean
    SBoTheBean18 timer siden

    Every single one of those take off attempts was pure comedy! At every start I wondered how badly it was going to end, I laughed myself silly!

  • Nimb Noob
    Nimb Noob19 timer siden

    That thumbnail tho

  • BRANGOD 5605
    BRANGOD 560519 timer siden

    unus annus UNUS ANNUS

  • William Pavlik
    William Pavlik21 time siden


  • William Pavlik
    William Pavlik21 time siden

    Please play

  • William Pavlik
    William Pavlik21 time siden

    Please keep playing stormworks

  • William Pavlik
    William Pavlik21 time siden

    This game is the best i bought it like 2 years ago and it is so good

  • Morgan Templeton
    Morgan Templeton21 time siden

    What song did lixian added in the intro?

  • dimple chestnut
    dimple chestnutDag siden

    Man, I really hope he plays "What lives below."

  • Jamison Bondison
    Jamison BondisonDag siden

    The inexpensive dahlia sadly colour because degree holly bounce besides a uttermost walk. observant, ugly gorilla

  • Nicoleta Ionica
    Nicoleta IonicaDag siden

    Can we all just clap for lixians editing 👏👏👏

  • Viola
    ViolaDag siden

    they be needing a whole new rescue service just to rescue all the "mark" clones that crashes at that airfield.

  • DeathApple
    DeathAppleDag siden

    u can download in esc and steam workshop

  • Juvia Silman
    Juvia SilmanDag siden

    Now that's dangerous with mark in charge of lives 🤣

  • Warthog
    WarthogDag siden

    more please

  • Adrift
    AdriftDag siden


  • Sean Griffith
    Sean GriffithDag siden

    Mark: It’s 2032, we can’t get a boat that drives backwards? Zeus: *WANNA SAY THAT AGAIN?*

  • Terri 101
    Terri 101Dag siden

    So uh this is random but am I the only person who never got their Unus Annus merch?

  • Lilly Harper
    Lilly Harper2 dager siden

    0:34 I 100% thought he was gonna say Allstate after that

  • Anjalique BD
    Anjalique BD2 dager siden

    I dont know if somebody has said this but I would be more than okay with seeing Hades content :)

  • Dawn Gourlay
    Dawn Gourlay2 dager siden

    Imagine this. You're stranded on an island with your raft on fire, and you see the rescue vehicle, which beaches itself twice, then starts slowly spinning at about one mile per hour, before finally docking. Then, the rescuer starts running at the lowest possible speed with a fire extinguisher. When he finally gets there, he randomly starts spraying you and your friend (who are very clearly not on fire,) with the fire extinguisher. Only then does he finally put out the fire in your boat. Then, he heals you, still running at the speed of a washing machine with an uneven load, and takes you to the docks, before he jumps into the water, and starts drowning...

    I am INFAMOUS2 dager siden

    Allstate you're in Marks hands

  • Gio Busiños
    Gio Busiños2 dager siden

    Play genshin

  • The Dreadreverend
    The Dreadreverend2 dager siden

    1:01 "You could palm that whole grundle" XD fucking dead

  • D. W.
    D. W.2 dager siden

    it seems every game ending on 'works' has some massive missed potential.

  • D. W.
    D. W.2 dager siden

    Mark "Let's skip the tutorial" Iplier strikes again.

  • Bethany Mercer
    Bethany Mercer2 dager siden

    I’m scared of Mark of all people saving me 😂

  • Iz Khalifa
    Iz Khalifa2 dager siden

    you use the rudder to turn the plane when on the ground. the ailerons control the roll of the aircraft when air is passing over the wing. If the plane is slow, no air pressure is present on the wings surface, or rudder, so the only way to turn the aircraft when on ground at low speeds is with rudder pedals, connected to nosewheel steering.

  • Patricia pat
    Patricia pat3 dager siden

    if not for @DUMPSGURU where would I be? he saved me from these fake niggas selling dumps, I appreciate you man..

