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  • Jinx Boo
    Jinx Boo13 minutter siden

    I had no idea I've been a member for over 2 years! Haha I have my rainbow badge ☺️

  • Tooslim2Shady
    Tooslim2ShadyTime siden

    6 round boxing match vs pewdiepie

  • Tracelynne Soileau
    Tracelynne SoileauTime siden

    Anyone else thought that this was among us vid? 😂

  • Alice Watson
    Alice Watson2 timer siden

    I really really wish I could become a member but I will support by watching as many vids as possible and watching all the ads love your content Mark always have and always will. If I'm ever able to become a member I will but in the mean time keep up the good workd

  • LunarStarFire
    LunarStarFire3 timer siden

    Hm, I think Kick club should totally jump in and kick Markiplier >.>

  • Joel HARBER
    Joel HARBER4 timer siden

    Days like this I wish I had money to give.

  • Sean Tryson
    Sean Tryson5 timer siden


  • nmkane 6768
    nmkane 67686 timer siden

    I thought this was an Among Us Video:(

  • Nightmare :D
    Nightmare :D7 timer siden

    Im sorry to say this I want to snatch your hair off because im not used to seeing you with long hair so to me it looks like a wig (i also wish i had money to be a member though :c)

    ROTCEH7 timer siden


  • Katie Yankowski
    Katie Yankowski7 timer siden

    I thought this was an among us video... I was sad until I realized I was hooked on what he was talking about.

  • Kittymeow 2000
    Kittymeow 20007 timer siden

    I can’t join:( I have no moneys

  • Wizardly RR
    Wizardly RR8 timer siden

    Marks videos are the kind where you can just sit down and eat salmon while you watch

  • Eva Diener
    Eva Diener8 timer siden

    If I have anything left after making my next college payment I will G I V E. I T. A L L. T O. C H I C A.

  • Katie Davidson
    Katie Davidson8 timer siden

    I love your content so much

  • Elijah E
    Elijah E8 timer siden

    Man I wish I had money so I could pet Chica

  • Alphy Star
    Alphy Star9 timer siden

    Me wishing I could be a member but I have no money ; - ;

  • GavinsChannel
    GavinsChannel9 timer siden

    This is not an among us video 😡😡😡😡😡 no I will not become a member for clickbate thumbnail and tittle good day sir 😡

  • Nats_ Illusions
    Nats_ Illusions11 timer siden

    Give me like a year so I can get a well paying job 😅

  • Noob _
    Noob _11 timer siden

    me who pet chica in a heist with markiplier 31 times : i am 5 dimensions ahead of you

  • Kevin C
    Kevin C15 timer siden

    This isnt an among us video...

  • Braeden Michael
    Braeden Michael16 timer siden

    lol i thought this was a among us video hahahaha

  • Mariann David
    Mariann David16 timer siden

    I'm sorry I can't afford it

  • Hannah's World!
    Hannah's World!16 timer siden


  • Aeolanyira Moon
    Aeolanyira Moon16 timer siden

    I am helping

  • Skyborg Dragonslayer4life
    Skyborg Dragonslayer4life18 timer siden

    I wish I could become a member. But I don't know how it works. Can anyone explain it to me?

  • Sugar Skulls
    Sugar Skulls18 timer siden

    I love how you pet chica in first POV! I'm allergic to doggies so that's the closest view I can do

  • Cosmos
    Cosmos18 timer siden

    I think I'm the only one who thought that this was an among us video..

  • Kaelyn Toozer
    Kaelyn Toozer19 timer siden

    I'm been a member for 2years and I love it

  • Revenant666
    Revenant66619 timer siden

    I don't know when mark will do another charity video but I have an idea for that. Not sure if it even exists yet, but a charity for the people who had their homes/businesses burned/destroyed/looted last summer.

