If you're not a perfect Mother's Little Helper you're gonna get some Black Eyes and banished to the Veiled world in this 3 Scary Games.
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  • kittytwirler24
    kittytwirler244 timer siden

    Mark's female voice reminds me of Fran Bow when the tree elder said Cranberries

  • ElenaMarinela1
    ElenaMarinela113 timer siden

    The point and click game gives me a lot of Lovecraft vibes.

  • Leslie Wolfe
    Leslie Wolfe15 timer siden

    All the clips at the beginning make me miss his shorter hair days.

  • Gaming with Z
    Gaming with Z20 timer siden

    At the beginning he kinda sounds like sir Patrick Stewart

  • Maggie Boyd
    Maggie Boyd20 timer siden

    Is anyone gonna tell mark that in Europe the first floor is called the ground floor then it goes up to the first floor

  • Meerah
    Meerah2 dager siden

    Lixian and Mark crack me up

  • Luffy the Pirate King
    Luffy the Pirate King2 dager siden

    7:55 LoOk

  • Luffy the Pirate King

    Luffy the Pirate King

    2 dager siden

    See the thing crawling on 7:57?

  • pepis
    pepis2 dager siden

    nothing makes me more upset than knowing that i didnt have a pirate themed room as a kid,, my life couldve literally been perfect, but no

  • Ryan Meckbach
    Ryan Meckbach2 dager siden

    40:11 lmaoo😂😂

  • SupportCODM
    SupportCODM3 dager siden

    omg i love lixian

  • SaturnTsundere
    SaturnTsundere4 dager siden

    mark should play prop hunt again

  • Kirby loquendero
    Kirby loquendero4 dager siden


  • sxnnyleo
    sxnnyleo4 dager siden

    I keep watching your videos but they really don't help my crippling fear of the dark

  • Blue Meanie
    Blue Meanie4 dager siden

    "I've got my UK plug" he says whilst looking at a European plug

  • Aloha Fourpeaks

    Aloha Fourpeaks

    2 dager siden

    i mean not evverybody takes Brexit for... verbatim or such

  • Jackofallcosplay Jack
    Jackofallcosplay Jack4 dager siden

    I love that mark ignored the fact he just put bleach in the soup in mamas little helper. Lol so the game from what I got is that the mother was sick and tired of how she and her child was Being treated by her husband and decided to kill her husband by putting bleach in the soup that’s why the weird sounds where heard at the end of the game

  • That Guy
    That Guy5 dager siden

    when a 41 and a half minute video only takes 13 minutes to get through the first 2 games, you know the third one's gonna be a freakin' ride.

  • Daddy Thanos
    Daddy Thanos5 dager siden

    19:54 Idontknowiffakowtsifasshostesbrakingin

  • strike9716
    strike97165 dager siden

    11:36 reminds me of dreams I used to have where there were secret passages all over the house for no apparent reason

  • magpaw masdfg
    magpaw masdfg5 dager siden

    not me watching it with a kinfe in my hand bc a pice of apple is on the knife cuz i eat apples like that

  • Wavy
    Wavy6 dager siden


  • foxywoman420
    foxywoman4206 dager siden

    lol him is that a foot me I'm pretty sure that's the thumb u needed. xD

  • Greyson Clark
    Greyson Clark6 dager siden

    thank you lixian very cool

  • Chris Murdock
    Chris Murdock6 dager siden

    Did you notice that stairwell at 36:25 looks a lot like the Myst stairwell at the start of the game?

  • Chris Murdock
    Chris Murdock6 dager siden

    OMG those sounds at 6:01 cracked me up I had to replay it like 20 times and could not stop laughing. HAHAHA

  • Blonde Chimera527
    Blonde Chimera5277 dager siden

    Mark stop licking random things that you don't know where they've been!

