At Dead of Night sounds pretty standard for a horror game at first. A young woman is alone in a scary hotel trying not to die... but it quickly becomes so much more than that. I love this indie horror game and I think you will too.
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  • Aidan Radovich
    Aidan Radovich4 timer siden

    whenever i hear the name jimmy i always think of stan the water man lmao

  • Cassie Lynn
    Cassie Lynn4 timer siden

    This gives me some serious Nancy Drew vibes. minus about a thousand puzzles

  • eele.
    eele.4 timer siden

    Mark saying my initals over and over again made me jump

  • Tekopyhyys
    Tekopyhyys4 timer siden

    The style of this game is amazing. Also my heart is pounding from how scary going through the hallways is. You have no idea what could be waiting behind a corner and it's not like you can quickly turn back and run away if there is something, unlike in fps style games.

  • AnonymousIdiot638
    AnonymousIdiot6384 timer siden

    Bill nye?

  • Bunny
    Bunny5 timer siden

    i wish we could give amy ghost a hug, i would give her a hug

  • Snorko •420•
    Snorko •420•5 timer siden

    Damn did watct ur videos quite some time...watched this one and I almost cried hahahah legend

  • Backseat Girl
    Backseat Girl6 timer siden


  • GayFrog Ribbit
    GayFrog Ribbit6 timer siden

    19:19 I thought I was having audio hallucinations or something but it was just Mark having a stroke.

  • dlaldlaldla nutsntnstn
    dlaldlaldla nutsntnstn6 timer siden

    32:30 the chair in the keyhole is different to the one when he goes in the room

  • NeonAngelDogs
    NeonAngelDogs6 timer siden

    at 8:26 there is a demon it went skirrrrtttt

  • kathryn gold
    kathryn gold6 timer siden

    dude at the desk looks like if bill nye and william dafoe had a child

  • Crumpet The Frogalophosaurus
    Crumpet The Frogalophosaurus7 timer siden


  • Xyro
    Xyro7 timer siden

    This has Myst vibes all over it

  • Happy things Vlogs
    Happy things Vlogs8 timer siden

    Category: five nights at Freddy’s Me: ok

  • Random User
    Random User8 timer siden

    Game : Jimmy!! Mark : Me? Me : I Dunno Mark, Are You Jimmy? Mark? : hmm..

  • Kat
    Kat8 timer siden

    Ok but why does Jimmy look like Bill Nye the Science Guy and Megamind's lovechild?

  • Maximus Beebe
    Maximus Beebe8 timer siden

    you should play with jack more

  • Aaron Martin
    Aaron Martin8 timer siden

    I believe turpentine is a paint stripper. either way wit's highly flammable, that much I know.

  • Alysha Pattikara
    Alysha Pattikara8 timer siden


  • yeameen un-nabi
    yeameen un-nabi9 timer siden

    Markiplier dont pin me...

  • Jessica Elizabeth
    Jessica Elizabeth9 timer siden

    Bruh 9:29 scared the crap out of me omg

  • Future Nickel
    Future Nickel9 timer siden

    Second the little girl showed up my heart dropped nope that’s it for tonight

  • Diamond girls
    Diamond girls10 timer siden

    rebirth? the gameeee ~

  • Muhammad ̀Alif
    Muhammad ̀Alif10 timer siden

    the way how the character look like a google street view

  • Peachmiracles
    Peachmiracles12 timer siden


  • Littlejt
    Littlejt12 timer siden

    Me: Reads comments trying to see when jumpscared are Also me: can’t find anything so continue to watch and keep pausing laughing because I’m basically shitting myself watching this

    FOX ZYZ12 timer siden

    you should make an jumpscare/scare countdown everytime something happens so you dont scare the shit out of everyone, no hate tho

  • Infinight Gamer
    Infinight Gamer12 timer siden

    I got small ghost energy ngl

  • Jasu Jokelainen
    Jasu Jokelainen13 timer siden

    Who sleeps In the candlelight

  • lego builder
    lego builder13 timer siden

    Try play with me

  • M S
    M S13 timer siden

    Love the look of this! Is that Cumberbatch? Lol looks just like him

  • Gemahss
    Gemahss13 timer siden

    Plot Twist: Time Crisis 3 is actually a REAL Game the creator of this year already created Time Crisis 5

  • Sæm-ee
    Sæm-ee13 timer siden

    LG=Life's Good

  • fat lard
    fat lard14 timer siden

    "i feel like im close to the truth, but im just not getting it." me too mark, me too. lol

  • khushal pitroda
    khushal pitroda14 timer siden

    Mark has lost his speciality.... He also left amnesia😭 haven't played a little nightmare 😓

  • RPD 101023
    RPD 10102314 timer siden

    19:12 "Feel the room. There's blankets, books and boxes. The three basic B's of everyone's life. *Blights, ballpaper, blelves, blable, bloor. Everything you need."*

  • Mike Russell
    Mike Russell14 timer siden

    Was that an Alfred Hitchcock reference?

