Get your 3 Scary Games CARGO ready for the GHOST STUDY tonight! You're gonna need to find A WAY OUT if you want to survive!
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  • Qiri Stackz
    Qiri StackzTime siden

    Mark: "red means reeeeé" Me: ah yes. an intellectual

  • 3NDER
    3NDER5 timer siden

    Am I the only one who does not care for lixian in the videos so much? Like its funny from time to time but like idk its not markiplier and lixians youtube it is funny sometimes tho

  • Aiden Cangemi
    Aiden Cangemi6 timer siden

    0:12 it's the man spider

  • Gerard Palattao
    Gerard Palattao14 timer siden

    3 scary games reach 1 srack of 3 scary games now !!!!Becaue its part 64

  • Sámuel Kosdi
    Sámuel Kosdi15 timer siden


  • BigdawgBobby
    BigdawgBobby17 timer siden

    Turn brightness on highest level and click this... 21:34

  • Shaeneah Sison
    Shaeneah Sison20 timer siden

    hi markiplier im a big fan can i pls have a request' can you pls play little nightmare 2 its NEW pls notice me plsss

  • Catherine
    CatherineDag siden

    Silent Hill sfx sneaked in!!

  • aLexCo7999
    aLexCo7999Dag siden

    Those generators are straight up from Half life 2 Episode 2

  • Naruto Uzumaki
    Naruto UzumakiDag siden

    Is it just me or do i miss old markiplier with short hair and making films like who killed markiplier?

  • Jaxcraft 28
    Jaxcraft 28Dag siden

    2:09: RIGHT!? XD

  • Jaxcraft 28
    Jaxcraft 28Dag siden

    1:46: Dang! Shut down! Poor Mark! XD

  • Jaxcraft 28
    Jaxcraft 28Dag siden

    ... Spiderplier? :O

  • FluffyMawileFan
    FluffyMawileFanDag siden

    CARGO looks freakin' rad

  • Crow.
    Crow.Dag siden

    I love how arachnophobes are probably crying in the corner rn.

  • Lukas Reimer
    Lukas ReimerDag siden


  • Kiki Nini
    Kiki NiniDag siden

    mark: movin on... the ad exactly after that sentence: *GRAMMARLY IS A-*

  • Korbin Dalton
    Korbin Dalton2 dager siden

    Nah, Big Head is an Argonian that likes singing.

  • Price Liam
    Price Liam2 dager siden

    You need a hart monitor

  • Jasmine Bailey
    Jasmine Bailey2 dager siden

    My boyfriend has trypophobia...

  • x_xgalaxyx_x yt
    x_xgalaxyx_x yt2 dager siden

    Literally 😑 the spider just scared the heck out me

  • Jadyn Zuniga
    Jadyn Zuniga3 dager siden

    15:13 I frantically hid in the comments solely based on the music

  • Tiani Ramos
    Tiani Ramos3 dager siden

    You never scare me with your jump scares ! Jehehe

  • Vyse Arcadia
    Vyse Arcadia3 dager siden

    3:13 That SCP reference, there is only one that looks like a peanut and it's the star of the show and Markiplier just glazed by that interested in something else.

  • chantivanè
    chantivanè3 dager siden

    fuck the thumbnail --my trypophobia got triggered hhhhhhh

  • Its Gaming Time
    Its Gaming Time3 dager siden

    Paused vidio at 3:25 just to comment, peanut scp is SCP-173 and snaps necks if not in direct eye contact

  • Hattie Dame
    Hattie Dame3 dager siden

    That thumbnail gave me a panic attack.

  • Mistiphire
    Mistiphire3 dager siden

    *hides in unus annus sweater* .3.

  • Charlee Williams
    Charlee Williams4 dager siden

    Where do u get the games from???

