LONG LOST LOVES | Huniepop 2 - PART 2


Huniepop 2 has entered a whole new level of thirsty with some long lost loves from days gone by. And some new friends!
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  • Nicky Drummond
    Nicky Drummond17 minutter siden

    Guess what, Mark. This video is still monetized! Yay for you! LOL

  • Peyton martens
    Peyton martens22 minutter siden

    Ashley has old mark hair

  • HexagonalHD
    HexagonalHDTime siden

    13:37 mark just imploded

  • GayMerGirl
    GayMerGirlTime siden

    .... game, they are *cousins*-what-

  • Devil or Angel
    Devil or AngelTime siden

    Shit just got real 37:44 O__O

  • Brian Lewandowski
    Brian LewandowskiTime siden

    Don't look at me

  • card crafter
    card crafter2 timer siden

    6:19 arent you supposed to give it to them wink wink

  • Emily Carter
    Emily Carter2 timer siden

    Don't tell amy

  • MEGA N00b
    MEGA N00b2 timer siden

    "Most water is tea" Didn't realise this was recorded in Boston

  • Jerik Reed
    Jerik Reed2 timer siden

    Ok I'm not a fan but why does Lailani sound like Fluttershy

  • Jerik Reed
    Jerik Reed2 timer siden


  • Kaylee Doherty
    Kaylee Doherty2 timer siden

    I love how all three of these videos are monetized

    INCYA2 timer siden

    Never have I seen Mark move more than in this series

  • Kainoa Neifer
    Kainoa Neifer2 timer siden

    Just the “boi-oi-oi-oing”

  • Danurus
    Danurus3 timer siden

    32:12 The most badass phrase I've ever heard

  • skyblade bloodheart
    skyblade bloodheart3 timer siden

    mark, im not mad... i just a little disappointed.

  • BlackBlood
    BlackBlood3 timer siden

    11:58 trying to talk with a girl and get a stroke xD

  • Ryan
    Ryan3 timer siden

    I just can't with the end of the video xD. I love you mark!

  • Aylacharmander
    Aylacharmander3 timer siden

    no judgement here! this is pretty vanilla haha

  • Eric Marchand
    Eric Marchand3 timer siden

    25:47 *neuron activation*

  • STEEL- Train
    STEEL- Train4 timer siden

    19:36 poor Mark lol

  • Ah_d33r
    Ah_d33r4 timer siden

    things guys actually think while listening to women 1:19

  • Jack Whitney
    Jack Whitney4 timer siden

    “I’m just waiting for my little cousin to arrive.” Oh Jesus

  • Stephen Pap
    Stephen Pap5 timer siden

    I think Mark's mental state is fine. He's a completely normal, functioning human being. Pshhh, nothing about this series is wrong or makes him a bad person.

  • XD
    XD6 timer siden

    How does the gif perfectly match the outros beat?

  • Koalagirl09
    Koalagirl096 timer siden

    10:04 me, learning to knit for the first time and watching this video at the same time: whAT

  • HEHE
    HEHE6 timer siden

    I don't know who I hate more the married woman or the goth girl.

  • Keagan Ruda
    Keagan Ruda6 timer siden

    10:27 pronounce. Real-Kick-Ram

  • Yuuki
    Yuuki6 timer siden


  • Fräulein
    Fräulein7 timer siden

    You’re not a loser, Mark. You’re awesome! ☺️

  • Yuuki
    Yuuki7 timer siden


  • Palmarès radio Québec 78-82
    Palmarès radio Québec 78-827 timer siden

    I'm not a maniac, I just need socks so my feet don't get chilblains from Raynaud's D:

  • Macy W
    Macy W7 timer siden

    Anyone else waiting for him to post the forest or at dead of night? I love those especially but i love his other videos and stuff but those get me excited when he posts those.

  • NicBroInc
    NicBroInc7 timer siden

    These tangent speeches are amazing.

  • Moist001
    Moist0018 timer siden

    “Social cleish”

  • Andrew Arnold
    Andrew Arnold8 timer siden

    27:16 "am i the only one who has a craving for milk" Mark: *chuckles* Guy's this is a judgement free zone Me: i mean....... *wipes sweat* i like milk

  • Sammi23#
    Sammi23#8 timer siden

    Lixian avert your eyes. You innocent little bean.

