There is nothing here... Do not take your eyes away from the red fridge... Just go to your Lost Room and enjoy the latest episode of 3 Scary Games!
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  • Dani does videos my guy
    Dani does videos my guy4 timer siden

    are we going to ignore the fact that the intro to all of these are amazing and he changes them every time

  • Tom Battrick
    Tom Battrick4 timer siden

    I'm a bit late to this vid but this was actually hilarious, I loved every second of it!

  • Sogou Choi
    Sogou Choi5 timer siden

    23:06 to 23:09 😂😂😂 If u pause it at 23:45 💀💀😱😱

  • Jonathan Stewart
    Jonathan Stewart6 timer siden

    When he screamed E at 3:00 that was the perfect time to use the Markiplier E meme

  • mason frederick
    mason frederick7 timer siden

    nice mullet

  • GlitterNinjaPrinsess thatsme
    GlitterNinjaPrinsess thatsme8 timer siden

    Man I love Lixian

  • Mr. PackOpener
    Mr. PackOpener9 timer siden

    Me when I check my missing assignments: 0:43

  • BRANGOD 5605
    BRANGOD 560520 timer siden

    unus annus UNUS ANNUS

  • Nico
    Nico20 timer siden

    the beginning was scarier then any of the games

  • Scott Miller
    Scott Miller21 time siden

    That was seriously the most disturbing opening you've ever done. No joke. Kudo's to the chef.

  • Alexander Howard
    Alexander Howard21 time siden

    the fridge you cannot look away from sounds like it would be a scp

  • ScienceChick
    ScienceChick21 time siden

    I would imagine the fifth tire is the spare, I’m not sure why else there would be five

  • DefinatlyNotAPotato
    DefinatlyNotAPotato23 timer siden

    That intto gave me nightmares

  • Allison Ramboz
    Allison RambozDag siden

    I-is- is your refrigerator running?

  • Noah Auden
    Noah AudenDag siden

    Lixian:Defender of the realm

  • THAToneGAMERgirl
    THAToneGAMERgirlDag siden

    the intro did not scare me because i watch to much horror movies ;-;

  • C h e e s e
    C h e e s eDag siden

    4:22 Me and the boys in Creative Mode

  • Fadi Dankiha
    Fadi DankihaDag siden

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  • Alex Rollingstone
    Alex RollingstoneDag siden

    19:20 nononono guys we don’t say Bears, Beats, Battlestar Galactica. We now say, Bunny, Book, Buitar

  • Narwhalz
    NarwhalzDag siden

    The most funniest scary game ever! The indulging one got me laughing nonstop 🤣

  • BeanSproot
    BeanSprootDag siden

    14:40 is it just me or does that noise sound like the beginning of get down with the sickness?

  • Khalia Horta
    Khalia HortaDag siden


  • •Tøasty Trøubles•
    •Tøasty Trøubles•Dag siden

    23:45 You know a game's good when the headphones get scared

  • Project BlueberryMuffin
    Project BlueberryMuffinDag siden

    His intros are gradually getting better

    BAM THE GREATDag siden

    "E!" -Markiplier, every single day of his life

  • Lilly M.
    Lilly M.Dag siden

    Nobody: Samantha: *...*

  • bbstrツ
    bbstrツDag siden

    23:44 OMG!

  • Sladja Ercegovic
    Sladja ErcegovicDag siden

    that thing from basement,my headphones falled off

  • ChuckleBerryFinn
    ChuckleBerryFinnDag siden

    Can't stand these intros anymore, I just skip through them now. Not cause they're scary, I just don't like them.

