I've been busy, let me tell you why.


  • Jaxon Price
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    On the ps4

  • Jaxon Price
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    unus annus UNUS ANNUS

  • Kimberlee Catena
    Kimberlee CatenaDag siden

    I can't wait to see everything you continue to make. I'm so in love with you. ❤

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  • Ana Julia Glomb
    Ana Julia Glomb2 dager siden

    Did I really just spend almost an hour of my day listening to mark talk? Yes, yes I did. You’re doing great mark keep going.

  • TreeHairedGingerAle
    TreeHairedGingerAle2 dager siden

    I don't think you can even be said to have endured quarantine until you've lost your mind power-writing a fanfic in order to bleed off a sudden and worrying obsession over some character, so this is totally normal.

  • Zechariah Johnson
    Zechariah Johnson2 dager siden

    Mark is convinced aliens exist, but completely rejects the possibility of the existence of God...ok then.

  • Random NaruSasu Shipper That you found
    Random NaruSasu Shipper That you found2 dager siden

    No Mark. You aren’t tired from writing. You’re tired because of lady demitrious.

  • Mathew Ike
    Mathew Ike2 dager siden

    Markiplier I know you are trying to be funny and make great new projects but if you don't introduce your projects with any prior warming. People might end up thinking you are going nuts with this (other you that are not you markiplier) I mean are you still leaving subliminal messages in your videos ? When will that end ? Did you already end it ? No one knows.

  • Nyan Cat990
    Nyan Cat9902 dager siden

    He simps for Lady Dimitriscu like I simp for him😂

  • Nyan Cat990
    Nyan Cat9903 dager siden

    Mark Changes his subjects and randomly talks about Lady Dimitriscu(idk how to spell it) just as much as I talk about him😂

  • Keldan Brown
    Keldan Brown4 dager siden

    He said show.. he never call a heist with markiplier a show...

  • Alisa Perez
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    Someone in the chat said he should play Just Dance and I agree

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  • G&M plays AJ
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    BUT I EAT TAKIS JUST LIKE YOU MARK XD (like I was glad I wasn’t alone lol)

  • G&M plays AJ
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    Simping ? No . It's a shame to all modern woman's , that is exist a lot of guys who in almost 4 billions of girls choosing that one , who is not in that 4 billions .

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    "Stock go ⬆️ BRRRRR and then stock go ⬇️ BRRRRR" -Markiplier, 2021

  • Noah Auden
    Noah Auden7 dager siden

    Markiplier:Mark simps over lady dimitrescu in a not sexual way and then fangirls over rocks for a while.

  • EmeraldCraft101
    EmeraldCraft1017 dager siden

    Wonder if in Heist 2, we'll see Darkiplier again. It's been awhile...

  • Romo Rodriguez
    Romo Rodriguez7 dager siden

    Mark:i just wanted to sat hi. Me:FOR 44 MINUTES

  • Sofia Sultan
    Sofia Sultan7 dager siden

    Hey. It's good to see you again. You are back. I really like your content. I actually just started watching your videos and absorbing all the contects that you have been making. Thank you really, really.

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    ALL I SEE IS KEANU ‼️‼️‼️

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    vibe check

  • adelaide tea
    adelaide tea9 dager siden

    did you just guilt-trip me with yancy?

  • Danii Marvelous
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    It's so entertaining to hear you simp. Can you do it for like... uh... ever?

  • Carl Z
    Carl Z10 dager siden

    Mark literally just figured out money.

  • Fe Soleil
    Fe Soleil10 dager siden

    I wish I was part of Heist 2 😭😭😭 I just want to be in the room where it happens. So much creativity! I thoroughly enjoyed A Heist with Markiplier and loooved that Amy was the Creative Director.

  • derp ndherp
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    Next episode Amy Nelson vs lady dimitrecus

  • Cassie
    Cassie11 dager siden

    Petition to add Peevils (Dark Amy) to AHWM 2???

    BUTTER MAN11 dager siden


  • Jesus De La Cruz
    Jesus De La Cruz11 dager siden

    Mark you are a genius, an idea is not real till you take action otherwise it will always be like a dream... thanks man.

  • Thomas Glaze
    Thomas Glaze11 dager siden

    @Markaplier how do I post a video on NOlocal 😕?

  • Thomas Glaze

    Thomas Glaze

    9 dager siden

    @Markiplier Player select: "select your player... Markiplier".