  • Sam Gauss
    Sam Gauss9 timer siden

    Shout out to Graeter's Black Raspberry Chip

  • Gamer Hub
    Gamer Hub9 timer siden

    Every girl is bisexual

  • mike Ciotkowski
    mike Ciotkowski9 timer siden

    36:44 With that statement, Lola is my Sexy Spirit animal.

  • Doctor Discord
    Doctor Discord9 timer siden

    27:10 MarK: "God, people are watching, they're judging me." Everyone watching: "DO IT YOU WUSS! DO IT!"

  • Terran Staranious
    Terran Staranious10 timer siden

    Boy this is a crazy fever dream. How many chapters does this fever dream have?

  • Daniele D'Angelo
    Daniele D'Angelo10 timer siden

    Okay, but was it really a secret that mark has a thing for MILFs?

  • Garret McVarish
    Garret McVarish10 timer siden

    I think phil forgot to bonk him

  • Ninja Gamer
    Ninja Gamer10 timer siden


  • RoQuil Flame
    RoQuil Flame10 timer siden

    Leilani best girl any objections?

  • scooty Machine
    scooty Machine10 timer siden

    19:16: Alabama moment

  • RoQuil Flame
    RoQuil Flame10 timer siden

    This is the weirdest and best fever dream I've had

  • bacon8tor
    bacon8tor11 timer siden

    im a maniac who wears socks to sleep

  • Jamison Taft
    Jamison Taft11 timer siden

    22:29 mark becomes pink trombone

  • J Kester
    J Kester11 timer siden

    You're the reason I bought this game and managed to become addicted to them- Iv'e already unlocked all the girls and have had five successful dates

  • 12CA2-03 Lê Vũ Gia Bảo
    12CA2-03 Lê Vũ Gia Bảo11 timer siden

    Mark:" why cant all women just be one uniformed entity? " Me: oh no.....oh no no no....Mark you dont want to drag "them" to your channel..

  • Rani Bermudo
    Rani Bermudo11 timer siden

    The surf shack part.... Got me 😏 especially the left one 😂.

  • Addison Talbott
    Addison Talbott11 timer siden

    i think he's finally gone off the deep end

  • Ladybug Cactus
    Ladybug Cactus12 timer siden

    As much as I HATE the Goth's are all kinky trope I'm surprised they didn't go with that instead of the "I hate my life" emo/mopy goth trope

  • Meat
    Meat12 timer siden

    Mark: This game is just about power, and savin' the world! Also mark when any form of boob shows up: *ÆAƏHHÅÆ*

  • Julius Schermuly
    Julius Schermuly12 timer siden

    Mark: "Your weight is to like 80% in your boobs" XD hahaha

  • Link 2089
    Link 208912 timer siden

    22:30 unis annual pink trombone that's all I'm saying

  • Aldwin Gabalfin09
    Aldwin Gabalfin0912 timer siden

    This took me 5 days to entirely watch this video because y'know family

  • Jason Shreiner
    Jason Shreiner13 timer siden

    Why are the hips always so disproportionally too big

  • JD Baldwin
    JD Baldwin13 timer siden

    mark's initial reaction to lillian has been my mood everytime I encounter her, every moment she exists in my life it pushes me one step closer to hacking the game just so I can shoot her in it.

    CHARLIE BOY13 timer siden


  • burntappleslice
    burntappleslice13 timer siden

    Mark: I'm not some maniac who wears socks to bed! Me: *looking down at myself in bed and wearing socks*....

  • Poisoning_ Fox4387
    Poisoning_ Fox438713 timer siden

    I know I’m young and I have a kids channel but this I have to watch I like gameplay footage but when he put finger in hole I know what it means

  • Lucas Yuji Ogasawara
    Lucas Yuji Ogasawara14 timer siden


  • Jada Miller
    Jada Miller14 timer siden

    Honestly, I don't see the appeal in lola. But then she shows up in this get up, it's better. But I'm for the edgy gothic ones, personally. Shy goths. Not that one...

  • Kaylen Pugh
    Kaylen Pugh14 timer siden

    Please don't say that

  • Jeeves 1986
    Jeeves 198614 timer siden


  • Tigaslindo Muitolindo
    Tigaslindo Muitolindo14 timer siden

    i love how lixian has to be always moving the camera up and down just because hoe the diologue and menu work

  • Guimon
    Guimon14 timer siden

    Socks in bed are the single greatest thing. My room is too cold to not do it

  • Аз Съм Лама
    Аз Съм Лама15 timer siden

    13:02 hey don't put that yawning guy there like that's something boring, the Sundays were the beginning of the week??