  • Ingmar Van olffen
    Ingmar Van olffen3 dager siden

    Play it more its actually a really fun game

  • TigerSaphire56
    TigerSaphire563 dager siden

    I like how he wanted to get away from the ocean, and yet the ocean still found him

  • Crying Child
    Crying Child3 dager siden

    Pure comedy LOL

  • hakk
    hakk3 dager siden

    how dare you remind of it

  • Benji 97
    Benji 973 dager siden

    stormworks is a great game so it's just you also you are on career mode there is also a workshop dummy and let me teach you how to play stormworks please because this is painful to watch

  • Thanatos Zevlow
    Thanatos Zevlow3 dager siden

    Did any catch his shirt? It's cool and all but also, SUNNASUNU

  • so random domo#02
    so random domo#023 dager siden

    Me seeing marks shirt and getting flashbacks

  • Darker-shadow
    Darker-shadow3 dager siden

    Lol your in good hands all state

  • Suga's Wife
    Suga's Wife4 dager siden


  • Tianna Elizalde
    Tianna Elizalde4 dager siden

    I'm literally wearing the same shirt as mark! 🥰😍☺️

  • TrevorNance17
    TrevorNance174 dager siden

    Close your eyes and listen from 19:28 to 20:01

  • John Jones
    John Jones4 dager siden

    Robin? 1:37

  • ngentotsemua
    ngentotsemua4 dager siden

    Jurota looks weak here

  • shifty comet
    shifty comet4 dager siden

    This was hard to watch

  • Gabe Delaney
    Gabe Delaney4 dager siden

    Alternate title: Mark struggles to fly and sail for 20 minutes

  • The King Of Darkness [Steven Fischbach]
    The King Of Darkness [Steven Fischbach]4 dager siden

    struggle simulator

  • Harley Stout
    Harley Stout4 dager siden

    Careful jumping down that mountain. You'll break your foot.

  • switch_LP
    switch_LP4 dager siden

    Stormworks is a good game he just didn't know how to play it

  • Roguekriger
    Roguekriger4 dager siden

    Mark: *throttles up to max angle* Thruster: *lights up like a christmas tree* Mark, making a literal :0 face: "HIT IT BABY"

  • Nick J
    Nick J4 dager siden

    Surprised Mark played this game.

  • Kamden Forrester-Budde
    Kamden Forrester-Budde4 dager siden

    why did the intro sound like an insurance commercial?

  • Thomas Counterman
    Thomas Counterman4 dager siden

    That minor brain aneurysm at 8.53 was one of the funniest things that I've seen in a while. He was just tripping balls.

  • oof oof
    oof oof4 dager siden

    What he says in the begining reminds me of an all-state ad 'Are you in good hands?'

  • _Aquarius exe
    _Aquarius exe5 dager siden

    I mean,, at least I’m in the hands of only one idiot and not two

  • Red was not the impostor
    Red was not the impostor5 dager siden

    Mark sorry but im not trusting u to save me

  • Kota Jacobson
    Kota Jacobson5 dager siden

    12:41 Mark so sad and confused at his boat leaving and his voice made me laugh so hard and nearly cry

  • Linkolin Alamar
    Linkolin Alamar5 dager siden


  • Cayleb Stewart
    Cayleb Stewart5 dager siden

    All this great content makes me want to do a special italian dance

  • Mysterious Thing
    Mysterious Thing5 dager siden

    Ok ima be honest, chill with the editing its getting annoying all u need to do for editing is cutting some of the video or unnecessary parts to make it short THEN LEAVE IT AT THAT

  • CC Lewis
    CC Lewis5 dager siden

    This game has 2 parts: building and rescuing, but when you buy it don’t expect to do the second thing, everything in this game is explained horribly and thanks to a new update even seasoned players are confused.

  • velint plays
    velint plays5 dager siden

    That helicopter is an killer

  • Falcone Punch
    Falcone Punch5 dager siden

    It's February Black History month you should of picked the black character

  • Zyprexa KudoZ

    Zyprexa KudoZ

    3 dager siden


  • Mr. DerpGD
    Mr. DerpGD5 dager siden

    FINALLY MARK PLAYS STORMWORKS! (Also he’s been playing the same games of camp so gaming.)

