i broke my foot...

lol oops


  • Nate Miller
    Nate Miller3 minutter siden

    ok but where does this rank on the pain scale?

  • Charlie Carter
    Charlie Carter5 minutter siden

    He tripped on a storm drain

  • StaticzAG 7
    StaticzAG 76 minutter siden

    Can you be okay for at least 15 minutes Markimoo .?

  • Dark Kora
    Dark Kora17 minutter siden

    XD Pennywise grabbed your foot lmfao Just so you could brake it

  • HannahBean
    HannahBean24 minutter siden

    Look down, look down, the storm drain’s at your feet

  • Zi Lynn
    Zi Lynn35 minutter siden

    He literally tripped. That's the dumbest way to break a foot (I say as I freaking broke my foot slamming it in the car door😂)

  • sangwoo
    sangwoo36 minutter siden

    Mark is hurting himself again🙄

  • ꧁The Fallen Angel꧂
    ꧁The Fallen Angel꧂42 minutter siden

    Its cuz he plays horror games 24/7 that must hurt a lot though☹️👌

  • Kashif
    Kashif44 minutter siden

    this man is literally the mole on the ass cheek of Brave Wilderness.

  • Dylan _gacha
    Dylan _gacha51 minutt siden

    Ofc u did mark -~-

  • Shannon Wenck
    Shannon WenckTime siden

    I know you won't see this. But I fractured three different bones in my foot/ankle just three weeks ago! Also tore at least three different ligaments. I feel you!

  • SsarahZ109
    SsarahZ109Time siden

    The way you talk about your injury is almost exactly how my fiancé speaks of ALL his injuries

  • Alyssa Briseno
    Alyssa BrisenoTime siden

    Tsk tsk tsk, always getting hurt

  • silvertarot25
    silvertarot25Time siden

    My Mom had a Jones fracture, we laughed cuz her last name was Jones. Hers happened cuz she stepped on a dog bone & fell down the bottom step.

  • Fire Manz
    Fire ManzTime siden

    Hospitals: *exists* Mark: Hey! it's me again! Ya boi!

  • mariana valdivia
    mariana valdiviaTime siden

    Sending bubu kisses

  • Nico Garcia
    Nico GarciaTime siden

    It sounds like a song at the beginning

  • Uh Oh
    Uh OhTime siden

    0:58 I feel like someone's gonna do something bad with this

  • Grayson B
    Grayson B2 timer siden

    Lol just saying it is extremely impressive how good mark is at drawing out a story. He’s really good at telling a story too. And somehow this makes me think of Hamilton

  • MauiTheRapper
    MauiTheRapper2 timer siden

    2:55 that's how my arm broke!!!

  • Blok
    Blok2 timer siden

    b r u h

  • HBOFan1972
    HBOFan19722 timer siden

    Haircut, please. Return to your normal self!!!!

  • Wolf 2143
    Wolf 21432 timer siden

    Okay, I know he gave his story to how it “happened” and it seems legitimate, BUT! A Jones fracture can happen during sex.. his story to me doesn’t add up fully to me so I’m going with my theory 😂😂

  • Timothy Carlisle
    Timothy Carlisle2 timer siden


  • Bad Wolf
    Bad Wolf2 timer siden

    Markiplier isnt real

  • Luca
    Luca2 timer siden

    I wonder how long mark will grow his hair it’s starting to look really good again

  • Crucent
    Crucent2 timer siden

    im sure you can be that thing and do that stuff Mark, just not well XD get better soon ^^

  • ScreechingMoose
    ScreechingMoose2 timer siden

    When the story of how Mark broke his foot 11:00 How he broke his foot 13:00

  • Sarishart
    Sarishart2 timer siden

    I mean, I fractured both of my wrists at the same time by tripping over my shoelaces.

  • Xerxus Icebinder
    Xerxus Icebinder2 timer siden

    Keep your feet elevated my friend. I broke my foot back in 2004 when I fell off a 20 stacks of hay to feed the horses. It was a stupid mistake but that hurt. Anyways. Doctors told me to elevate my foot so it isn't as painful. Hope you feel better took 6 months for it to heal and even today at my age. It hurts sometimes to walk on it. Eh... I'm old.

  • Tony 。
    Tony 。2 timer siden

    I hope you feel better- ;^;

  • Rudzitis
    Rudzitis2 timer siden

    I think he just stepped on a lego brick and doesn't want to admit it

  • pida siouy
    pida siouy2 timer siden

    Mark Broken Arm: ✅ Broken foot: ✅ Broken Nose: ✅ Seriously this mans a power house enduring all of this

  • TheRicoProductions
    TheRicoProductions3 timer siden

    Mark seems to be incapable of going a day without hurting himself. Guys, it’s time for us to baby markplier.