  • mtf squad ALPHA-1
    mtf squad ALPHA-14 dager siden

    3:15 BEHOLD THE PEANUTT SCP 173, wait what how do you know about this

  • Bella Jay
    Bella Jay4 dager siden

    Play granny again

  • Bella Jay
    Bella Jay4 dager siden

    Play granny again

  • Bella Jay
    Bella Jay4 dager siden

    Play granny again

  • Bella Jay
    Bella Jay4 dager siden

    Play granny again

  • Luna love14
    Luna love144 dager siden

    Lixian: "I hate spiders" Yeah me too, I wasn't even looking at spider-Mark

  • YoBoiJD
    YoBoiJD4 dager siden

    Lixian is just as entertaining as the youtuber himself lmaooo

  • Aqua Swift
    Aqua Swift5 dager siden

    DISK MAN! a new nintendo console! (and it only uses disks)

  • molly
    molly5 dager siden


  • Yoyoyoshi002
    Yoyoyoshi0025 dager siden

    Aww lil spider Mark

  • Aerial SR
    Aerial SR6 dager siden

    lixian's part scared the shit out of me

  • somnomania
    somnomania6 dager siden

    could mark honestly not hear the sound that started playing in ghost study as soon as he put the disk in? it's very low frequency, but that's the range that makes most humans feel fear or anxiety, i think it's a throwback to when our ancestors had to be aware of things like earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, etc.

  • Skyla Patten
    Skyla Patten6 dager siden

    Spooder mark

    BTS ARMY6 dager siden

    The question in binary is “Scared To Die?” Yes, i have so much free time and knowledge of computer languages sadly....

  • christi mccrane
    christi mccrane6 dager siden

    “Who brought a reaper from mass effect down here?” “That was me sorry” I died laughing at this! Lexian is indoctrinated confirmed!

  • Bluefeather Jay
    Bluefeather Jay6 dager siden

    Has it become canon that animated Lixian doesn't have legs and just, exists as an extension of whatever object he's on.

  • Jonag Josephus
    Jonag Josephus6 dager siden

    I was just watching MeatCanyon, nice try.

  • Avocado401
    Avocado4017 dager siden

    3:26 talking to characters in danganronpa be like

  • JJ Johnson
    JJ Johnson7 dager siden

    The T.V monster in the first game kinda a shawty😳😳🥴

  • Joshua Ky
    Joshua Ky7 dager siden

    16:35 best part no question

  • Frut_Prince YT
    Frut_Prince YT7 dager siden

    these are some good videos

  • jay the crazy
    jay the crazy7 dager siden

    Nice silent hill button sound for cargo

    SHADOW_HUNTER7 dager siden

    Me hearing weird crawling noices:I don't like that noice! Video:(jumpscares) Me confused:dad?

  • Timothy Birchell
    Timothy Birchell7 dager siden

    i hate the fact he dident get the refrence lol, but good vid

  • Shade_314
    Shade_3148 dager siden

    The first game reminds me heavily of that one 2D side scrolling (game jam?) game. Where you progress through various levels by elevator and fight those zombie type enemies. Then there's the invisible creature at the end. Anyone know the game I'm talking about?

  • OafishWeebish
    OafishWeebish8 dager siden

    Me: *Happily watching Video* TV: *Makes Clock sounds* Me again: *WW2 flashbacks*

  • bugs
    bugs8 dager siden

    Them: markiplier Me: *markispider*

  • Abel Caldaras
    Abel Caldaras8 dager siden

    Damm a stack of horror games

  • Random.MP4
    Random.MP48 dager siden

    6:32 The Return of Big Face

  • A l e x a E d i t z
    A l e x a E d i t z8 dager siden

    *big head pecks around corner* me: oh god its Bertolt-

  • Kiri Dean

    Kiri Dean

    5 dager siden

    Um... no...

  • Photowizard 17
    Photowizard 178 dager siden

    Me, doing my binary homework....

  • la la
    la la8 dager siden

    2:22 message for cardi b

  • Malthael Elfman
    Malthael Elfman8 dager siden

    My body was not ready for Spiderplier. I don’t think anyone’s body was ready for Spiderplier.

  • Jim Jon
    Jim Jon8 dager siden

    "Slapping my ass"

  • RampantSarcasm
    RampantSarcasm8 dager siden

    That cargo game was very interesting, it's honestly a huge letdown it was so short

  • A Person
    A Person8 dager siden

    3:14 he didn’t get the SCP reference

  • DerpFace
    DerpFace8 dager siden

    When I saw the spider Markiplier, I was all like: “oh hi Markipider!”

  • m4myah
    m4myah8 dager siden

    When Mark said I’ll play your game you rogue i got flashbacks from resident evil 7 lol

  • Korbyn Taylor
    Korbyn Taylor8 dager siden

    Ok I don't have arachnophobia but spiders still creep me out.