  • leah
    leah14 timer siden

    cant believe i watched 30 minutes of mark looking thru doors and have no regrets

  • Senpai Leo
    Senpai Leo14 timer siden

    I blinked and missed the jumpscare

  • Topline Official
    Topline Official15 timer siden

    Nice video!! I'm from russia!!

  • The Groovyy
    The Groovyy15 timer siden

    The rampant spruce gergely sprout because swim only jog midst a quick secure. round, coherent eyeliner

  • The Black Hawk
    The Black Hawk16 timer siden

    Jimmy/Hugo really do be looking like Bill Nye the Science Guy

  • Lazar Theodor
    Lazar Theodor16 timer siden

    i wish maya accepted

  • Soraka Main
    Soraka Main16 timer siden

    47:15 we’re going to play some video games

  • Soraka Main
    Soraka Main16 timer siden

    45:00 these beans

  • Todryk Gealbourne
    Todryk Gealbourne16 timer siden

    Third name MARUTUKKU master of the arts of protection

    ZEUZ ZARCO16 timer siden

    Mark you have a nice voice

  • Emma Dibble
    Emma Dibble17 timer siden

    God 8:20 to 8:40 scared the SHIT outta me

  • Joeseph Moore
    Joeseph Moore17 timer siden

    3:40 Things your not supposed to say? You mean like [censored] or [censored]

  • Embeth Bnv
    Embeth Bnv18 timer siden


  • HungergamesSniper
    HungergamesSniper18 timer siden

    This is one of the best horror games you've played in a while mark. This shit had me on edge the whole time.

  • MoonlightTheCat
    MoonlightTheCat18 timer siden

    "I play as a comedic sociopath!" "Sure I can't twist your arm on this one?" HMMMMM I sense wordplay

  • Dartagnan Trevillyan
    Dartagnan Trevillyan19 timer siden

    oo the ghosts are friendly how new! surely that means they wont give us any jump scAUGFLK>KAWSGRS... I was wrong.

  • TheActiveFlame
    TheActiveFlame19 timer siden

    mark thinks like me. when the girl saw jimmy dragging the girl I thought to myself if I was there I'd run and drop kick him right there.

  • BRANGOD 5605
    BRANGOD 560519 timer siden

    unus annus UNUS ANNUS

  • Emit H
    Emit H19 timer siden

    Last time I saw a video from you, your hair wasn't long but I LOVED it jumping back into videos. Cancer ♋ buddies for life, Mark! 🦀

  • JDLAdmin
    JDLAdmin19 timer siden

    Hey mark: STFU. your HMMMMMMMM isn't adding to the experience, it's not making it more scary: it's annoying and you provide nothing of value.. UltimateGamers has this figured out, they don't speak.STFU and get good.

  • ll E n o x ll
    ll E n o x ll20 timer siden

    Guys... Is that Bill Nye at the beginning g of the video with the weird hat?

  • Lunaria The Kitsune
    Lunaria The Kitsune20 timer siden

    The heavy breathing coupled with the odd moving style makes this terrifying in the best way

  • MajorDripzzz
    MajorDripzzz20 timer siden

    Can't tell if those are real people or just hella good graphics

  • Colourful Shine
    Colourful Shine20 timer siden

    Markiplier after a heavy night out: "I might have been in youuu, I don't know?!?!"

    DIGITANIUM20 timer siden

    I like how in this game, your aren’t running from ghosts, you’re being helped by them.

  • Scary Ivy
    Scary Ivy21 time siden

    Spooky noise happens Mark: SAVE GAME

  • Gael Ponce Feldman
    Gael Ponce Feldman21 time siden

    32:02 *R E C A L C U L A T I N G . . .*

  • Rex The Destroyer
    Rex The Destroyer21 time siden

    35:46 damn marky marks a fucking pimp

  • Pip
    Pip21 time siden

    I watch markiplier occasionally and the fact that he rarely make series makes me feel like there's always a new vid to watch

  • SsarahZ109
    SsarahZ10921 time siden

    That little girl terrified me

  • Camilla The Corgicorn
    Camilla The Corgicorn21 time siden

    I think the compass is moving in because the spirit is moving just my idea

  • Rafa Lucci
    Rafa Lucci21 time siden

    mark's face at 51:58 is scarier than the whole thing

  • Blaise Nicoloff
    Blaise Nicoloff21 time siden

    To be honest,the balloons in the beginning remind me of the gold room party from the shining.