  • lll
    lllDag siden

    Can’t wait for the new puppet combo game

  • lll
    lllDag siden

    Can’t wait for the new puppet combo game

  • Alex Cloutier
    Alex CloutierDag siden

    23:05 That's all

  • TinFalcon37
    TinFalcon37Dag siden

    I know that the jumpscare in the beginning was coming but I still jumped when it happened

  • Shriek Let
    Shriek LetDag siden

    That jumpscare was lethal

  • Freddie Q
    Freddie QDag siden

    Me over here wondering why I didn't get scared when the jump scare happened.....it was prolly because I was eating food and I was not about to choke or spill my food, I didn't even flinch, lmao

  • im nowhere you cant find me
    im nowhere you cant find meDag siden

    Markiplier is getting darker darker and darker tbh

  • cassiealexander
    cassiealexanderDag siden

    He so handsome 😍

  • IrishCreamer
    IrishCreamer2 dager siden

    I can’t wait for 69

  • Megan
    Megan2 dager siden

    does anyone get scared by the intros at this point? im just so ready for it and accept my fate every time lmao

  • Makayla Meier
    Makayla Meier2 dager siden

    When I first saw his face on the screen I couldn't stop laughing for 10 minutes straight

  • Felicia Aglipay
    Felicia Aglipay2 dager siden


  • Bam516
    Bam5162 dager siden

    0:20 um speaker box why are you here

  • Sarah curry
    Sarah curry2 dager siden

    23:46 ....mark is reconnecting... please wait

  • bagelee
    bagelee2 dager siden

    Is it just me or did anyone else think of the Fridge Duty mission from the game Control when he played Do not take your eyes away from the Red Fridge..?

  • Caley Gibson
    Caley Gibson2 dager siden

    do you know your face scares me when you smile showing at the start of the vidoe

  • Will Bruh
    Will Bruh2 dager siden


  • Thrasher Starke
    Thrasher Starke2 dager siden

    I can’t help but think about that time Markiplier got motorboated by that little kid

  • Dantdm 44si
    Dantdm 44si2 dager siden

    the intro not scarry but funny

    bear is SPLATOON3SPLATOON32 dager siden

    the final videoof this series should be 69

  • Ink Demon
    Ink Demon2 dager siden

    Me: Picks up Infinity Gauntlet Also me: 0:33

  • Carter Vezina
    Carter Vezina2 dager siden

    Markiplier: "something!" Me: in the way she moves?

  • redfrostedcookie andyrod
    redfrostedcookie andyrod2 dager siden

    The announcer from BFDI?

  • Crystal Lacy
    Crystal Lacy2 dager siden

    That intro reminds me of Wallace and gromit

  • Commander James
    Commander James2 dager siden

    The scariest part was the opening

  • Melvin Leslie
    Melvin Leslie2 dager siden

    This time he scared me.

  • Sixth
    Sixth2 dager siden

    One Turiliet

  • Patricia pat
    Patricia pat3 dager siden

    if not for @DUMPSGURU where would I be? he saved me from these fake niggas selling dumps, I appreciate you man

  • Tyler Wilson
    Tyler Wilson3 dager siden

    I like how the jumpscare didn't even make me scared I just was sitting and Watched.

  • HP Flako
    HP Flako3 dager siden

    Another banger!!!

  • Cosmo Donkey
    Cosmo Donkey3 dager siden

    Oh i think i played the first game.

  • Dawn Carver
    Dawn Carver3 dager siden

    It looks like there is red eyes in the background of his room

  • Developin’ Airy
    Developin’ Airy3 dager siden

    Please don’t end it before 69

  • Aiyanna Miller
    Aiyanna Miller3 dager siden

    Nobody: Markiplier: *E*

  • pro_cricket
    pro_cricket3 dager siden

    i can't be scared easily the jump scare did not scare me but keep up the good work

    LITERALLY GARBAGE3 dager siden

    Guys where’s mark.

  • Garret Howell
    Garret Howell3 dager siden

    But is he real tho?

  • Jacob Boynton
    Jacob Boynton3 dager siden

    so the couple was into bathing together... but not in the same tub... so they bought two?