  • 50cal.
    50cal.3 timer siden

    This videos is the equivalent of me trying to reach the word count on a paper😂

  • 50cal.
    50cal.3 timer siden

    Mark’s the guy in spongebob with glass bones & paper skin 😂😂

  • Ann Sh.
    Ann Sh.3 timer siden

    Oh shit, I hope the foot thing you do wasn't affected! (I mean you'll be okay! So that's the thing I'm concerned about)

  • pida siouy

    pida siouy

    2 timer siden

    Lol, Mark tripped

  • 50cal.
    50cal.3 timer siden

    (Mark shows up at the hospital) *Doctors, Nurses, everyone* : “gahhddamnit.. not again..🤦🏼‍♂️”

  • KungFuManKFM
    KungFuManKFM3 timer siden

    Jones fractures suck. Look after it... They have a tendancy to not heal.

  • Nat Gaming
    Nat Gaming3 timer siden

    I’m surprised this man is alive at this point

  • Jay West
    Jay West3 timer siden

    For every new member you should get a piece of tape that's a different color of their choice and put it on so your crutches become * colorful * and * rainbow-esk *

  • Jay West
    Jay West3 timer siden

    The doctor giving you Tylenol for a broken foot is honestly school nurse energy

  • DragoNate
    DragoNate3 timer siden

    "I broke my foot. Nothing more to say" 17 minute long video....

  • BrockGoesGaming
    BrockGoesGaming3 timer siden

    2 quick things... 1. Everyone, just like the video and move on. Marks' dumbass slipped on a storm sewer grate while walking Chica and his foot broke. Saved you almost 20 mins. 2. Mark. Please stop getting seriously injured OFF camera! I was really hoping for a clip from an "I bet you I can" moment.

  • Jenn McLane
    Jenn McLane3 timer siden

    *got bored of the milking & checked comments* He tripped... Kay cool. Thanks comments!!!

  • Nimbross
    Nimbross3 timer siden

    Mark: lives healthily after 1 year of Unus Annus Also Mark: oK mY FooOot Broke

  • Louise Phillips
    Louise Phillips4 timer siden

    I'm not even surprised anymore honestly smh

  • Edwin Jaimez
    Edwin Jaimez4 timer siden

    was it Ethan again?

  • Carly Candebat
    Carly Candebat4 timer siden

    I guess he doesn’t have dense bones...

  • ThatOneGirlDrummer
    ThatOneGirlDrummer4 timer siden

    Mark's body belongs on the Hall Of Meat from Skate

  • Banana Plane
    Banana Plane4 timer siden

    Lol, Mark tripped

  • Pickled Peckers
    Pickled Peckers4 timer siden

    He must be on a first name basis with Everyone who works at that hospital lmao

  • Loki Van Zlotco
    Loki Van Zlotco4 timer siden

    I feel like this was a waste of my time.

  • clexis14
    clexis144 timer siden

    My dad broke his foot in the same spot in August.

  • tally skelli
    tally skelli4 timer siden

    I understand the pain I broke my ankle to the point where I had to get surgery to fix it riding an electric scooter

  • Brayten Burnette
    Brayten Burnette4 timer siden

    I broke my arm on the monkey bars and it looked the same way

  • Incognito Girl
    Incognito Girl4 timer siden

    Video playing through my phone: "Looking back now, all i can remember is the way the sunlight danced through the leaves" Mom walks in and listens: "Wow. Talk about dramatic" Me: "he not dramatic hes just..." Video: "i remember a butterfly fluttering by. Is that why they call it a butterfly? Because they flutter by?" Me: "... Okay yeah."

  • Michał
    Michał4 timer siden

    Mark: Walking Storm drain: Hello Geo... Eee... Markie! 🤡

  • Dalliant Dreamer
    Dalliant Dreamer4 timer siden

    Mark, my man... we gotta keep you out of hospitals. 😄

  • Hari Chauhan
    Hari Chauhan4 timer siden

    Of course he taps it, he wants to see how many taps he can handle 🤣 🤣

  • Jennifer Zayas
    Jennifer Zayas4 timer siden

    I did EXACTLY this 9 years ago. The only thing that saved me from breaking my ankle or foot is that I used to be a dancer and my ligaments are hyper flexible. My ankle swelled to 3x the size and was purple for 3 months. Please be careful with yourself. Crutches suck also!!!

  • Dakota Grace
    Dakota Grace5 timer siden

    "I may or may not tell you the whole story" "I broke my foot on the way to take a shit"

  • Badou
    Badou5 timer siden

    I have only one thing to say.... B R U H

  • My Name Is Austin
    My Name Is Austin5 timer siden

    When I was 12 I climbed on top of my fridge and jumped off of it and manage to obtain a hairline fracture

  • Cheyenne Bastian
    Cheyenne Bastian5 timer siden

    Do we need to send Mark a protective body suit or something at this point? Like, God damn! 🤣

  • omgbattleboy11
    omgbattleboy115 timer siden

    Now this is content😎

  • Becky Waters
    Becky Waters5 timer siden

    Oh no Mark take care and rest it’s the best for you right now!! So sorry your going threw this. I broke 3 bones in my ankle on dec31 and I’m still not able to walk on it so don’t rush be careful!