  • ShadowTheLight
    ShadowTheLight20 timer siden

    A VR choose your own adventure could be interesting

  • Chief Kai
    Chief Kai20 timer siden

    I thought this was an Among Us video but I was not disappointed

  • BRANGOD 5605
    BRANGOD 560520 timer siden

    unus annus UNUS ANNUS

  • Ryan Gorshe
    Ryan Gorshe20 timer siden

    This videos reminded me that now I can finally afford to join! I've been watching for a long time your videos kept me going always an amazing video to look forward to. Thank you for being amazing!!!!

  • Soundwave
    Soundwave21 time siden

    Me sorry, I'm broke

  • GameTrue 22
    GameTrue 2222 timer siden

    Now thats a good business man, recognizing demand and full filling it

  • RobloxianYoutuber
    RobloxianYoutuber23 timer siden

    Welp I can't steal cards so no

  • Jpeg. Yee
    Jpeg. Yee23 timer siden


    ADAM COYNE23 timer siden

    I know where you live...

  • Corsax
    Corsax23 timer siden

    Getting a tattoo of the pink mustache!!! FOR WILFORD WARFSTACHE!!!

  • Amelia Porter
    Amelia PorterDag siden

    Thanks youtube dad. Love you 🥰

  • robert homero
    robert homeroDag siden

    I can’t wait to get the ending where there’s no ending cause there wasn’t enough money in the budget

  • Cart Kon Di D
    Cart Kon Di DDag siden

    I don’t know why I only now remembered this channel, it was such a good one that uploaded daily but was meant to live for only 1 year

  • Count Dooku
    Count DookuDag siden

    I thought at 1:43 that it said “chica is dead” so I immediately thought: WHAT THE oh it said “pleased”

  • lvljimmy 53
    lvljimmy 53Dag siden

    i was expecting this to be an among us game

  • WolfKnightGaming
    WolfKnightGamingDag siden

    I wish I had money to give because I loved the "heist with markiplier" but I'll spread the word to my friends they can help

  • Hannah Witt
    Hannah WittDag siden

    Not exactly a money bags but I think I can up my membership level a bit for the cause!!

  • Wolf X-Static
    Wolf X-StaticDag siden

    Mark should just make a phone game, with a clicker minigame, where each click is a pet to Chica, and feeed Chica and groom Chica ,and the rest of the game is na Tiny Box Tim collector game where you run around solving puzzles and mysteries and collecting Tiny Box Tim colectables

  • Tyler James
    Tyler JamesDag siden

    Hell yea mark in hype for this

  • Birdabo
    BirdaboDag siden

    Play Little Nightmares II

  • Cole Gaston
    Cole GastonDag siden

    Make another Markiplier Makes

  • Fat Doge
    Fat DogeDag siden

    id help but im broke sorry mark

  • Sugur Boi
    Sugur BoiDag siden

    This man has 5 ovens to bake content in

  • my acount
    my acountDag siden

    The best NOlocalr I've ever Watch for 3 yrs

  • Κωνσταντινος Νικολοπουλος
    Κωνσταντινος ΝικολοπουλοςDag siden

    Μarkimoo looks stunning

  • BopperDuppet
    BopperDuppetDag siden

    markiplier sounds like he's about to cry from 2:40 to 2:53

  • Soofia Tavakoli
    Soofia TavakoliDag siden

    I would like to but, I cant! Because it's not available in my F country🙄

  • Sammy Stearns
    Sammy StearnsDag siden

    Me watching as a member 😇

  • Legendary Shark
    Legendary SharkDag siden

    Scoop that confetti back up Lixian, it’s budget time

  • Big E
    Big EDag siden

    mass content production like mass soviet tank production

  • Brayden Hopkins
    Brayden HopkinsDag siden

    Oh boy

  • conorlaing1
    conorlaing1Dag siden

    Wait the first heist with markiplier? I think he might of spilled something

  • Bishop Anderson
    Bishop AndersonDag siden

    Mark has such a huge heart its unbelievable

  • Paige
    PaigeDag siden

    just became a member!