  • Kabilan Anbazhagan
    Kabilan Anbazhagan15 timer siden

    Horny Markiplier!!! is he trying to increase the adult girl (who are simping him) viewer ratio watching the video, this is rather going to increase in all gender ways!!!!

  • Marshall LeBlanc
    Marshall LeBlanc15 timer siden

    I'm not a fan of the way they make the (punk, goth, emo) girls act, to be honest. Kinda rude. I met some great people apart of those cultures.

  • MicHaeL MonStaR
    MicHaeL MonStaR15 timer siden

    Fun fact; Drinking milk from some human is morally better than even just taking it from a cow. - Let that sink in.

  • BlackCrow9427
    BlackCrow942715 timer siden

    The true end of the week is Saturday, Sunday starts the week Saturday ends the week

  • Firewalker
    Firewalker16 timer siden

    When he said avert your eyes good god i thought nah he had everything and nothing to do with this. Wait ewhaaaat im i only just learnimg that tiffany is jessies daughter well shit dude

  • ohla300
    ohla30016 timer siden

    As always Markimoo makes me LMAO at naughty things I have to explain to others 🤣🤣😇✌💗

  • • Savaart •
    • Savaart •16 timer siden

    19:36 noooo marky nooo

  • Alivia Johnson
    Alivia Johnson16 timer siden


  • AGO-Studios
    AGO-Studios16 timer siden

    "ive been drinking milk my whole life" *stil short*

  • S Dennis
    S Dennis16 timer siden

    Try playing this with Tobi eye tracker

  • King of The Universe
    King of The Universe16 timer siden

    "They're gonna fuck a planet unless I fuck THEM first!" - Markimoo, 2021

  • Mustafa Kapetanovic Alihodzic
    Mustafa Kapetanovic Alihodzic16 timer siden


  • james manley
    james manley17 timer siden

    "I'm doing....them" *proceeds to laugh like beezlebub*

  • outcasted pyro
    outcasted pyro17 timer siden

    thats a definite kek

  • LaffyRaffy
    LaffyRaffy17 timer siden

    Jessie: "Maybe we can spend some quality time together" Mark: "Oh baby. . . yOu liKe kNittInG?"

  • Raymond Blair
    Raymond Blair17 timer siden

    “aren’t they cousins?” ( sweet home alabama plays in distance )

  • the make up chair
    the make up chair17 timer siden

    Why do thing keep ending gay??????? This isn’t Negative just funny

  • TytansDeath
    TytansDeath17 timer siden

    He is the kind of man that “watches hentai for the story”

  • TytansDeath
    TytansDeath17 timer siden

    Do they know that unless it is a step cousin they still have similar blood

  • GamingGuyYT
    GamingGuyYT17 timer siden

    How much you wanna bet Lixian Drooled the entire time editing this video, with all the... naughties!

  • Doctor Skipwith
    Doctor Skipwith17 timer siden

    1:24 Am I the only one that caught the absolutely *cursed* dollar store brand Mr. Krabs in the background?

  • Grape Shot

    Grape Shot

    6 timer siden

    I definitely saw it, just didn't care for it

  • SpineLuminous


    14 timer siden

    Oh yeah. I was thinking that too. There's no way that was accidental.

  • Elliot Skaleski
    Elliot Skaleski17 timer siden

    Ashley-“What a fucking loser” Me & Mark- *visibly hurt* “but why?” ;~;

  • gamingbyDoge
    gamingbyDoge17 timer siden

    Cousins show up Game: *Compatibility detected!* *insert unsettled tom meme*

  • Twinkelry
    Twinkelry17 timer siden

    I can’t with jessi, her name really just- and her whole getup- not really the outfit but the character and the name- I can’t help but think of ‘Jessi’ the singer like jessi sh!terview and whatnot

  • Loading Ruby
    Loading Ruby17 timer siden

    Omg my name is Brooke and I NEVER want to hear my name said the way you say it again! 🤮🤮🤮🤮 I'm so grossed out

  • Dravin McRae
    Dravin McRae17 timer siden

    Stand up Mark. Do it.

  • Jerardo Nataren
    Jerardo Nataren17 timer siden

    I think we know Markipliers type: brooke and resident evil vampire lady? Mmmm

  • Timmy Chalk
    Timmy Chalk18 timer siden

    "No one tell amy" when he said that i got reminded of unus annus

  • Alex Grey Writes
    Alex Grey Writes18 timer siden

    Mark is the motivational life coach we need, but not the one we deserve.