  • Dominic Madi

    Dominic Madi

    11 dager siden

    still he's literally the one and only best person alive and BEST NOlocalR YES HAHAHHAHAH

  • Dominic Madi

    Dominic Madi

    11 dager siden

    @Manuel Guallpa oof

  • Manuel Guallpa

    Manuel Guallpa

    11 dager siden

    He is not going to answer

  • Marrie Smith
    Marrie Smith11 dager siden

    Stereotypes are lame weak and childish and pathetic like how. if you get how life is a lie you get how the long run get a real job they would say XD ha! get a job is a lie XD.

  • * internally screaming *
    * internally screaming *12 dager siden

    Ok hear me out, Amy for Halloween could be Lady Demitrescu

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  • mark adrion
    mark adrion12 dager siden

    12:23 Mark: its not a sexual thing!!! Also Mark: I'm not a masochist!!!

  • Anime lover HAVEN
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    RE8 Pre Order Bonus Lady Demitriscu 9 ft Cardboard Cutout

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  • littlepuppypooper
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    he may cuss and call you cuss words but he has a nice heart *-markiplier 2021*

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  • Vergil Arcanis
    Vergil Arcanis13 dager siden

    Wasn't Amy the one who told him about Lady Dimitrescu?

  • Jeremy Villeneuve
    Jeremy Villeneuve13 dager siden

    Oh yeah we got some news about aliens in Canada as well. So aparently theres a dozen species and 2 of them are within us and are shapeshifters also they aknowledge we own earth so dont worry. Though maybe some of us are half alien half human but prolly will never know.

  • Ibrahim Malik
    Ibrahim Malik13 dager siden

    And the world changed @: 18:52

  • King demon Snakes
    King demon Snakes13 dager siden

    Come done I think you had to much punes

  • Dragonflyfaerie
    Dragonflyfaerie13 dager siden

    Reading all these comments before watching the video and I’m like... wait why are people spelling a lady dominatrix wrong? (Havent seeing and video/read anything about the new RE Demo >_

  • A
    A13 dager siden

    horny jail lol

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  • ThisAnimatedPhantom
    ThisAnimatedPhantom13 dager siden

    Wow. He really did go almost the whole time...Hehehehe. Man he has it baaaaaad. But seriously. Mark is awesome and he has given me great laughs over the years. Thanks for the good times Mark. You and the whole team are amazing.

  • KÏd BÚddŸ
    KÏd BÚddŸ13 dager siden

    You really wanna have your mind blown? Most of the worlds money isn’t even real..... most of the money is fake ie. random numbers inside of banks, not real cash.

  • Ayyy Lmao
    Ayyy Lmao14 dager siden

    Ya know what ion get why you tubers be taking so much brakes but who know mabey da NOlocal grind is real u take ur time mane

  • Hope Mcnamara
    Hope Mcnamara14 dager siden

    Next Simulator Game: “Getting stepped on by Lady Dimitrescu simulator.” Title of the video: “I’m not a Masochist I swear.”

  • sanya ouk
    sanya ouk14 dager siden

    Markiplier more like SOME PLIERS hahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • Jeremy Stone
    Jeremy Stone14 dager siden

    "the greatest resource is time" *clock ticking in the distance*

  • Sabrina
    Sabrina14 dager siden

    No matter where you press on the red line hes always talking about that tall lady 🤣

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  • Dave Goff
    Dave Goff14 dager siden

    The Power!!!! It's for sure a sexual thing.

  • starrweaver
    starrweaver15 dager siden

    I've done that more due to COVID... sitting outside with a cup of vanilla chai tea... just listen to the day begin... or the day settle down. It's either early morning or evening that I choose to do it and there's nothing like those moments to recharge you. And the tea is the best to relax with it's very soothing.

  • starrweaver
    starrweaver15 dager siden

    I would love it if someone cosplayed Lady D. and went to see Mark at PAX - that would be so awesome! If there someone who could do it? There has to be someone that can pull it off...

  • Sharon Gainey
    Sharon Gainey15 dager siden

    Mark gets serious on ideas and stuff right after LADY DEMITRISCU

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  • Savage wizardwitch
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    @markiplier I I wrote another musical ♡ Ela Greetings from Austria /Tirol!Hope you are fine ! P.S.I am so happy that I meet you,it feels like a right decision,but that would never have happened if I did not decide to stay with you while your hospital thing.Even only over mind. 😁😉🔒 Ahhhh and a 2nd P.S P.P.S. The start of this english listening comprhension lesson is very nice.🔒

  • Alcarose
    Alcarose15 dager siden

    The pronounciation of Dumitrescu is Do-me-tres-coo

  • Devil in Black
    Devil in Black15 dager siden

    Oh Lady Dimitrescu is power on god steroids and she's sexy as heck.

