Huniepop 2 is finally here after all these years of waiting. I'm not the same Markiplier as before though, oh no... I'm more refined! More caring! More romantic! More... wow... look at those... uhhhh....
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  • Beef Salad
    Beef Salad17 minutter siden

    "They call me the Tripod." I absolutely fucking love this quote. I might say this at some point as a joke. I don't care if it makes me a social outcast. It's priceless.

  • Kean Mark
    Kean Mark19 minutter siden

    Mark:we've all matured now. Also Mark:Oh yes your majesty! 'twould be my honor. Shall i carry your belongings too?

  • K9kid
    K9kid26 minutter siden

    25:30 Markiplier is screaming take it away and yet still watching his monitor lol

  • Josianne Smith
    Josianne Smith36 minutter siden

    How he talks to Lola, when they see eachother for the first time (in this video), reminds me so much of Ethan's ADHD ass 😂

  • Hunter Roth
    Hunter Roth39 minutter siden

    Woman : "Thanks, I needed that." Me : "Who are you? How did you get in here?" Mark : "Right. Who are you? How did you get in my house?"

  • Presley Davis
    Presley Davis44 minutter siden

    “I know somebody...” Mark: me...Me... ME!!!

  • toby christopher
    toby christopher50 minutter siden

    Mark simping for lola is the quality content I came for

  • Damn NC
    Damn NC58 minutter siden

    The fucking pantie fairy is back!

  • Silverann Cunningham
    Silverann Cunningham59 minutter siden

    Its totally (not) a sex thing- (nope)

  • Beef Salad
    Beef SaladTime siden

    It's always Huniepop that gets the most likes and views for Markimoo. X'D

  • Kristian Ingman
    Kristian IngmanTime siden

    The editing made this video perfect

  • Ark5555 Samsora
    Ark5555 SamsoraTime siden

    why di it recomend me this

  • Ky Cooly
    Ky CoolyTime siden

    The person who created abia truly did 0 research on... anything

  • bazinga
    bazingaTime siden

    is the girl from the hotel voiced by aphmau?

  • RogerTheDroid
    RogerTheDroidTime siden

    Ah yes, it totally didn't get recommended. Why the fuck did I get this on my recommendation?

  • Icaro Fadrique
    Icaro FadriqueTime siden

    No one is gonna make it wierd: Instantly makes it wierd

  • Sami Crab
    Sami CrabTime siden

    i lost it at the first bonus round oh my god

  • EccentricXXV
    EccentricXXV2 timer siden

    You can see the fairy's vagina through the underwear. NOlocal must REALLY love mark to keep this up. Also, kinda poor censorship on Huniepop's part.

  • MVCreative 90210
    MVCreative 902102 timer siden

    I literally haven't watched Markiplier for over a year and this is the first thing that has been recommended to me😅 and he talks about how this won't get recommended

  • Honeycomb
    Honeycomb2 timer siden

    When the first game came out, I was too young to play it. Now this game came out, and I’m... I’m still too young to play it.

  • Buraka Ninja
    Buraka Ninja2 timer siden

    John wick

    MULDOONE2 timer siden

    the entire plot of huniepop 2 is just stupid as shit.. when you wanna just make porn games, make porn games and dont even bother on the plot. nobody cares. seriously.

  • Big Ginger
    Big Ginger3 timer siden

    Hearing kid link just made me lose it

  • Fake Account
    Fake Account3 timer siden

    ... *oh no*

  • Sellers
    Sellers3 timer siden

    why is this just really funny , mark has matured

  • D-RgK Pink
    D-RgK Pink3 timer siden

    I like the idea that Mark just introduces himself every time by saying “Hello everybody my name is Markiplier!”

  • Hendrik Himma
    Hendrik Himma3 timer siden

    I have watched too much censored hentai that I can uncensored the images

  • Xpulsegaming 001
    Xpulsegaming 0013 timer siden

    Imagine Amy walks in out of nowhere

  • Gray septic
    Gray septic3 timer siden

    What feels illegal to watch but isn't:

    CXV ANIMATIONS3 timer siden


  • TheLuconic
    TheLuconic4 timer siden

    So.................. Why did mark make this video? I actually didn't watch this for a long time. I ran out of mark vids and just waiting to see if he releases another today but so far...... Eh, might was we'll see what this vid is..... So far...... Mark is making this funny. I love how reactions.