  • 헬로 키티
    헬로 키티5 timer siden

    I feel bad for his local hospital.

  • Lemon Chain
    Lemon Chain5 timer siden

    "I broke my foot yes i did its right here look" Me: Oh shit-

  • cupcake kitten
    cupcake kitten5 timer siden

    Mark: says something about taking something for granted Me: ah yes, I got a story like that. My little sister fractured her wrist one day stirring fudge. Take that for a "taking things for granted" story 😂

  • Jenny Leigh
    Jenny Leigh5 timer siden

    I love your dramatic and poetic story of how you broke your foot, Mark.

  • BlackLightning325
    BlackLightning3256 timer siden

    Mark just really loves going to the hospital, doesn’t he?

  • CherriMelon
    CherriMelon6 timer siden

    Imagine breaking your foot by just simply walking 😂😂

  • Ghost Dragon
    Ghost Dragon6 timer siden

    remember the foot fetish site? yeahh that's gonna be on there I bet.

  • Normal Human
    Normal Human6 timer siden

    I feel like mark should have a "I've taken damage" playlist

  • I_Need_Help :D
    I_Need_Help :D6 timer siden


  • Komboskey Witherstone
    Komboskey Witherstone6 timer siden


  • Rapacious Alex
    Rapacious Alex6 timer siden

    I wonder how this is going to affect your wikifeet rating...

  • randi
    randi6 timer siden

    off topic but he’s so sexy

  • Alireza Khosravani
    Alireza Khosravani6 timer siden

    5th metatarsal fx

  • - Cozy Blu -
    - Cozy Blu -6 timer siden

    And how many times have you been in the hospital?

  • nmkane 6768
    nmkane 67686 timer siden

    Let's get to 30 MILLION

  • Cherry
    Cherry6 timer siden

    Idk how ppl have broken a bone I've never had an injury that serious before, just a sprain.

  • Natalie Edenfield
    Natalie Edenfield6 timer siden

    i thought he was going to say he feel down the stairs and would have laughed so hard😂

  • Lexi Feldmann
    Lexi Feldmann6 timer siden

    He fell off a curb...................he....fell....off....a curb.....I can't stop laughing. I'm sorry....everyone in my family has done this injury to some degree at least once

  • brys gohanfan
    brys gohanfan7 timer siden

    Why crutches what happened to going even further beyond

  • Lostinthough t
    Lostinthough t7 timer siden


  • M Brooks
    M Brooks7 timer siden

    With how often he gets hurt he’s like the human version of Jenna’s dog Kermit.

  • Gillan Wing
    Gillan Wing7 timer siden

    you’re like a politician dragging out the main point of your conversation 😂😂

  • AmKam Omega
    AmKam Omega7 timer siden

    TLDR: So you know that funky thing your foot does when your walking and it twists like your heel wants to say hi? That's basically what happened.

  • Riley Johnson
    Riley Johnson7 timer siden

    We all know Amy was downstairs hearing this thinking “Jesus...” 😂

  • Onigiri San
    Onigiri San7 timer siden

    Mark: "Guys you'll never guess what, my foot broke. Also, have a look at my arm!!" Us: "Okay, so how did you break it?" Mark: "Yes."

  • Lysh Moody
    Lysh Moody7 timer siden

    My friend broke his foot getting into bed 😂 There was a rug on his side, and it was a bed that you kind of had to jump into (it was tall lol). So he went to jump up, the rug slid and he landed on the side of his foot to catch himself and it snapped haha

  • Sierra Toledo
    Sierra Toledo7 timer siden

    I broke my pelvis and wrist in car accident a year ago and since then mark has been in and out of the hospital with injuries as well. Helps to have a broken buddy I already know and love. Hope your foot feels better soon. ( also my son was born October 23rd and has been in and out of UC Davis for problems with his stomach too) Our family can definitely relate to Marks treacherous year of injuries.

  • AnonymousGamer
    AnonymousGamer8 timer siden

    Good job

  • JAYLEN Parker
    JAYLEN Parker8 timer siden

    Did this used to be live?

  • Jedelle Lafuente
    Jedelle Lafuente8 timer siden

    I thought this was a game video 😂 at first, i hope you feel better mark🥺💫

  • My Queen Is Dead
    My Queen Is Dead8 timer siden


  • Abdifatah Hassan
    Abdifatah Hassan8 timer siden

    How many time u gonna get hurt

  • Patrick Benedio Kusuma
    Patrick Benedio Kusuma9 timer siden

    And yea it felt like a literal Giant sluge hammer crusshing down you foot and yea this all cost by a trip