  • your local cryptid
    your local cryptid7 dager siden

    Travis @ schlatt when they were playing spy party 10:15

  • Sophia Mystic
    Sophia Mystic7 dager siden

    4:25 😂😂😂

  • Amy sung
    Amy sung7 dager siden

    Lixian is the best 🤣 never fails to make me laugh

  • Des Redelsperger
    Des Redelsperger7 dager siden

    Mark Little Nightmares 2 is out now. I just started and only on chapter 1 but it's so good so far. You should play it soon

  • CatBatRat
    CatBatRat7 dager siden

    23:14 When this tumbling noise played, I actually felt my seat shake... 0_0'

  • Lukas Reimer
    Lukas Reimer7 dager siden


  • Sebastian Spoon
    Sebastian Spoon8 dager siden


  • donny gilroy
    donny gilroy8 dager siden


  • Jenny Leigh
    Jenny Leigh8 dager siden

    I loved when Mark asked Lixian to make all the those scary effects and then he did the shiver lmao, they're all I watch these days.

  • Michael Wall
    Michael Wall8 dager siden

    Mark- "got my UK plugs" they are European plugs

  • Madelyn Suiter
    Madelyn Suiter9 dager siden

    Frickie,Ricky, dicky, and dawn

  • Celticpred Gaming
    Celticpred Gaming9 dager siden

    Mark you are a big inspiration to me! I hope my channel can be like yours someday!

  • Emily Valerio
    Emily Valerio9 dager siden

    Game: Everyone looks sad Mark:...Great

  • Ukko Räsäsnen
    Ukko Räsäsnen9 dager siden

    Mark: Sees a 2D face. Also Mark: That kinda looks like you Lixian

  • Wesley Laureano
    Wesley Laureano9 dager siden

    Scroll for a bout a minute and you get real comments that aren't just quotes fishing for likes :)

  • Jams3D
    Jams3D9 dager siden


  • Sassy
    Sassy9 dager siden

    Mark... those aren't UK plugs...

  • Mr Penumbra
    Mr Penumbra9 dager siden

    Not even 2 minutes in and Mark is bullying poor Lixian.

  • bob belcher
    bob belcher9 dager siden

    Mark pleaaaaaaaase play more horror games like Veiled. I love them soooo much!!!

  • Bailey Fryou lovesBeauxandSophie
    Bailey Fryou lovesBeauxandSophie10 dager siden

    bro when lixian does the noises like oof and all he sounds so freaking cute

  • kingsyergoo
    kingsyergoo10 dager siden

    mark needs to play dont get caught 2 again

  • ShadowIsAnnoyed
    ShadowIsAnnoyed10 dager siden

    dorito fingers dorito fingers

  • ZEAK
    ZEAK11 dager siden

    If u guys don’t understand the 1rst one at the end mark put bleach in the meal so the father died then the mom left

  • CinnaBunBun
    CinnaBunBun11 dager siden

    You should try playing Cry Of Fear XD

  • Some weirdo who knows your location
    Some weirdo who knows your location11 dager siden

    Am I the only one who thinks the thumbnail is cute?

  • Koichi Hirose
    Koichi Hirose11 dager siden

    I peed my pants for the 2nd time laughing at mark

    THE QUEEN YELLOW12 dager siden

    ...."its still warm." sean?????

  • Karen
    Karen12 dager siden

    Nobody talks about markiplier's "Inculcation" video anymore, I wonder why.

  • Saliyah Sizemore
    Saliyah Sizemore13 dager siden

    you can NOT tell me that the 2nd game doesn't kinda remind you of Among The Sleep!

  • RoseWolf Animations
    RoseWolf Animations13 dager siden

    “Why is the air snowing upward?” Mark 2021

  • かまどタン
    かまどタン13 dager siden

    20:41 Lmao

  • yeonjunityy
    yeonjunityy13 dager siden

    character: constantly attracts attention by making sounds, doesnt keep a low profile mark: am i a fucking madman?? wasn't i supposed to be sneaky? character: puts themselves out of danger by not going into the room with the monster, remains a low profile mark: *oH DONT BE SUCH A PUSSY*

  • VR1PRO1
    VR1PRO113 dager siden

    11:36 if you go foward in frames you can see the face of the "demon" but it resembles a girl or woman

  • Avountay McCombs
    Avountay McCombs13 dager siden

    no not one

  • Hey _ Lo
    Hey _ Lo13 dager siden

    why do only children get cool race-car and boat beds? It's no fair.