  • Cupid's Arrow
    Cupid's Arrow4 timer siden

    Mark’s fictional waifus: Lola and Lady Demestriscu

  • Cupid's Arrow
    Cupid's Arrow4 timer siden

    I swear, every time Kyu opens her mouth, my jaw drops and my eyes widen 😭 catches me off guard

  • RetroWaveYT
    RetroWaveYT4 timer siden

    'Planet sized tatas' that really got me 😂😂

  • Existent Content
    Existent Content4 timer siden

    Become the tri-pod. Extend the old third leg

  • Ayden Cotton
    Ayden Cotton4 timer siden

    mark: theres no wy this is getting monetised. NOlocal: uno reverse card

  • MunsterGal
    MunsterGal5 timer siden

    That’s the Markiplier that we know: sophisticated, yet laser focused on the ladies

  • livierose
    livierose5 timer siden

    You know, since the last series, I actually HAVE lost underwear at a guy's house and he kept it. So...

  • delusional kid
    delusional kid5 timer siden

    mark’s such a himbo in this it’s amazing

  • Kylie A Ebner
    Kylie A Ebner5 timer siden

    Do u think Amy gets mad that he plays these 😂

  • tightwatgamer tightwatgamer
    tightwatgamer tightwatgamer5 timer siden

    lol fuckin links attack voice

  • QwAdRa
    QwAdRa5 timer siden

    42:28 the best moment of my day so far lol

  • FrofessorK
    FrofessorK5 timer siden

    First girl was just old mark girl version

  • Viking Empress
    Viking Empress6 timer siden

    Can I take a moment to say I love his editor so much-

  • Flighty Plays
    Flighty Plays6 timer siden

    Is anybody wondering if Amy is hearing this, and really wondering "WTF IS HAPPENING"

  • Sync Ninja
    Sync Ninja6 timer siden

    12:39 😂

  • Traven Farris
    Traven Farris6 timer siden

    Forgive me father for I have sined

  • LoveMusic
    LoveMusic6 timer siden

    If I show my girlfriend this, she’ll be like “omfg babe these girls are hot!!” Thank goodness I have a lesbian girlfriend I can share this with. 😂😂

  • Wolf Lover
    Wolf Lover6 timer siden

    I have never ever in my entire life have had to power down the volume at hyper speed

  • Jk fire F
    Jk fire F6 timer siden

    F B I.. OPEN UP

  • Kaley Mills
    Kaley Mills6 timer siden

    I wonder if.... amy... knows about this XDDD

  • Optimusfin3
    Optimusfin36 timer siden

    Yay! These always make me laugh. Markiplier you so silly.

  • Destini m
    Destini m6 timer siden

    Mark and black woman CONFIRMED 🧍🏽‍♀️

  • steve omaha
    steve omaha7 timer siden

    MATT WATSON EDITED THIS gotta love the supermega bois

  • rustin gilder
    rustin gilder7 timer siden

    “It’s a perfectly valid way to spend time” * contemplates my life *

  • Kade games
    Kade games7 timer siden

    I cant tell you how happy my bisexual self is

  • JustTerRific29
    JustTerRific297 timer siden

    I’m making it weird

  • JayLikez2Play
    JayLikez2Play7 timer siden

    6:15 she showed less skin with the stripper clothes

  • Mermaid less
    Mermaid less7 timer siden

    Horny candy crush

  • Scarlethawk
    Scarlethawk7 timer siden

    Lmao this was age restricted and now it’s not....?

  • Big Sis
    Big Sis7 timer siden

    This is very different now that I realized I'm a lesbian

  • Baguette Baguettes
    Baguette Baguettes8 timer siden

    Huniepop is 2% səxy shit and 98% mark angrily playing candy crush

  • derick jeffries
    derick jeffries8 timer siden

    Mark's panic explanation to Lola was absolute gold

  • Isheian
    Isheian8 timer siden

    I’ve joined the mile high club with my feet on the ground. Parting on top of a 14,000 ft mountain, good times...

  • Tita2002
    Tita20028 timer siden

    “It’s not about the sex, it’s about the power” and "I'm not a masochist, I just want to test my limits" are things that Mark says to avoid explanation.

  • Wyatt Anderson
    Wyatt Anderson8 timer siden

    :me Why am i here :mark space gods , s e x y space gods

  • Irina
    Irina9 timer siden

    poor amy

  • Lucas Schoenmakers
    Lucas Schoenmakers9 timer siden

    I litteraly laughed out loud when he said he had matured

  • Davy Gerichten
    Davy Gerichten9 timer siden

    This is the highlight of my week😅 I cannot believe there's a 2nd one

  • Gus The Goose
    Gus The Goose9 timer siden

    "This will not get recommended" So uh... what does this say about me?