  • The Weirdo 888
    The Weirdo 8885 dager siden

    Mark: *I AM GONNA RESCUE YOU FROM CERTAIN DEATH.... TERRIFYING AM I RIGHT?* me and my family: *were doomed.. were just doomed*

  • Tyler Albright
    Tyler Albright5 dager siden

    That GAP edit was incredible

  • Abyssal Warden
    Abyssal Warden5 dager siden

    you can use other people creations if your going to continue playing

  • Piper Lawson
    Piper Lawson5 dager siden

    He was serious about the corn, he used green giant can

  • tangan 1
    tangan 16 dager siden

    all I can look at is the shirt I really miss unus annus

  • Bianca Self
    Bianca Self6 dager siden

    Mark: “I am in charge of ur life!” Me: “oh no.” Mark: “I’m gonna rescue u from certain death!” Me: “Oh God.” Mark: “With a craft I built myself!” Me: “OH DEAR GOD NO!” 😂😂😂😂😂

  • rabo wer
    rabo wer6 dager siden


  • PROcraft221
    PROcraft2216 dager siden

    stormworks with markplier!! we re saved

  • Ember61
    Ember616 dager siden

    Cola and meal please, no bread.

  • SaTuRoChAn
    SaTuRoChAn6 dager siden

    this really looks so complicated Ö_Ö how does anything work there XD

  • BornABlonde1
    BornABlonde16 dager siden

    The boat said "ight imma head out"

  • JeremyrUW
    JeremyrUW6 dager siden

    Good merch Mark

  • ShadowRoadX
    ShadowRoadX6 dager siden

    Multiplayer you say? *Bob and Wade enter the chat*

  • Crimson Fall
    Crimson Fall6 dager siden

    I Want To Play Stormworks And Play With The Markiplier 2018.

  • Onése Vanessa
    Onése Vanessa6 dager siden

    Me, going back 10 seconds to 6:12, checking to see if the corn is Del Monte.... it's not...

  • A C E
    A C E6 dager siden

    Ah, a could've-been engineer at his finest

  • Asdf Asdf
    Asdf Asdf6 dager siden

    I always laugh harder at these actually imagining the npc watching Mark look like a dumbass

  • Andreea Moșescu
    Andreea Moșescu6 dager siden

    Mark and Ethan: forget about unus Annus Also mark: wearing the shirt I mean there's nothing wrong, it's still a shirt but I have a head cannon that unus Annus will come back

  • Cyussu Warren
    Cyussu Warren6 dager siden

    At this point I'm surprised he hasn't went and found Space Engineers yet.

  • pooh_bear752
    pooh_bear7526 dager siden

    him and lixian can literally make anything funny i swear

  • Tomioka Giyuu
    Tomioka Giyuu6 dager siden

    Mark at 8:52 *Monke*

  • Samuel Boyle
    Samuel Boyle6 dager siden

    Mark 2021: ''Why are you so jig-aly ''

  • Cceider
    Cceider6 dager siden

    This makes me want to watch mark play flight simulator

  • Wyatt Overton
    Wyatt Overton6 dager siden

    Markiplier = Captain Sauce!?!?!?!?!

  • niikkolas
    niikkolas6 dager siden

    Man I remember when the bunny hops in that game were extremely broken 😔 Also when you could launch yourself out of the water by a wall

  • Strudel Man
    Strudel Man6 dager siden

    Omg you played it sooo wrong

  • Ioan Roberts
    Ioan Roberts7 dager siden

    oh man, thought this was little nightmares 2

  • Marin Fuller
    Marin Fuller7 dager siden

    Mark: I'm not a masochist Also Mark: continuously chops his characters head off with helicopter blades

  • Mr Oof
    Mr Oof7 dager siden

    i havent laughed so hard at a virtual jet crash in my life

  • Russian Potato
    Russian Potato7 dager siden

    mark play simpleplanes

  • Maelee Sheehan
    Maelee Sheehan7 dager siden

    I would let Mark rescue me!

  • Caden Hogan
    Caden Hogan7 dager siden

    Mark: your in good hands when you trust me Also Mark: Enjoys killing people

  • Zac Maas
    Zac Maas7 dager siden

    6:54 That’s not swimming that’s drowning. I know this as a victim and it’s scary especially when your afraid of heights and deep waters

  • Loren Parker
    Loren Parker7 dager siden

    He jump good!