  • Chip Pilgrim
    Chip Pilgrim15 dager siden

    What he said: "A real true honest thank you" What my heart heard: "A real true Annus thank you"

  • Samuel Bealer
    Samuel Bealer15 dager siden

    Mark discovering things only gave value because we agree they do

  • Skoog Productions
    Skoog Productions16 dager siden

    Mark: "Why you put me in horny jail??" Also Mark, every 3 mins: " Lady dimitrescu!"

  • Kak's Kuisine
    Kak's Kuisine16 dager siden

    If it's "about power, not sexual" then where's all the simping for Mr. X, hmm?

  • Julia Maimone
    Julia Maimone16 dager siden

    ITs nOt a sEXuAl tHIng!!!!!! suuuuure Mark! just like how you're "NOT" a masochist *wink wink*

    MCKENNA HEATER16 dager siden

    "It's not sexual, it's about the power" ok bottom

  • Shahido-kun
    Shahido-kun16 dager siden

    this video is about: 5% money is rock 5%future plans 80% lady demitrescu

  • Cassie_ 20xx
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  • ostrich reads
    ostrich reads16 dager siden

    40,000 words in that time?? Damn, gotta drop that writing routine

  • Madeleine Jansson
    Madeleine Jansson16 dager siden

    Hi markiplier😊

  • Murplebee
    Murplebee16 dager siden

    I want Mark as my economics professor. Stocks go brrrrrrr📈 and then stocks go brrrrr📉

    FEYYAZ BAŞKAN16 dager siden

    hello mark brother

  • Matthew Copeland
    Matthew Copeland16 dager siden

    You learn something new everyday. Like rocks and numbers and tall vampires and mind-blowing things that definitely rocks! Confusing yet intriguing. More information to obtain. Thank you 0_0 PHILOSOPHY!!! :) Mark the modern day philosopher.

  • MaskedIntrovert
    MaskedIntrovert16 dager siden

    Lady Dimitrescu!


    haha, stock go brrrrrr

  • Prince janmar Cristobal
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  • Hannah
    Hannah16 dager siden

    Standard height for ceilings is only 9’ and Lady Dimitrescu is 9’6’’ A life size cardboard cutout wouldn’t even fit in most people’s houses.

  • Blake Jackson
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  • Grizzlyguy _95
    Grizzlyguy _9516 dager siden

    Stocks go, BPHHHHHWOOOOSH, know what I mean. Lol

  • halo_ playz
    halo_ playz17 dager siden

    ello mate

  • Anarchy Games
    Anarchy Games17 dager siden

    I've been a "writer" (some bs has been published, most of it not) since I was in 8th grade, legit -- stuff I wrote got put in magazines and often won awards ........ But 100% mood at writing in notebooks, pen and paper is my go-to for any kind of lengthy writing. It's very satisfying to write something in your own hand writing. Anyway, I hope Heist 2 goes well!

  • Zykeo
    Zykeo17 dager siden

    Eh, money is just a representation of the favors/goods you have made or done for others

    LAURMERCS17 dager siden


  • Brie B
    Brie B17 dager siden

    Mark is the king of having random metaphysical introspections in front of thousands of people😅

  • Tacit Blue
    Tacit Blue17 dager siden

    It says a lot about a guy as physically short as Mark when he's into a fictional lady as tall as Dimitrescu.....

  • liam Douglass
    liam Douglass17 dager siden

    hi people

  • Dj glitterbunz
    Dj glitterbunz17 dager siden

    Drinking challenge: take a shot every time markiplier says ‘You know what i mean?’

  • You make me POCO LOCO
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  • Death Omen
    Death Omen17 dager siden

    Mark: Heehoo Me: sad unus annus noises

  • alycat 107
    alycat 10717 dager siden

    Writing can be such a struggle. As someone who writes some days it's just really hard to write. Why? I have no idea why, but it happens. 😂 I'm currently in that slump right now with editing my novel even though I wanna edit it. Part of it is because of college. Also can take awhile sometime depends on how fast you write and how much time you have too. But I find it fun. I also don't write in a notebook often either(usually on my laptop), but it can be fun(even if it hurts your hand like crazy). Anyway, I can talk about writing for a long time because of how fun and interesting in can be. How you can create something from your mind onto paper or digital paper. It's really cool. Probably why I love writing and reading books honestly lol.

  • Tory Davis
    Tory Davis17 dager siden

    Like my comment and you will see what happens........