  • Holmann Gini
    Holmann Gini9 dager siden

    I kinda shrieked at the mass effect reference, best trilogy ever

  • Fierce Gecko
    Fierce Gecko9 dager siden

    Like this coment because i said so

  • Jafen Gaming
    Jafen Gaming9 dager siden

    Do you think Mark even noticed that one of the C.A.R.G.O. people were referring to the S.C.P. foundation, and the giant peanut thing being S.C.P. 173

  • Boba Fett
    Boba Fett9 dager siden

    get a haircut hippie

  • Boba Fett
    Boba Fett9 dager siden

    0:00 spider man

  • RGL's old basement
    RGL's old basement9 dager siden

    hey mark have you considered playing a game called omori it sounds pretty good you should check it out thx

  • DragonTurtleMax
    DragonTurtleMax9 dager siden

    Ah yes, this is clearly the game “A Way Out”(the co-op prison one). Although it’s different than I remember...

  • Felix Fournier
    Felix Fournier10 dager siden

    I just imagined the spider at the beginning just going : "HELLO EVERYBODY my name is MARKIPLIER" 😂😂

  • The Void Collective
    The Void Collective10 dager siden

    Please be mindful that the first game has alot of flashing light, I had to skip it.

  • Vegetable Man
    Vegetable Man10 dager siden

    WOOOOOO SPIDER MARK!!!!!! I love em already

  • Jena Rupert
    Jena Rupert10 dager siden

    my cat didnt enjoy that intro lmfao he woke from a dead nap

  • Lord Frank
    Lord Frank10 dager siden

    I hate the intro, I HATE IT EWWWWWWWW

  • Cyberium
    Cyberium10 dager siden

    noice scp refrence

  • call me Angel
    call me Angel10 dager siden

    "Big head"

  • Dumangan Magtubo
    Dumangan Magtubo10 dager siden

    Also can anyone explain what happened to the last game? Can't really hear the voice of the narrator.

  • Dumangan Magtubo
    Dumangan Magtubo10 dager siden

    The Ghost Study lobby screen looks like The Human Centipede title screen, or I might be wrong

  • Leo Vermillion
    Leo Vermillion10 dager siden

    Me and you both lixian I hate spiders too

  • Kelvin Wong I saw cursed image in school
    Kelvin Wong I saw cursed image in school10 dager siden

    Nice thumbnail

  • Theodore Paul
    Theodore Paul10 dager siden

    Play My Little Nightmares 2

  • Alyssa McDonald
    Alyssa McDonald10 dager siden

    4:26 Who brought a reaper from Mass Effect down here?

  • Sabrinaina Beana
    Sabrinaina Beana11 dager siden

    Wonder if Markiplier is growing out his hair to just cut it off on a charity stream and donate it....

  • Joe
    Joe11 dager siden

    I wonder how many people disliked the video because of the intro

  • Gonjulas GigaHurts
    Gonjulas GigaHurts11 dager siden

    Any one else have a hard time listening to game devs talk through voice deepening modifiers?

  • Hazard Editz
    Hazard Editz11 dager siden

    wvat if lixian had a voice like someone voiced him

  • Hisoka Simp
    Hisoka Simp11 dager siden

    When you miss the jump scare bc your mom texts you: spain without the s 😀

  • eRr0r-s3aRcHeR
    eRr0r-s3aRcHeR11 dager siden

    I like how this sentence tells us the games hes playing, makes sense and almost rhymes xDDDDDDD

  • U Cup
    U Cup11 dager siden

    Idk mark screaming scare me

  • Gift to the Future
    Gift to the Future11 dager siden

    Mark types no in binary: Every nonbinary person in a 500 mile radius: *high pitched demonic screaming*

  • Skylynn Blaine
    Skylynn Blaine11 dager siden

    * First game has elevator music * Me: * jams to the music sees the dead body * Oh look a dead body is it mine or is he here to join me with the elevator music

  • Shmu62
    Shmu6211 dager siden

    Why is Kylo Ren making Mark go through a maze and press buttons

  • AMiner
    AMiner11 dager siden

    I got real scared that Lunky was gonna be back

  • epik game
    epik game11 dager siden

    the intro got me