  • Gacha Life Lover
    Gacha Life Lover13 dager siden

    Those tentacles... I don't like this hentai...

  • Bubblestache
    Bubblestache13 dager siden

    First game gives me todorokis kettle trauma vibes.

  • Salsa Bean
    Salsa Bean13 dager siden

    You uploaded this on my birthday and I accept it as my formal birthday present from you :p I really loved the last game and plan to use parts of it in my upcoming dnd murder mystery one off :p

  • Deadpool
    Deadpool14 dager siden

    That's not a UK plug...

  • KawaiiHersheyMintChocolate
    KawaiiHersheyMintChocolate14 dager siden

    Marki: I'm sorry I'm sorry Lixian pleas forgive me. Lixian: you are forgiven Also Mark: SIKE! *Yeets Lixian* *Breaking News!* *News Reporter: A local man named Lixian was yeeted in the sky! Get your umbrellas people! Its raining people!*

  • littlepuppypooper
    littlepuppypooper14 dager siden

    6:38 *"im not sure if theres something wrong with blackguys that i should be aware of"*

  • Sam Jones
    Sam Jones14 dager siden


  • NickMortuus
    NickMortuus14 dager siden

    Killin it, dude

  • Drawing Owls35
    Drawing Owls3515 dager siden

    I do like me some games where the abusive dad dies

  • Jolly Kirby
    Jolly Kirby15 dager siden

    "mm *tastes bed* this bed has been used recently" noooo markkkkk dont do thattttt x'd

  • Freyja Plays Games
    Freyja Plays Games15 dager siden

    Whatever you're paying you're editor, its not enough. He is by far the best editor I've ever seen on YT.

  • undertale 2019
    undertale 201915 dager siden

    I feel like somehow all these games relate to each other

  • ゆがんだVเภςєภ†
    ゆがんだVเภςєภ†15 dager siden

    Editor zooms on Marks face every possible occasions, get called awesome and is praised by thousand of fangirls.. Ahh I really miss the old Mark

  • ゆがんだVเภςєภ†


    12 dager siden

    @Iola Dear aren't you the one crying about me calling out your pathetic editor tho?

  • Iola Dear

    Iola Dear

    13 dager siden

    @ゆがんだVเภςєภ† boohoo. Cry about it.

  • ゆがんだVเภςєภ†


    13 dager siden

    @Iola Dear all of you fangirls talk the same it's really boring. iF u dOnt lIke tHen dOnt wAatch raaawrr. So annoying

  • ゆがんだVเภςєภ†


    13 dager siden

    @Iola Dear No he is the most basic and abnoxious editor so far. I like watching mark you donkey I don't like the editor, why would I stop watching him? Don't tell me what to do you basic sheep

  • Iola Dear

    Iola Dear

    13 dager siden

    @ゆがんだVเภςєภ† yes, he is talented. If you don't like it then don't watch Mark.

  • Tiffany Wendt
    Tiffany Wendt15 dager siden

    I got scard on the first one and the mother ate the child in the first one

  • Tiffany Wendt
    Tiffany Wendt15 dager siden

    I got scared on the second game also the first one I heard screaming from the kid I think the mother ate him...

  • Yash Deenoo
    Yash Deenoo15 dager siden

    i dont know what was more scarier the 3 scary games or mark calling that a uk plug 7:18

  • Mecah Mae
    Mecah Mae15 dager siden

    damn lixian really made the third game a more immersive experience. i love you and your efforts lixian!