  • HermitFox
    HermitFox3 dager siden

    Now indulging doesn't even sound like a word to me anymore

  • Ultimate gammer
    Ultimate gammer3 dager siden

    I took one look liked and subed and said fuck this shit im out

  • Zuraini Budin
    Zuraini Budin3 dager siden

    OMFG the intro gonna have me heart attack

  • J_TheDarkShadow
    J_TheDarkShadow3 dager siden

    0:15 is my new wallpaper cuz why not

  • Paisley Robbins
    Paisley Robbins3 dager siden

    This intros are too tier there is literally no comparison

  • XxSuperDeadlySniperxX
    XxSuperDeadlySniperxX3 dager siden

    Can someone put a permanent invite link to markipliers discord plz?

  • Diy_CaT
    Diy_CaT3 dager siden

    That jump scare might have gotten me of I wasn't balls deep in a bowl of food.

  • master_of-souls_104
    master_of-souls_1044 dager siden

    it looks like I crapped my pants.exe failed to load

  • Medic And Archimedes
    Medic And Archimedes4 dager siden

    Can I ask if anyone else is almost completely unfazed by jumpscares because you had an unhealthy FNaF addiction

  • Compromised Deceit
    Compromised Deceit4 dager siden


  • Duz_Machines _84
    Duz_Machines _844 dager siden

    That intro scared the living daylights out of me. That's more than I can say for a lot of horror movies.

  • Grace Guerrero
    Grace Guerrero4 dager siden

    His reaction on 23:20 in the video when he opened the door to find that red person in the room was so funny!😂

  • TheBlaze
    TheBlaze4 dager siden

    The screamer didnt scare me lol (have a gud day everyone)

  • Mystic Zebra
    Mystic Zebra4 dager siden

    haha this is what i decide to do instead of all the homework I have due tomorrow...

  • Mystic Zebra
    Mystic Zebra4 dager siden

    The beginning to these videos is the main thing I come for. Always so weird.

  • Rush The Fox
    Rush The Fox4 dager siden

    Your jump scares have gone stale

  • wolf gamer
    wolf gamer4 dager siden

    "There was always something there..."

  • Devin and Teagan Ascherl
    Devin and Teagan Ascherl4 dager siden

    Speaking of scary games. I found something scary, I saw a picture that shiped you and jacksepticeye.

    H GAMEKILLER4 dager siden

    why the ad is about the cyborg kid..

  • Jonathan Goding
    Jonathan Goding4 dager siden

    You are the best

  • xXLadyXerigaXx
    xXLadyXerigaXx4 dager siden

    I am pretty sure that the house from last game looked exactly like houses from "House Flipper", which I do not understand...

  • kodiak small
    kodiak small4 dager siden

    God damn I love how much of a savage lixian is now throwing axes I mean awesome

  • DemirTub
    DemirTub4 dager siden

    I scare only the beginnig why f*cking budy

  • Sir Steven Harvey III
    Sir Steven Harvey III4 dager siden

    5:42 the meme returns

  • KenDesuu
    KenDesuu4 dager siden

    i feel like he means that episode 69 is near

  • Swiftfox & Friends
    Swiftfox & Friends4 dager siden

    Me eating fruit snacks during the intro Markiplier jumpscare Me stays unfazed as I finish eating my last piece : I was to focused this time

  • justava
    justava4 dager siden

    It’s the intro making me jump out my bunk bed for meee :p

  • cleen
    cleen4 dager siden

    omg i laughed my ass of at this moment 2:59

  • Hanney Plays
    Hanney Plays4 dager siden

    "The end is near" listen bud I survived the greatest war of "The End" stop reminding me of that timer. *sobs in corner*.

  • GamingJamesGames
    GamingJamesGames4 dager siden

    3:00 The Markiplier E has been reborn!

  • Janimation B
    Janimation B4 dager siden


  • Mangi_cats
    Mangi_cats4 dager siden

    Hey mark you might not see this but you are my idol I have always wanted to play games and post it on NOlocal and make so many peoples day like you I would like to say I finally mustered up the confidence to film a cheesy video of some game play and posted it so thank you for being such and inspirational guy

  • Omar Adeel
    Omar Adeel4 dager siden

    Anyone played Control? In that game there is a guy who must keep looking at a fridge, he dies if he averts his gaze.