  • Awsometime
    Awsometime9 timer siden

    Narrator: “An ancient evil forgotten by time” Mark: “hehe the butts on the stick figures”

  • TheRebelOG
    TheRebelOG9 timer siden

    I swear guys Im not a horny person. I swear

  • De Boskoters
    De Boskoters9 timer siden

    Omg the moment I heard the link screams I like died hahahaha

  • Ceanne Herron
    Ceanne Herron9 timer siden

    The first girl sounds like Emma Watson 😳 my little lesbian hearttt

  • HexagonalHD
    HexagonalHD10 timer siden


  • George the fat frog explains the joke for you
    George the fat frog explains the joke for you10 timer siden

    Netherite coated balls he has

  • Tomu
    Tomu10 timer siden

    "I usually go inward into my own thoughts and let myself sink deeper into the cosmos that is the interior of my mind, eternally seeking self validation amongst all the various memories that come flooding forward of all the embarrassing moments of my life repeating endlessly on loop, and usually I'll start sitting down in the shower at this point as I feel the rain falling slowly down through my hair and dripping down onto my naked body as I caress myself into a ball and then collapsing inwardly as I'm eternally spiraling downward, into the everlasting chaos of my mind-" Me: o.O "And then I use soap."

  • Michael Jenkins
    Michael Jenkins10 timer siden

    therapist: markipog cant hurt you markipog:

  • Vince Andrei Santos
    Vince Andrei Santos11 timer siden

    12:44 matured huh?

  • Charlie Vernon Hickey
    Charlie Vernon Hickey11 timer siden

    *Amy listening behind the door* What in the f*ck...

  • Kendall Gravish
    Kendall Gravish11 timer siden

    Mark:We are mature people now Also mark:Look at the buttchecks on those stick figuers

  • Charlie Vernon Hickey
    Charlie Vernon Hickey11 timer siden

    6xXL...yeah, that sounds about right...

  • Jarett Anderson
    Jarett Anderson11 timer siden

    Hey guys welcome back to top one instead regets

  • Jimmy Clark
    Jimmy Clark11 timer siden

    My poor dog has to listen to me listen to this shit-😭

  • Charlie Vernon Hickey
    Charlie Vernon Hickey11 timer siden with less realistic storylines? Why the..fuck...not?

  • everything and nothing
    everything and nothing12 timer siden

    I was like fricken 13 when I watched his original series ha ha

  • Jess Moonlight
    Jess Moonlight12 timer siden

    Mark: "We've matured since then" Also Mark: "PLANET SIZED TATAS." I think my lungs collapsed from laughing so hard

  • Psychaos
    Psychaos12 timer siden

    It's not about sex, it's about POWER!

  • jungshook
    jungshook12 timer siden

    i kinda like the old artstyle a bit more but...can't complain

  • Jason Shreiner
    Jason Shreiner12 timer siden

    The Link sounds caught me completely and so off guard, I legit didn't register what I was hearing at first and thought it was supposed to be how she sounded

  • Gonwrong 23
    Gonwrong 2312 timer siden

    If we ever get evil space girls, we are all screwed.

  • Gonwrong 23
    Gonwrong 2312 timer siden

    Damn that sounded like intense wrestling match at the beginning.

  • Moist001
    Moist00112 timer siden

    “I’m gonna stop them with my dick”

  • mushroom mario
    mushroom mario13 timer siden

    That sexy ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Amjad Ali
    Amjad Ali13 timer siden

    We are mature power :D

  • Ethan
    Ethan13 timer siden

    Mark: iTs NoT a SeX tHiNg! iTs AbOuT pOwEr The world: yeah like we believed that the first time

  • Δ Φ β Φ Δ
    Δ Φ β Φ Δ14 timer siden

    Lola: appears Mark: *POG*

  • Hattie Dame
    Hattie Dame14 timer siden

    Bless your little heart... can't make sentences in front of a cartoon.

  • Local Tavern's Lute Player
    Local Tavern's Lute Player14 timer siden

    I know mark likes to mispronounce things but hoonie pop?? really??

  • Aaris Howton
    Aaris Howton14 timer siden

    Are you okay Mark