  • Caleb Reznicek
    Caleb ReznicekDag siden

    hunie pop 3rd ep. i can't buy the game and see your commentary (funny af)

  • Gacha Notouriety
    Gacha NotourietyDag siden

    This is not fair. Chica only gets to kill members with cuteness.

  • pinkiepie jones23
    pinkiepie jones23Dag siden

    My mom will help me become a member

  • Peri O'Donnell
    Peri O'DonnellDag siden

    Hopefully I can become a member soon

  • LeeMatias
    LeeMatiasDag siden

    when you cant join cuz its not available in my country...

  • Connor Baca
    Connor BacaDag siden

    Game died


    Markiplier onlyfans confirmed.

  • pawsandbreathe
    pawsandbreatheDag siden

    Hype as hell for heist 2

  • Luigifan26 Gaming
    Luigifan26 GamingDag siden


  • Aaron Delgado
    Aaron DelgadoDag siden

    So Mark its running out of Money.... Right..

    KEYBLADE IXUMDag siden

    When I heard “have you ever wanted to pet Chica?” I thought finally he released game about him like pewdiepie’s tuber simulator

  • Megan C.
    Megan C.2 dager siden

    I won't lie, this convinced me to join. Chica

  • The Emperor
    The Emperor2 dager siden

    Where is Huniepop part 3?

  • Dylan Odoherty
    Dylan Odoherty2 dager siden

    We love u for years now mark. Your mad do hahaha

  • Ashy Knees
    Ashy Knees2 dager siden

    I’d become a memeber but i has no money, I support by not skipping ads

  • MorkerBob
    MorkerBob2 dager siden

    I really wish i had money

  • Joao Ewerton
    Joao Ewerton2 dager siden

    Hello markiplier good

  • DJSilly9
    DJSilly92 dager siden

    Hm, interesting. I'm broke.

  • shiro3tora
    shiro3tora2 dager siden

    I wish I had the money to, I can bake cookies for the sale though! Virtually.....*cries in pandemic*

  • Brittany Leonard
    Brittany Leonard2 dager siden

    can you please play more Among Us ?!!!!!!

  • Felicia Anderson
    Felicia Anderson2 dager siden

    Chica has the sweetest face!!

  • Kalani Boi
    Kalani Boi2 dager siden

    you should play Friday night funkin, its a cool rhythm game and some of the devs are from Newgrounds, totally check it out

  • Adrian Curelaru
    Adrian Curelaru2 dager siden

    Notice how for 2 videos straight he uses the same face for a thumbnail :D

  • Oaktownskater
    Oaktownskater2 dager siden

    Who wouldnt wanna per chica

  • fli_grl 8P
    fli_grl 8P2 dager siden

    Wait, did he get rid of that fancy computer from Alien? Or am I getting confused by angles? Well anyway I like your cube shelf Mark!! IKEA?

  • Gramps 69 Nova
    Gramps 69 Nova2 dager siden

    The budgests from members AAAND MERCH!!! Do still go to charity.

  • I'm Teetoo
    I'm Teetoo2 dager siden

    I cannot become a member, But I’d be cool if Markiplier made a project Involving around the Horror genre since he’s really good at making jumpscares lmao

  • Anjwee 187
    Anjwee 1872 dager siden

    I-I can't become a m-member! ;-;

  • Lily
    Lily2 dager siden

    "I'm in a bikini and I wash your car." My simping ass: *Shut up and take my money*

  • Yukisan11
    Yukisan112 dager siden

    How can I not support you. You’ve been such a light in my life during dark times. SO TAKE MY MONEYYYY

  • blueassassin YT
    blueassassin YT2 dager siden

    Ummm the first heist with markiplier so more heists

  • Piñata Smashing
    Piñata Smashing2 dager siden

    I wish I could become a member but I'm genuinly a broke college student. But I'll keep sharing 💕💕

  • lé bruh
    lé bruh2 dager siden

    the title is an amogus reference

  • AxelLP
    AxelLP2 dager siden


  • Nightwolf Gamer
    Nightwolf Gamer2 dager siden

    I love how he says, "Big Ass Bake Sale". Lop