  • destrojer124
    destrojer12415 dager siden

    Why have a bunch of videos ended up as low-quality videos??

  • Meighan
    Meighan15 dager siden

    20:43 mark did you just hit... Mama Lix??? *readies pitchfork* (Jk I love you Mark)

  • Shamini Saravanan
    Shamini Saravanan16 dager siden

    No one: Mark: *BOOM* D A D D Y

  • The owner of this account fucking died
    The owner of this account fucking died16 dager siden


  • ryan delisle
    ryan delisle16 dager siden

    Lixian is an amazing editor for putting up with Mark's crap lol. Love you both

  • Parker Spain
    Parker Spain16 dager siden


  • Zaiah43
    Zaiah4316 dager siden

    Big Preash to Lixian for ALL he's done for *deleted* channel and Mark's channel!! anddd for that /EPIC/ Ending to this video. It's more work to take even small clips and sounds and add them to the vids. So THANK YOU LIXIAN for all your work!! And Thanks to Markimoo for all the laughs giggles and care you send our way!!

  • Gulnaz Sulo
    Gulnaz Sulo16 dager siden



    i thought that the child will be cooked by the mother because it reminds of the promised neverland 👁️👄👁️

  • GodPlayzGames !
    GodPlayzGames !16 dager siden

    fuck yoo with your intro's mark...... YOU ALWAYS GET ME WITH THOSE GOD DAMN IT. ---_---

  • _Chibi Chan_
    _Chibi Chan_16 dager siden

    "oh Uhm PWkfhjuu...when the drugs kick in-... WAAH" -Markiplier 2020

  • Mini Joker
    Mini Joker16 dager siden

    don't take drugs kids

  • Panda`s Playhouse!
    Panda`s Playhouse!16 dager siden

    Mothers little helper, explained? In game, when we do things for mother, she says things like, "he might get cross" and, "don't leave me alone with him" referring to the father. This leads me to believe that the father is abusive, and killed the mother. I think this for 4 reasons. One, she won't look us in the eye, maybe she feels as though she failed us, by leaving us alone with him. Two, she gets progressively creepier, and starts to reveal her true nature. Three, she never does anything, instead, instructs us. Four, she tells us to put bleach in the food, killing our father, and possibly his friends. Maybe she does this to get revenge for killing her, and to set us, her child, free. But that's just a theory, a GAME THEORY!

  • Panda`s Playhouse!

    Panda`s Playhouse!

    4 dager siden

    @Ben Dover maybe the meat is... I don't know, any theories? Lol!

  • Ben Dover

    Ben Dover

    4 dager siden

    But can you explain why she says go get the meat I hid

  • Dan-The-Man
    Dan-The-Man16 dager siden

    The editing for these videos is dog shit. Why can't markiplier have a straight playthrough without all the zoom-ins and the noise effects the way he used to? It was so much more genuine

  • destinitra
    destinitra16 dager siden

    7:17 THOSE ARE NOT UK PLUGS!!! Our plugs are | | |

  • xXMad HatterXx
    xXMad HatterXx17 dager siden

    right when i saw the name of the game my only thought was "CONYYYY"

  • ғαυx ρlαүs
    ғαυx ρlαүs17 dager siden

    lixian is the absolute best. fite me.

  • Daniel Marian
    Daniel Marian17 dager siden

    0:12 jumpscare sound please

  • Rachel Gomez
    Rachel Gomez17 dager siden

    in all the darkness and caos there is a smily face in the corner of the dark 25:40

  • NTSMIー夏美花子
    NTSMIー夏美花子17 dager siden

    Lixian is such a good editor I cannot lie.

  • Sammy Sabo
    Sammy Sabo17 dager siden

    “Who’s bling blonging “

  • kermit big boy
    kermit big boy17 dager siden

    I think the first game was someone helping their mother poison their abusive father.

  • I think I And da ferret
    I think I And da ferret17 dager siden

    Markiplier found a pretty kitty cat