  • riddlie diddlie-do
    riddlie diddlie-do22 timer siden

    mark ill be back hope nothing happens while im gone while hes gone

  • Jimmy Roudebush
    Jimmy Roudebush22 timer siden

    1:12 hi Jimmy my names mark

  • Lindsay Zatuhcney
    Lindsay Zatuhcney22 timer siden

    Mark":I'v done nothing I'm a useless lump" SAME!

  • HappyKittyShop
    HappyKittyShop22 timer siden

    Does anyone else think the actor for Jimmy looks like Bill Nye the Science Guy?!

  • Mason
    Mason22 timer siden

    29:16 : mitski

  • Recycled Rock
    Recycled Rock22 timer siden

    "I'm a useless lump." I felt that on every molecular level--

  • Hey Its Lucas
    Hey Its Lucas23 timer siden

    is it just me... but amy has a cute voice, a cute child

  • Hannah Horst
    Hannah Horst23 timer siden

    8:55 and I learned it's not smart to sew while watching this lmao. My poor fingerT^T

  • The Nctic
    The Nctic23 timer siden

    oh don't mind me, just hiding in the comments

  • Sonya X
    Sonya XDag siden

    fucking shat myself when the girl showed up.

  • Dydy Eby
    Dydy EbyDag siden

    This is making me paranoid

  • Brogan Maguire
    Brogan MaguireDag siden

    23:32 Markiplier - “how many people are screaming at me not to go in” Me - GO IN

  • Thomas Klenk
    Thomas KlenkDag siden

    Since when did Mark have like four guitars in his office?

  • Devin Farley
    Devin FarleyDag siden

    Feels Resident Evil-ish with the survival elements and the mystery.

  • Lui Hawley
    Lui HawleyDag siden

    Mark, you should play a plague tale: innocence if you haven't already

  • Nakamaru Peoples
    Nakamaru PeoplesDag siden

    Ah his hair is so beautiful 😍

  • Pamela Evangelista
    Pamela EvangelistaDag siden

    Markiplier: *sees a ladies room* AHH YES a ladies room, i can go in there. For i am a lady. Also Markiplier: *Sees a mens room* I cant go in there it’s against policy I LOVE THIS MAN 🤣🤣🤣

  • Wolf boy plays
    Wolf boy playsDag siden

    One of my favourite pastimes is to watch Mark play horror games before bed, it's like I'm with him playing it and experience it too. No doubt everyone else gets that too but hello to anyone reading this :)

  • Wolf boy plays

    Wolf boy plays

    Dag siden

    Conclusion, I'm scared, on edge but I like this alot so far, instead of going to bed I'm gonna watch another.

  • Wolf boy plays

    Wolf boy plays

    Dag siden

    How ths hell did I miss her friend get chloroformed?? Oh yeah I wad brushing my teeth oops. But holy crap the opening and closing of doors is scary af.

  • Wolf boy plays

    Wolf boy plays

    Dag siden

    Update: I am thirteen minutes in and I hate it too Mark, jeez this one has a really spooky atmosphere, my room is pitch black btw and its 11pm on a school night so it's late basically

  • Thomas Rafferty
    Thomas RaffertyDag siden

    the check in guy looks like British Bill Nye on meth.

  • Pokearall
    PokearallDag siden

    49:03 Mark making me think I have dead pixel

  • Lyzlie Ganaden
    Lyzlie GanadenDag siden


  • Carmel Pancake
    Carmel PancakeDag siden

    I’m wearing head phones and now I’m slowly starting to regret it 😀

  • Nick Moran
    Nick MoranDag siden

    I would love to see more of this.

  • Zach The Gay
    Zach The GayDag siden

    I actually played a game made very similarly to this, it was called "Erica", very good game, such great twists

  • Daniel Kelly
    Daniel KellyDag siden

    Mark should also revisit visage now that its complete and has 2 other chapters its a great and terrifying game

  • Zach The Gay
    Zach The GayDag siden

    We love schizophrenic murderers 😄

  • j4nyl4
    j4nyl4Dag siden


  • mrDucklo
    mrDuckloDag siden


  • Stephanie Heiden
    Stephanie HeidenDag siden

    Mark: *disappears* Me: ok then Mark: *rushes back into the room* Me: There's gonna be a jump scare, isn't there Mark: BOO Me: *still jumps* HKHYFRTDTYGBLIYGV